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By Vickey Lalwani (MUMBAI MIRROR; October 24, 2009)

Jiah Khan’s career may not be at an all time high, but her personal life is looking up. She is dating producer Bunty Walia’s younger brother, Jaspreet.

Jiah and Jaspreet met through a common friend around four months ago, and clicked instantly.

A source says, “Jiah and Jaspreet are madly in love. They tend to fight a lot too. It’s quite a passionate relationship.”

“So what if UTV is not doing any more films with Jiah after she was chucked out from their film Chance Pe Dance? Jiah is not in a hurry to sign more films. Right now, she is enjoying her time with Jaspreet. She is reading a few scripts as well,” says a friend of Jiah.

When contacted, Jiah laughed off the rumours.





Sanjay Dutt’s refusal to grow a beard for Lamhaa and reluctance to give more dates leaves producer Bunty Walia with no choice but to do away with the actor’s additional scenes
By Vickey Lalwani (MUMBAI MIRROR; August 28, 2009)

Bunty Walia

Bunty Walia, who had categorically stated not too long ago that he needs Sanjay Dutt for an additional four-five days to complete his forthcoming film Lamhaa, has now decided to release the film without shooting those portions with the actor. Moreover, Bunty and Sanjay are not even spending too much time together as they used to earlier. The evening drink and gupshup sessions at Sanjay’s Bandra residence are all a thing of the past.

The story goes that Bunty wanted Sanjay Dutt to grow a full beard once again to shoot for the additional portions but Sanju, who had shaved off his beard for his look in other films, was in no mood to grow it again to suit Bunty’s schedule. Even though Bunty initially waited for a long time and repeatedly coaxed Sanjay to shoot the pending portions, he got tired of waiting and eventually decided to do away with the additional portions to be shot with Sanjay.

The reason why Bunty can’t wait any longer is that he has borrowed a lot of money and has also sold a few of his cars to meet the budget of Lamhaa. Any further delay would be a bad financial decision.

Rahul Dholakia, director of Lamhaa, said, “We finished Sanjay Dutt’s portions in January. We are now editing the film.”

Bunty claimed that Sanjay was gracious enough to ask him if he wanted him to grow the beard again. He also claimed that Sanjay and he have not had a fall out. However, he did not deny that he seldom spends time with Sanjay these days. He said, “Sanjay has been busy shooting for the past six months all over the world. Where is the time to spend with him? Also, he is off drinks now. You want me to land up in somebody’s house and force him to drink?”

Sanjay Dutt

“I had a feeling that we need Sanju for a couple of extra days to shoot for Lamhaa but Rahul proved me wrong. Recently, Rahul came back from the US and I checked with him. He has seen the scenes shot for the film and he doesn’t require any dates from Sanjay. Whatever we had shot with Sanjay for 40 days earlier is enough for the film. Besides, I am a stand alone producer who doesn’t have any corporate backing for Lamhaa. My money has come from the bank for which I am paying heavy interest. I can’t wait any longer,” added Bunty.

READY TO ROCK: Amitabh Bachchan


November 7, promises to be a big day for Amitabh Bachchan. For all of Bollywood has promised to join Jaya, Abhishek and Aishwarya in paying homage to the Big B who completes 40 years in Hindi cinema. And, the tribute is going to be in the form of a concert in Mumbai, bigger than anything Bollywood has ever done before. Events organiser Bunty Walia, who is putting it together, says it is too early to reveal details of the concert, but the concert is likely to be preceded by a Bachchan film festival organised by the superstar’s buddy Anil Ambani. Almost all of Bollywood will join the Bachchan family on stage in performing songs from Big B’s films in this handsome tribute to the veteran actor.

Bachchan himself will only come on stage at the end, but he is not expected to dance, instead he will probably recite poetry made famous by his late father
Harivanshrai Bachchan. The concert is not intended as a surprise to the actor who turns 67 on October 11, knowing his attention to detail, he’s been taken into confidence about every decision regarding the preparations.







Lamhaa is in trouble. Bipasha Basu has dates but the director doesn’t. Will the dates go waste?
By Subhash K Jha (MUMBAI MIRROR; July 14, 2009)

Bipasha Basu

A tiff between producers and directors isn’t rare and at times, inevitable. However, Lamhaa’s producer Bunty Walia and director Rahul Dholakia have reached a stage where they don’t speak to one another unless necessary. This development could hamper the film’s completion

According to Walia, Bipasha Basu has allotted dates in August to shoot her remaining parts, which will take upto three days. However, the film’s director Dholakia is not willing to shoot on the dates given by Bipasha. It is believed that he is planning to be in the US next month for some personal work.

Rahul Dholakia isn’t even aware that Bipasha has allotted fresh dates. He said, “I can’t start shooting anytime. The scenes that are remaining are a part of the film’s climax. They are very dramatic and I’ve to be in the right frame of mind to shoot them. I can’t get behind the camera and start shooting just because the actors are available.”

This stance hasn’t gone down too well with producer Walia. He said, “Bipasha is a busy actress. When our schedule went a little haywire, she got busy with other commitments. I won’t let go of the dates, even if I have to shoot without the director.

Dholakia has the final word, “Lamhaa is too important a film to be sacrificed to personal egos.”

By Subhash K. Jha, May 30, 2009 – 10:30 IST

Thanks to the recession and the stand-off between producers and multiplex, theatres the biggest of films under-production are lying unsold.

Director Rahul Dholakia’s Kashmir saga Lamhaa is one such multi-crore film that is waiting for buyers. In spite of heavyweights like Sanjay Dutt, Bipasha Basu and Kunal Kapoor in the cast Lamhaa has found no takers yet.

Producer Bunty Walia has found a unique way of selling his film. He has put together a 6-minute trailer of Lamhaa which he will now send to 30 distributors across the country.

Walia hopes the trailer would convince distributors to invest in Lamhaa. Says the harassed producer. “I know this is a very unorthodox way of selling a film. But do we have a choice? Gone are the days when we producers wouldn’t show a frame of our films to distributors until it was complete. ”

In fact Bunty flew to Goa where Dutt is shooting, with his 6-minute trailer-showreel and got the actor’s approval. Says Bunty, “Sanju loved it. Nothing is being done without his approval. Sanju is the backbone of Lamhaa. He grew a beard especially for the film. Then kept it right until the end. He shaved off the beard on the day he left for Lucknow to campaign for the Samajwadi Party.”

Now, apparently, Dutt is taking a keen interest in the completion, sale and marketing of his films. Several of his films including Zee’s Chatur Singh Two Star and Lamhaa are yet to find buyers.

But Walia says it’s only a matter of time. “The break that he took send out wrong signals in the market. Now that he’s back full-swing, the market knows Sanju is here for good. See, content is king. And if you’ve a film with a high content then you’ve nothing to worry about.



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