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Aishwarya Rai and Abhishek Bachchan to be seen together for the first time in an ad for a soap. Buzz is, they have been paid Rs 25 crore
By Vickey Lalwani (MUMBAI MIRROR; October 01, 2009)

Aishwarya Rai and Abhishek Bachchan

After their marriage, Aishwarya Rai and Abhishek Bachchan have seldom been seen apart. Be it filmi events, the Cannes festival, films such as Sarkar Raj and forthcoming films Raavana and Crooked or even a recent episode of the Oprah Winfrey show, the doting couple is always seen hand-in-hand, smiling happily much to the delight of photographers.

Now, the couple is ready to take brand Bachchan to an altogether next level with a soap commercial. Buzz is that they are being paid a whopping Rs 25 crore for the ad. The deal, which has been kept under wraps, was finalised four days ago.

Explaining why the couple was paid an exorbitant amount, that too for an ad film, a source said, “The endorsement market is booming right now. Also, it will be the first time that Abhishek and the Bachchan bahu will be seen together in a commercial. The couple had been in talks for a long time with the ad filmmakers, who were extremely keen to get the two together. They finally agreed to be part of the ad last week.”

The ad is likely to be shot abroad.

Claudia Ciesla, who is Salman’s new blue-eyed girl,reacts to Abhishek Bachchan calling her a ‘fan’ after their pictures at the Cannes festival were splashed everywhere

By Kunal M Shah (MUMBAI MIRROR; June 09, 2009)
Have you seen any Hindi films or met any Indian actors?

Yes, I have seen many Bollywood films and have met some Indian actors like Salman Khan, Abhishek Bachchan, Hrithik Roshan, and also producers, directors and other celebrities like Subhash Ghai, Rakesh Roshan, Ashok Amritraj, Vijay Mallya, Vikram Bhatt and Ketan Anand.

You recently went to the Cannes festival where you met several Indian filmmakers and actors. How was your experience?

Great! I was invited to several high-profile parties and I met some wonderful people from Bollywood They were all very nice and gave me some great advice.
Your pictures with Abhishek Bachchan (published in Mumbai Mirror on May 18) created quite a controversy.

I too was shocked on reading those reports especially as some wrong information was published. I think it’s because Abhishek usually attends the Cannes fest with his charming wife. But when we met, he was there without her. I know they are very happy together and were probably afraid that some stupid rumours might start doing the rounds. I can totally understand their point of view. But I was not happy that Abhi later said that he has never met me. Later I was informed that he told his PR person  that he has seen some of my nude pictures (WHICH DO NOT EXIST) and that his PR should leak this information out to the media. It was unfair and not right.

What did the two of you speak about when you met? Was Abhishek introduced to you formally?

It was the opening party of the Indian Pavillion and many Indian ministers, chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and others were present. Everybody was greeting each other with a handshake. Abhi and I did the same when we passed each other. I said hello and he offered me his hand. He was kind of staring at me and I was probably the only white girl there. He asked me what I was doing there and I told him I have done three Indian films earlier and that I was there to promote my film Karma, which will soon be released worldwide. I told him to see the film and he just smiled at me.

When your pictures with him were published, he said that you were just a fan. (Mirror carried Abhishek’s version on May 20)

I have seen his films and I think he is a brilliant actor. But I am surely NOT Abhishek’s fan. When I compare him with Salman Khan, I feel Salman is better looking than Abhishek. Salman is also a better dancer and does his stunts himself just like I do. Salman is a fearless, tough and cool guy. That’s something I wouldn’t say about Abhi.

You are the new girl in Salman’s life…

Depends what you mean by ‘the new girl’. (Laughs) He gave me some good advice about the Bollywood film business, but he didn’t me promise anything. He was always very nice, a real gentleman and very correct. I promised Salman not to talk about all this in detail and I never will. But I certainly can repeat what Salman has said: Yes, we met.

How did the two of you meet and where?

Sorry, no details.

You have also met Salman’s family.

Yes, I was invited to his house and he introduced me to almost everybody in his family – his brothers, sister and his wonderful father, Salim.

Abhishek Bachchan

Salman Khan

Any plans to come to India for a full-fledged career in Bollywood?

Sure. I love India and I already have many good friends there. I would love to make a career in Bollywood but I’m realistic enough to know it’s not a cakewalk. I still have a lot to learn. I want to learn Hindi and Bollywood dance and I want more training in martial arts. I feel at home in India and home is where your heart is. I will always come back to India.

What made you do the film Karma?

I had met Vivek Singhania earlier and I knew that one of his big Bollywood films (Himesh Reshammiya starrer Aap Kaa Surroor) was filmed in Germany. In January 2008, he sent me the script of Karma offering me the role of Linda. I loved the script and my role. The film will soon be released in India. It’s a wonderful film and has already won many awards. Please keep your fingers crossed that people will like it.

There are rumours that you have a topless scene in the film.…

There is a rape scene in the film where I get killed. This scene was earlier supposed to be done by a body double and a stuntwoman. But, I refused to use a body double and stuntwoman and did the action scene all by myself. I am pretty tough and not afraid of dangerous scenes. The poor boy, who fought with me in the scene, got injured as I really kicked him badly. I heard he had to visit a doctor. As for if there is a topless scene, you really should see the film.