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After signing Akshay, Farah-Shirish to team up with Salman. Will SRK ever forgive Farah for courting his arch nemesis?

By Subhash K Jha (MUMBAI MIRROR; December 31, 2009)

The breach with Shah Rukh Khan seems complete. Shirish  Kunder is working on a script for Salman Khan, which he intends to direct immediately after he finishes with his John Abraham starrer, Alien Sahib.

As it is, Akshay Kumar is playing the lead in Farah’s next directorial venture Tees Maar Khan instead of Shah Rukh.

Farah Khan and Shirish Kunder

Both Farah and Shrish confirm their association with Salman. When asked if Shirish is working on a project with Salman, Farah cryptically says, “Not yet,” while Shirish says a categorical, “Yes.” The deal was sealed at Salman Khan’s birthday bash at Panvel on December 27 where Farah and her husband were special guests.

So where does this new development leave Farah’s seemingly everlasting friendship with her mentor Shah Rukh Khan?

Shah Rukh, it is well-known is at loggerheads with Salman. Friends of one superstar cannot hope to be seen at parties hosted by the other superstar, not after the two Khans fell out at Katrina Kaif’s birthday bash last year.

Both Shah Rukh and Salman have made it clear that the two can never ever be friends.

With Farah signing Akshay Kumar instead of SRK for her third directorial venture and Shirish Kunder set to work with SRK’s arch-enemy, the curtain has truly and finally come down on one of filmdom’s most gehri dostis… the one between Farah and Shah Rukh Khan.

Shah Rukh Khan Salman Khan

By Subhash K. Jha, December 17, 2009 – 12:26 IST

Sameera Reddy What would’ve been a routine birthday bash for Sameera Reddy on Sunday night turned out to be a very special occasion when Priyadarshan, who has just given the actress her first hit since Race in De Dana Dan, turned around and said, “You’re in my next film.”

Sameera who has become very close to Priyan and his wife Lizzie and in fact spends all her free time during her frequent visits to Chennai in their house is still reeling in pleasure. “I couldn’t have got a better birthday gift. Firstly it turned out to be Priyan and Lizzie’s marriage anniversary. So we had my birthday and their anniversary party at Shristi Behl’s residence. All three of us Lizzie, Priyan and I cut a cake.”

The icing on the cake was Priyan’s impulsive offer. “I don’t need to ask him what it is or in which film. I trust him completely. He gave me a role in De Dana Dan that did justice to my presence. This, at a time when I was desperately trying to shed my sexy image.”

Not many people know this but Sameera has a secret special appearance in the Bihar based film that Priyan is shooting with Ajay Devgn, Akshaye Khanna and Bipasha Basu.

“How do you know about this?” Sameera demands to know. “So that makes it three films with Priyan. I’m really lucky to have Priyan and his wife as friends. Now when I go to Chennai is like a second home to me thanks to the work that I do. In fact my latest Tamil hit was mixed in Priyan’s studio in Chennai, so the bond thickens.”

Her prestigious film Nagesh Kukunoor’s Yeh Husla remains stuck.

Says Sameera softly, “That’s because the producers Percept have bungled. They’re in a real financial mess. They owe almost everyone associated with them quite a lot of money.”

Sameera herself remains solitary in Mumbai. “My sister Meghna is now married to a Greek and settled on the most exotic Greek island. My brother-in-law spoils me silly. They both love me because I convinced our conservative dad about the unlikely marital alliance.”

Especially after her sister’s marriage Sameera really misses a man in her life. “It gets really lonely. And I know I’m looking my best these days. Thanks to yoga, I’ve lost oodles of flesh. But what’s the point of looking good when you’ve no one to admire you?”

Age may be just a number. But in Bollywood, Sameera knows her time is numbered. “At the party at Shristi Behl’s, I just kept staring at Twinkle Khanna. She was glowing. She just keeps getting better with the years. I hope I look as radiant when I reach that age.”


After the great Salman-Shah Rukh fallout, the warring Khans will finally be seen together in a forthcoming reality show. When powerful common friends failed to broker peace, will a reality show do the trick?
By Ruhail Amin (MUMBAI MIRROR; September 03, 2009)
When Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan fell out during Katrina Kaif’s birthday bash last year, it was an outright war. It put the industry in an uncomfortable position, where people were forced to take sides. Very few managed the tightrope walk and maintained their relationship with both the warring Khans. Now, the possibility that the industry can breathe a sigh of relief is imminent as SRK and Salman will be seen on a reality show together.

The fallout over certain remarks about Salman’s ex-girlfriend, Aishwarya Rai, was very public and it led to the Khans taking potshots at each other at every given opportunity. Recently, Salman said that Shah Rukh used to be nice, but now is he is insecure. In the past, Salman has also claimed that SRK was jealous because his show, Kya Aap Paanchvi Pass Se Tez Hain?, was a flop, while Dus Ka Dum was very popular. Salman also pooh-poohed SRK’s US detention ordeal recently. And these are just a few instances.

Though stars like Rani Mukerji and Farah Khan have tried to play peacemaker between the two proud Khans, finally it may take a reality show where the stars are paid hefty sums to appear on the same platform. The reality show is called Dance Premier League and has participants from different zones battling it out with each other. Stars will cheer their teams and if Salman and SRK’s team clash, of course, both stars will have to come face to face. Though the makers of the show are trying to keep the names of Bollywood participants under wraps, Mirror has learned that SRK and Salman have already been approached to be part of this show.

Danish Khan, VP Marketing, Sony, says, “It’s too early to talk about specific stars. We have approached many actors and are still deciding on the names.” When asked about SRK and Salman specifically, he does not deny their involvement and says, “I can’t comment at this stage. It’s better if you wait for a formal announcement.”

But our source confirms, “SRK and Salman have been approached already. Katrina, Bipasha, Kareena and Prabhudeva will be the other participants in the show.”

Katrina, though, denies it. She says, “I have not been approached for any reality show.”

Though the channel might chooses to be tight-lipped about this new development, we are surely looking forward to the fireworks.

…further fuelling rumours about their break-up (Keep spreading rumours!)
By Ashwini Deshmukh (MUMBAI MIRROR; July 20, 2009)

Shahid Kapoor

Priyanka Chopra and Shahid Kapoor’s torrid relationship may not have survived the wear and tear, as it can be concluded by Shahid’s absence at Priyanka’s birthday bash on Friday night. Mumbai Mirror had reported that the couple has gone their separate ways, and his absence just cements the news. Much can be read into Shahid’s not being part of her special day.

The party was well attended by Priyanka’s friends and relatives. A source said, “It was shocking to find that Shahid was not a part of the celebration. One expected him to come in at least for a few minutes.”

After all, one can always make the time, if the occasion is special enough. The source added, “Priyanka’s cousins, who belong to the same age group, had especially flown down from London to be with the actress on this special day. It’s surprising how Shahid, who is known to be Priyanka’s closest ‘friend’ in the industry, wasn’t seen at Priyanka’s bash.”

Priyanka Chopra

She played a good host and mingled with the guests. It was surprising to see her cheerful and unaffected by his absence.

Priyanka and Shahid remained unavailable for comment.