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Salman Khan is currently off women; he brings in his 45th birthday at a party at his farm in Panvel, for which no women are invited

By Kunal M Shah (MUMBAI MIRROR; December 28, 2009)

Salman Khan is well-known in Bollywood circles for his wild parties. If the party happens to be his birthday bash and that too at his farmhouse at Panvel, it promises to be double the fun. However, yesterday night, Salman had a low-key celebration for his 45th birthday. He had a stag party.

A source says, “Bhai is known to have fun during his parties at Panvel. His parties are much awaited and talked about by his guests. Salman’s large-heartedness ensures that all of them have a blast. However, this year, Salman is not in one of his merry moods. After his break-up with Katrina Kaif, he is not in the mood to go all out and celebrate. So, on his special day, he did not send invitations to any female. He did not feel the need to have a girlfriend by his side or even bask in the glory of any other female company. Incidentally, Katrina is in London to celebrate Christmas and New Year with her family. Salman has invited only his close male friends. Also, unlike every year, the celebration this time is not on a lavish scale. Yesterday’s party was held only for his close friends music composers Sajid Wajid, hairstylist Aalim Hakim, his bodyguard Shera, his close associate Nadeem, his filmmaker friends Vijay Galani and  Sajid Nadiadwala among others. Salman has already celebrated his birthday with his family on Saturday night.”

Let’s hope that by next year, the tide turns and the large-hearted Khan gets back to hosting lavish parties.

Kavita Kaushik saved from a freak accident on the sets of FIR, her hair-straightner exploded when she had left the room

By Sonali Shah (MUMBAI MIRROR; November 03, 2009)


Kavita Kaushik

Television’s favourite Haryanvi cop Kavita Kaushik recently had a narrow escape on the sets of FIR. Only because Kavita stepped out of her dressing room on an impulse, she was saved from what could have resulted in serious face burns.

Kavita had to get her hair straightened for a particular episode and was sitting in her dressing room with her hairdresser. They were set to begin the procedure when it suddenly struck Kavita that it would be better to confirm her costumes before the straightening. Kavita says, “Luckily, I walked out of the room, and asked my hairdresser to plug the hair-straightner and keep it ready as I would be back in a jiffy. I was discussing the costumes with my director when the electricity went off and we heard a blast. It wasn’t too loud, so we continued our discussion and left it to the production guys to fix it. We even lit a few candles and were happy to have some time off from shooting.”

When Kavita stepped out and saw what had actually happened, she couldn’t thank her stars enough. “It was kind of scary with the production and studio guys running all over the place. It was actually the hair-straightner that had blown up. My hairdresser was not as fortunate as I was, her kurta and dupatta caught fire. Had I been getting my hair fixed, I cannot imagine how bad it would have been. My hairdresser did not suffer from any major burns, but still…,” Kavita shuddered as she recalled the accident.

THE PERFECT BRIDE: Natalie Portman, Mira Nair and Irrfan Khan

The Bolly-Holly combo had a blast on the sets of Mira Nair’s film

SUBHASH K JHA Times News Network (BOMBAY TIMES; September 30, 2009)

There was something definitely not very ‘kosher’ between our Irrfan Khan and Hollywood’s Natalie Portman on the sets of Mira Nair’s Kosher Vegetarian in New York.

The film, that opens on October 16, has Irrfan playing a conservative and sexually repressed Gujarati diamond merchant and the nifty Natalie, a Jew who becomes a sanyasin. Apparently, the chemistry between the two actors had such a vibe that they’ve agreed to do another film together… with or without Mira!

Irrfan found his role a challenge. “My character’s dilemma is that the woman who was once my wife, has
now become a sanyasin, and he has to worship her.”

That they had a blast while shooting, can be seen from this still of the film that has Irrfan dressed up as a Jew and Natalie as a typical Hindu bride — the best-looking bride that Irrfan claimed he had ever seen! “She looks very young,” the Bollywood actor said, “but Natalie has been acting from the time she was a child. She’s truly a wonderful actress. We shot the film at one stretch.” Of their synergy, he added, “Actors all over the world are linked by a common craving for excellence. We’re all looking for challenges and glory. But with Natalie, it was very different. We constantly chatted, discussed one another’s culture and shared very warm vibes.”

… says Farah Khan, who’s just had a blast shooting for her upcoming chat show with a host of stars and common people


Shah Rukh Khan is a henpecked husband. Salman Khan’s a mamma’s boy. And Hrithik Roshan had speech problems as a kid. These are revelations by the stars themselves to their buddy and new host on the block, Farah Khan. The actor-turned-choreographer is set to host a chat show on TV for the first time. The show Tere Mere Beach Mein on Star Plus produced by Farah’s production house gives viewers a glimpse into the ‘real’ life of a celebrity. Set on a backdrop inspired by the beaches of Goa, it instantly sets a mood of informal, uninhibited chats with the stars. Farah gets candid with celebrities from various walks of life to discuss what they have in similar with the common man! “The show is not about a celebrity’s stardom, but about life away from the arc lights. They are not on my show to plug their movie or talk about controversies. We take up one interesting theme or issue and talk about that. There are also non-celebs who come on the show and share their
thoughts on the same topic,” explains Farah.

This seven week series comprises 14 episodes and the first celebrity on the show is Salman Khan with his mother Salma Khan, who’s always been media-shy. “It was so nice to have her on the show and she was absolutely candid,” says Farah. Brothers Irfan and Yusuf Pathan speak on sibling rivalry. “Yusuf was an eye opener, he was so funny,” reveals Farah. Karan Johar and Sonam Kapoor on the show talk about their journey from fat to thin and Shahid Kapoor and Genelia on second chances in life. “You see a different side of the celeb. From aspirational, it becomes more inspirational for the audience,” she points out. The show is her baby, right from conceptualising it
to the implementation. “For every episode there’s a lot of research that has been done,” she adds.
Farah may have directed people, been a judge on shows, but playing a host is another ball game altogether. “I was very nervous initially,” she reveals. “We first shot the episode with John Abraham and Yuvraj Singh and the topic was male eye candy, how men are suddenly shedding clothes like never before! As a host you have to be alert, spontaneous and quick with your responses. Here, I realised being a judge on TV was a cakewalk!”

Tere Mere Beach Mein will be aired every Saturday and Sunday at 9 pm on Star Plus

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