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I always believe that promotion is of utmost importance for a film to succeed. It helps to create hype and arouse curiosity which in turn helps the film get a good opening. But some producers don’t stress too much on promotion, presumably for two reasons:

-> The producer doesn’t have enough money to publicize his product. Or maybe, the budget of the film went so high that the producer couldn’t afford to spend additional 2-3 crores on promotion

-> The producer is supremely confident of his product. He is confident that he has come up with a winner and come what may, it will attract audiences and do a great job commercially.

The second reason seems applicable as to why Rocket Singh-Salesman Of The Year, releasing tomorrow, isn’t promoted much.  Obviously, YRF aren’t short on funds so first reason can be ruled out. And going by Ranbir Kapoor’s confident declaration that Rocket Singh is his best film till date, it seems that the film will turn out to be a great entertainer. In his words, “I can proudly say that Rocket Singh… is not just my greatest film till date but also one of the greatest films made in the recent times. Believe me, it belongs to a different world altogether”.

Maybe, Ranbir did this as a personal publicity campaign on his part; after all, actors always do this, isn’t it? But it’s a fact that whenever the Chopras adopt a negligible promotional strategy for their film, then that film works wonders. ‘Chak De! India’ was also badly promoted and many trade pundits had predicted that it’ll fail. It even took an average opening. But the response was extremely positive and from the 2nd day, the film began attracting audiences in large numbers. It later turned out to be one of the biggest blockbusters of that year, 2007. Similarly, last year, Chopras went slow in promoting Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi which was very successful at the BO.

Another classic example is the case of The Hangover. How many of were aware of this film or had planned to see it when it released? The film had no famous stars and it also wasn’t promoted well across the world. In India, it released with a Hindi biggie, New York and Hollywood biggie, Terminator Salvation. The first day collections were pathetic. But the critics’ positive response and equally satisfying response of junta compelled moviegoers to catch this flick. In big cities, it ran for as many as 6-7 weeks (a rarity for Hollywood films) and was running with 70%+ occupancy even in weekdays!

So the point is-promotion is most vital but when your product is top-class and you are confident about its success, it’s okay to not promote the product much. Even ‘A Wednesday!’ and Mumbai Meri Jaan weren’t marketed well but later turned out to be two of the most loved films of 2008.

Coming back to Rocket Singh, the other reason why its promotion is low is because of Ranbir Kapoor’s presence in the film. He has received immense appreciation from his last 2 films, Wake Up Sid and Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani and is already on his way to become superstar. So maybe, YRF is of the opinion that Ranbir’s presence is now enough to get people to theatres. Also the title of the film, title song and the fact that it’s directed by Shimit Amin (director of Chak De and Ab Tak Chappan) has created some curiosity. If the film really turns out to be exciting as Ranbir has said, then he would be immediately crowned as the superstar for sure! Let’s hope for the best!

Many moviegoers and even those in industry were shocked to hear that Celina Jaitly got the Best Female Actor award for her New Zealand flick Love Has No Language at the Cairo International Film Festival (CIFF)! A popular Bollywood screenwriter’s status on Facebook read, “Celina has won the Best Actor Award at CIFF. I’m trying to find out whether Stevie Wonder, Ravindra Jain and Nasser Khan (of Shadow fame) were the judges”! Such reactions were expected as Celina was never considered as an ‘actor’ anytime by majority. So this news came as 440 volt ka jakta!

Talking about the film, it has released in several countries but it still hasn’t got a release here in India and now Celina has confessed that the film won’t see a theatrical release here-it would come directly on DVDs. It pains to see inferior treatment being meted out to India so many times. The lead actress in the film is from India, she has even bagged a prestigious award and yet the film won’t release here-doesn’t sound fair, does it? Even Slumdog Millionaire got a very late release in India and it didn’t do a great job as people had already seen the film by downloading from the internet. Somewhere, this should stop!


(Ranbir and Celina’s quotes taken from Bollywood Hungama.com)

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This weekend is bound to be very interesting. Whatever response may tomorrow’s release Love Aaj Kal (also one of the most awaited films of the year) get from the audience (and critics), it’ll surely result in an exciting situation. The film is expected to take a hurricane start and if the film manages to connect with the audience, it can easily be Saif’s biggest hit ever!

