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Media screening of Marathi film Harishchandrachi Factory goes haywire at the NCPA yesterday evening

By Abhijit Sathe (MUMBAI MIRROR; November 17, 2009)


Harishchandrachi Factory



Vijaya Mehta

The screening of the much-talked about Oscar-nominated Harishchandrachi Factory at the Marathi Film Festival went for a toss at the National Centre for Performing Arts (NCPA) yesterday evening.

A huge crowd had gathered outside NCPA as a media interaction was scheduled for 6pm, followed by the screening of the film at 6.30pm. But the event did not happen as scheduled. There was a lot of unexplained chaos and confusion about the event. Finally, when the film started at 7pm, half the people from the media were not allowed inside the auditorium to watch the film.

Although it was noticed that at least two rows were empty and reserved, no one was seated there. When the media persons asked about why the seats were empty, filmmaker and director, NCPA, Vijaya Mehta had no answer.

Finally, they had to arrange for another screening to accommodate the crowd waiting outside NCPA. However, the second screening took two hours to begin and by then the chaos and confusion had already dimmed their spirits.

Two women land an unexpected chance to be ushered inside Amitabh Bachchan’s house, as their health deteriorates outside his bungalow

By Kunal M Shah (MUMBAI MIRROR; November 16, 2009)

What happens when Amitabh Bachchan decides to step out of his bungalow and reach out to his fans? Chaos, traffic jams, a near stampede-like situation and of course, a crowd of crazy but satisfied fans.

That’s precisely what happened yesterday evening. However this time, a couple of women also got breathless. Apparently, Amitabh took control of the situation, instructed his security to take them inside Jalsa and ensured that nothing adverse happened to them.

As per his Sunday routine, Amitabh stepped out of Jalsa and met his fans. According to our source, he was giving television interviews for Paa when he decided to take a small break. He knew his fans were waiting outside. This time around though, he had planned a special surprise for them.


Amitabh Bachchan outside Jalsa

A witness to the situation outside Jalsa said, “When Amitabh stepped out and started distributing autographed pictures, people crowded to grab the pictures and to just touch the living legend. The word that Amitabh was out, spread like wild fire and the crowd soon increased manifold, causing a jam on the roads. Caught in the mini mêlée, a couple of elderly women started feeling breathless. It immediately caught Amitabh’s attention and he asked his security guards to rush them inside the house and give them some water. He then got his personal staff to distribute the remaining pictures to the people he could not personally reach out to.”

Appreciating the love shown by his fans, Amitabh said, “From the day I was discharged from Breach Candy hospital in 1982, every single day, crowds throng my gate. That’s 27 years without a break. I have never been able to explain this incredible outpour of emotions. I am indebted for life by my fans’ gestures and step out every Sunday to greet them. I give them autographs and pose for photographs as and when the frenzy permits. I felt like giving them autographed Paa photographs, so I sat up till late signing them.”

Priyanka Chopra went out of her way to get one of her staff boys, Raja, to board the flight minutes before it was scheduled to take off
By Kunal M Shah (MUMBAI MIRROR; August 14, 2009)
Star is as star does. An actress as successful Priyanka Chopra can well-afford to pull strings to get whatever she wants. Take the case of what happened on Wednesday morning when Priyanka was travelling from Delhi to Bangalore for the promotion of her film Kaminey. When one of the boys from her entourage, Raja, couldn’t reach the airport on time to catch the flight, Priyanka made sure that he boarded the flight and travelled with her.

A source said, “Priyanka was in Delhi and the Kaminey unit was to board a flight to Bangalore. When Priyanka, who was about to board the flight, realised that Raja had not reached the airport on time, she promptly got in touch with the airport officials and refused to board the flight till she found Raja. When other crew members of the film started searching for Raja, they realised that he was still stuck in the line to get his boarding pass where there was a lot of chaos for some reason. Priyanka then requested the officials to make sure that he boarded the flight. She even enquired when the next flight is. On Priyanka’s insistence, the airlines officials made sure that Raja got the flight. The actress only boarded the flight after Raja found her.”

Priyanka’s spokesperson said, “Priyanka was concerned about Raja as he had not reached on time to catch the flight. There was also another crew member who was delayed. Priyanka did not want them to be stranded at the airport and that’s why she spoke to the airline authorities and made sure that Raja caught the flight or got the next flight. There was a delay as there was a mad rush at the airport that day. It’s not that she stopped the flight. She only got to know that Raja had not boarded the flight after she was already seated in the aircraft.”


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