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Akshaye happily lends his speed boats to ferry the cast and crew of No Problem during their shoot
By Kunal M Shah (MUMBAI MIRROR; December 25, 2009)

If you are ferrying your way to Alibaug this weekend, do not be surprised to see Akshaye Khanna zooming ahead in his own speed boat. The actor has the unique hobby of collecting speed boats, and recently put it to good use. While shooting for Anil Kapoor’s No Problem, Akshaye offered the use of his speed boats

Akshaye Khanna

The cast and crew of No Problem were to shoot 2 kms off the sea shore. So Akshaye suggested that they should use his speed boats to travel for the shoot. And that’s exactly what they did, use ‘Freedom’ and ‘Freedom II’, for the shoot. Freedom is a white and yellow boat, while Freedom II is white and blue.

Rajat Rawail, one of the producers confirmed, “Akshaye owns two huge speed boats. One of the boats is 27 feet long, while the other is easily 32. In fact, he just bought the larger one two months ago. I was discussing the two-day shoot scheduled at the Yellow Gate, Fort with my team. Akshaye happened to come and sit next to me, and he figured that I was planning to book speed boats for our travel. He promptly said that we could use his boats and that he has two of them.”

“The boats, I must say, are lovely and we have been using them for the last two days. Anil Kapoor, Sanjay Dutt, Kangna Ranaut and Anees Bazmee, all traveled in the boats. I believe Akshaye uses them to travel to Alibaug, which is one of his favourite spots,” Rajat added.

Akshaye’s speed boats, Freedom and Freedom II
Jaya Bachchan to introduce the cast and crew of Paa instead of the usual credit roll

By Kunal M Shah (MUMBAI MIRROR; November 06, 2009)

It’s not just Amitabh and Abhishek Bachchan who are part of Balki’s forthcoming film, Paa, Jaya Bachchan also has a role to play. Instead of the credit titles where the names of the cast and the crew are listed, Jaya will be introducing the cast and crew of the film.


Jaya Bachchan & Paa

A source says, “While editing the film, director Balki got the brainwave to rope in someone to introduce the cast and crew of the film, especially Amitabh’s character, instead of the credit titles. Balki spoke to Jayaji, who immediately agreed to do it. This entire sequence was shot around a week ago.”

Confirming the news, Balki says, “Yes. Jayaji is introducing the cast and the crew of the film instead of the usual credit titles. Basically, I was looking for an excuse to work with Jayaji. So when the requirement cropped up, I went up to her. It was an afterthought while editing the film.”

Abbas Tyrewala stops the shooting of his John Abraham starrer 1-800-LOVE to give time to the cast and crew to revive after a hectic London schedule

By Subhash K Jha (MUMBAI MIRROR; September 28, 2009)

On the sets of 1-800-LOVE

Abbas Tyrewala has voluntarily called a halt to the shooting of his 1-800-LOVE at Mehboob Studios from September 26. Evidently Abbas was unhappy with the result of the shooting and gave his cast and crew a break to allow them to take a breather after the hectic shooting schedule in London.

Director Abbas Tyrewala was forthright. He said, “We have been shooting non-stop. We are all exhausted… me, John and Pakhi. The quality of work was suffering. When I looked at the shots, I saw the difference in quality. We’re in no hurry. All of us are so much into the project that we can afford to take time off without bothering about the wasted dates.”

The unit was shooting in London during August and September and began its Mumbai schedule last week. “We immediately got into the Mumbai schedule. We needed a break,” said Abbas.

Although it’s not decided yet when the unit will resume shooting, the director has decided to scrap some portions that he shot in Mumbai. “I don’t want to shoot anything that I would have to edit. I have already edited out Naseeruddin Shah and Ratna Pathak’s role (from the script) because it didn’t fit in,” said Abbas.