When it comes to Love Aaj Kal, discussions are only centered on the lead man and producer Saif Ali Khan, actress Deepika Padukone, director Imtiaz Ali and also Kareena Kapoor (even though she’s not a part of the film!)! However, two important people connected to the film are miles away from the limelight. One is the second actress of Love Aaj Kal (LAK), whose identity has been deliberately kept a secret by the makers and the other is Saif’s producer-partner Dinesh Vijan (see pic) who is ignored by the media, since he’s not known name.

Dinesh VijanHowever, the fact is Dinesh Vijan is as much a producer of LAK as Saif. Dinesh’s first film as a producer was Being Cyrus, which also starred Saif. Dinesh and Ambika Hinduja were two of the four producers of Being Cyrus and had formed a production company, Serendipity Films. He and Saif realized on the sets that both have similar tastes and views regarding films and felt that they should jointly make movies. Post-Being Cyrus, both of them went their own ways. Dinesh then produced Shiney-Esha Deol starrer Hijack along with its director Kunal Shivdasani under the banner, Aleya Motion Magic. Finally, Dinesh and Saif got back again and made their own production house, Illuminati Films. However, they won’t be parting after LAK’s release. They have decided to jointly produce more films, which are qualitative as well as interesting. Their next film is already on the cards. Titled Agent Vinod, it stars Saif and Kareena and is produced by Johnny Gaddaar director, Sriram Raghavan. There are also plans to produce a film of Being Cyrus director, Homi Adjania.

Mystery girl3

Regarding the mysterious girl in Love Aaj Kal, there are around 10 people who have asked me as to who she is and her name, because she looks beautiful and I am the one who’s supposed to know everything about Hindi films! Unfortunately, this time, even I am ignorant since the producers have wonderfully kept her under wraps! Her name has not been disclosed and she has not made any public appearance till date. Only her screen name is available-Harleen Kaur. Hopefully, one would know who she is in 24 hours, when reviews start pouring in. Check out her pic!

Finally, the film is hugely awaited also due to its director-Imtiaz Ali, who impressed everyone with his last film, Jab We Met (JWM). One may feel this time things would be easy for him but I feel that things would be even more difficult. One didn’t had much expectation from JWM as no one expected it to be such a brilliant film in all respects. Viewers would naturally expect a lot from LAK. However, one should not expect something like JWM from LAK as both films are as different as chalk and cheese. That’s why, Imtiaz was even against the idea of inserting the card ‘Fromthe director of Jab We Met’ in the promos of LAK!

Saif, Deepika, Imtiaz, Dinesh, mysterious girl, Pritam (music), Irshad Kamil (lyrics)…all talented and all are youngsters. So LAK is surely a film for the youth, by the youth! Here’s wishing lots of luck to everyone associated with this fresh-looking film!

P.S.: Neetu Kapoor, Rishi Kapoor, Rahul Khanna and comedian Vir Das are also a part of the film!

A small film releasing next week, Chal Chalein, seems to be very impressive and interesting. It deals with the topic of suicide committed by students, due to the fear of either their parents or of scoring less marks in examinations. The film centers around eight friends, studying in Class 11. One of them commits suicide after he is unable to bear the pressure burdened on him by his parents (Kanwaljeet and Rati Agnihotri). His friends realize that not only parents, but even the education system is to blame for such suicides. They start a movement and manage to take it to court, with the help of a lawyer (played by Mithun Chakraborthy). Chal Chalein also stars Chak De girl Shilpa Shukla. The film seems meaningful and if handled well, can manage to impact the viewers greatly. However, like every small film, it is not well promoted and the promos on TV don’t show what the film is actually about. Please spare some minutes and watch the exclusive theatrical promo below. The film is releasing next Friday, Aug 7.



Imran Khan, the latest heartthrob of the nation, is all ready with his 3rd flick, Luck, which releases tomorrow. The promos are slick and the film looks like a fabulous action flick. What also catches one’s eye is its unusual cast. Newbie Imran Khan is casted alongside veterans Mithun Chakraborthy, Danny Denzogpa, Chak De girl Chitrashi Rawat, Sanjay Dutt, Bhojpuri actor Ravi Kishen and Kamal Haasan’s singer turned actress daughter, Shruti Haasan! Moreover, the film is directed by Soham Shah, who made a successful debut with Kaal, 4 years back.

Luck is surely an acid test for Imran Khan, Shruti Haasan and Soham Shah. Imran Khan became an instant craze among the youth as soon as the promos of his debut film, Jaane Tu…Ya Jaane Na started airing. Hardly any newcomer had created such a huge hype. Its opening was excellent and fortunately, the film turned out to be good too which resulted in its successful run at the BO. However, his second film, Kidnap, bombed at the BO even though Imran was hailed as the ‘next superstar’. Luck has to succeed for Imran Khan so that he can regain his prestige, which had suffered a dent after Kidnap’s failure.

Shruti Haasan had earlier done a cameo in Hey Ram but Luck is her first feature film as a full-fledged actor. She looks impressive in the promos but one has to see the film to know whether she is a good actor. And being Kamal Haasan’s daughter, her performance will be closely monitored.

soham shah

Soham Shah’s Kaal may have received lot of flak but one can’t deny the fact that he did succeed in making a decent thriller. Unfortunately, after getting appreciated for Kaal, Soham Shah (see pic) suffered some problems and had to begin afresh. There were reports of a fall out between Soham Shah and the producer of his first film, Karan Johar. Finally, he managed to stand on his legs and make Luck. However, not many remember him today. Moreover, the hoardings do not even mention that he is the director of Kaal. The success of Luck is all what Soham Shah needs.

Although the promos of this film are electrifying and the film has several A-listers, the film has failed to arouse curiosity. Many moviegoers have adopted a wait-and-watch situation for Luck-they shall go for it only if the film gets a good response. So, one might expect a low opening for Luck. But no sooner good reviews start coming in, then the film would surely go a long way.

Tomorrow, there is also a flood-scare in Mumbai. If it rains heavily here in the city, waterlogging is bound to take place due to the 5.5 m high tide tomorrow. And if it happens, hardly anyone will venture to see Luck. Let’s hope Luck doesn’t result in ‘bad luck’ for its makers!

We all love the song ‘Chand Sifarish’ from Fanaa, don’t we? The soulful music, Shaan’s fine singing and not to forget Kailash Kher chanting ‘Subhan Allah’ makes it a beautiful song, isn’t it? So it’ll be a surprise if I’ll announce that this song maybe a lifted one. Yes, Jatin-Lalit copied this song, a la Pritam style!

Check the video clip uploaded below to hear the original version. It is a Pakistani song and has exactly the same tune as Chand Sifarish (however the antara is very different)! However, it is not sure whether the song was created before Fanaa’s release. There’s a possibility it can be other way round-the composers of this song may have got inspired from Chand Sifarish. Whoever may be the original composer, the Pakistani version is very amusing. Don’t forget to watch it and let me know your views on it!

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Imran Khan tells Indu Mirani why he finds it weird to be called ‘cool’ and how he and Aamir are staid, solid guys who rate 10 on fidelity

By Indu Mirani (MUMBAI MIRROR; April 04, 2009)

• The beginning of your career is usually a fun time when you take up nonconsequential films for the heck of it but you seem awfully serious from the word go.

You know how some people become actors because all their lives they wanted to be actors and they spent their childhood looking at the mirror and reciting Amitabh Bachchan’s dialogues or they practice expressions in the mirror? That was never me. Abbas (Tyrewala) came to me, I liked him, and I liked the film. As far as films go, I just enjoy the process, the acting. I enjoy being on set, I enjoy working with a director. The rest is frills and it’s really kind of unimportant to me. I am not good at doing the starry stuff like turning up somewhere and throwing my weight around and demanding service or demanding to be upgraded to the first class. I can never do that. I tend to be a little embarrassed about being famous.

• So you don’t like the trappings that come with being a star…

No it’s not that I don’t like them, everyone enjoys them, it’s that they don’t matter so much to me and very often I am uncomfortable with them. A lot of times when I go to the theatre, and I get free tickets and free popcorn, I feel uncomfortable because I am taking up seats, I’m taking popcorn, I am taking away money from the revenue of that film, the revenue from those three or four tickets will not go to the distributor or the producer, so for me that’s bad.  But what I will take advantage of is that, I can call up the manager and say “hold seats for me and he’ll hold good seats for me.” That makes my life easier and more convenient.

• The industry demands that every actor act in a certain way, do you find yourself acting off screen too?

No, I’m very bad at that. It’s an interesting phenomenon that when I as an actor meet another actor I don’t know at all, we still talk to each other. I find that very awkward. I make it a point to say “Hi how are you” but beyond that I don’t know what to do because honestly, I don’t know the person. I mean I know him, I’ve seen him, I’ve seen 15 films of his, I’ve liked him in most of them, but I don’t actually know him as a person. What if he doesn’t want me to talk to him?  It’s a weird space, and I can’t do any acting besides that, I’m not good at it.

• Are you comfortable with being called cool?

No and I think it ties into the fact that when I was in school I wasn’t really a cool guy. You know there are always those guys who have really great clothes, their parents are very very rich, and they date the most beautiful girls? That wasn’t me. It has happened that I would attend parties or be at a friend’s place or something and nobody would be talking to me except two or three friends of mine who have been friends for years. Nobody would give a damn that I was there. Now when I go to a party suddenly every one comes up to me and talks. I’m like “Now why do you want to talk to me? For 15 years you never had anything to say to me.” So it’s weird.

• You’ve been saying no to a lot of filmmakers. Is it that the quality of scripts is very bad or are you being extra choosy?

It’s a number of things. The most obvious reason is that a lot of scripts are just not good. Then there are a lot of scripts which are not the kind I am looking to do. Say someone will come to me with a film to play a character that is very close to the character I played in Kidnap. For me it’s not that exciting because I’ve been there.

Also I’m particular about not leaving people hanging. For better or worse, it is better to be completely upfront and honest. If I don’t want to do a film I will tell the person at the earliest.

But contrary to stories, I have not said no to Sanjay Gadhvi’s film, and it is not a thriller. He has told me the story which I’ve liked and I am waiting for a final screenplay. The same goes for Danish Aslam’s film which I am also still reading. In both cases, I’ve heard and liked the story and seen the graph of the characters and am waiting for a final script.

• So it’s not that you are being particularly choosy?

No not at all. The thing is that I accept a script from any one. I’ve got stacks and stacks of scripts. As far as possible I try to take scripts from any one who tries to contact me. Some people send me a handwritten script written with a ball point pen. I take those and I read through those, which a lot of other actors don’t. And so because I take more scripts than others I am accused of turning more people down.

• Where does the idea of you and Ranbir producing films come from?

We understand that a major flaw in the business models of films today is how much money people are taking upfront.It makes sense for an actor to take a minimal amount upfront and share the profits. If the cost is kept down the film has much more of a chance of being a hit, something which benefits everyone. Guys like Shah Rukh and Aamir have been doing this for years. So what we do is, we take producer credits and we do the film for less money which is not to say we are actually producers. Shah Rukh is doing the same thing with My Name Is Khan. I want that any film that I am associated with, to be successful and every one should earn a lot of money from it.

This way Shah Rukh can do a film like Chak De, and Aamir Khan can do a film like Taare Zameen Par and there’s a market for it.

• You never thought of asking your uncle Mansoor Khan to make a film with you?

I would never ask any one to make a film with me.

• Don’t you want him to come back and make a film?

I think every body in the industry wants him to come back and make a film. The fact is that he just doesn’t have a film in him. Honestly I know he doesn’t want to. There’s absolutely no interest in him to direct a film.

Now when I go to a party suddenly every one comes up to me and talks. I’m like “Now why do you want to talk to me? For 15 years you never had anything to say to me”

Rapid Fire

On a scale of 1 to 10 rate both yourself and Aamir according to the following parameters

Good Looks: I would put us both at a 7 at this point just because of how young and great he is looking

Patience: Aamir is a 10 and I am 9.5. We are both tremendously patient people. Again because I’m younger, I’m that 0.5 percent less patient but I am the most supremely patient being that you’ll meet.

Quest for perfection: Aamir is a 10 I’m probably an 8

SpontaNeity: Aamir is 6, I’m a 7

Acting talent: I put myself at a 6, I put him at a10. I do honestly think he is best actor working in the country today

Communication skills: Mine aren’t good. I’m not good at all, so 5 for me and him I don’t know, maybe a 7. Yeah he is better than me

Charm: I am more charming than he is definitely; he is not a charming person. He is 5. I’m an 8.

Tendency to lose temper: One and one

Fidelity to spouse or girlfriend: That’s a 10 for both. We are both very staid, solid guys.