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By Kunal M Shah (MUMBAI MIRROR; December 24, 2009)

Anees Bazmee is becoming a sequel specialist now. He is working on as many as four sequels simultaneously and if all goes well, the fifth is not far away. The four sequels that he is working on right now are No Entry 2, Welcome Back, Mr. India 2 and Hera Pheri 4.

Anees Bazmee

Anees informs us about his sequels in making, “I am in the process of writing all these films and so far I have only managed to complete Hera Pheri 4. I have also been busy with the shooting of No Problem and that’s the reason I have not been able to finish writing the other films. In fact No Problem also has a possibility of a sequel.”

When asked what precaution he takes while making a sequel considering that the original is already a hit, he tells us, “I do not need to spend any time establishing a character in the film and there is a major disadvantage as a writer and a director. However, since the film is already a hit, I need to work doubly hard on every scene. Be it an emotional, comic or an action scene, I have to make sure that they are even better than the first one so that there is some novelty factor.”

ON A HIGH: Himesh Reshammiya
After scoring music for 100 films, 500 songs and huge shows worldwide, singer-actor Himesh Reshammiya still feels like a newcomer

HARSHADA REGE Times News Network (BOMBAY TIMES; December 3, 2009)

It’s time to tune into Himesh Reshammiya once again as the composer turned-singer turned-actor prepares to step on the silver screen for the third time with Radio today. Himesh, who has been there and done it all, says he feels like this is debut. “Everything about the film is new. Be it my look, music, subject or the sensibilities. It’s something that people will relate to. It’s something that I would watch myself,” he says. The movie is about Vivan, a radio jockey, who gives people advice on their relationship troubles, but doesn’t know where his relationships are heading. The film apparently has already covered its cost through music sales, video and satellite rights. “Yes, the movie is a profitable venture even before its release, but I am looking forward to the audience’s reaction. I have worked a lot on this character and I crave for recognition as an actor,” admits Himesh. Of course, the composer, who has scored music for 100 films, 500 songs and has been part of many shows worldwide, is happy that the music has been appreciated so much and has been rocking the music charts. “Yes, the music is completely different. It’s a new sound, a new voice,” he says. Despite some people putting him down, Himesh has managed to brave the odds. And this time around he has gone for a makeover all over again. He will be seen sporting short hair and in a casual avatar. But this isn’t anything new for Himesh. “Be it my music or look, I have always believed in experimenting. People have appreciated my look in the promos too,” he says.

Aamir Khan plays a character half his age in 3 Idiots, has modelled it on his teenage nephew Pablo. He has also taken to wearing baggy T-shirts and losing weight for a lean look

By Meena Iyer (MUMBAI MIRROR; November 05, 2009)


For Aamir Khan, the most challenging part of playing a 20-something in Raj Kumar Hirani’s 3 Idiots was to work on his physical appearance. The actor admits that he had to work on his mind, body, body language and even his wardrobe single-mindedly. To get under the skin of his character, the actor says he started observing kids. “Many of them were my son Junaid’s friends,’’ he admits. “I would closely observe how they talk, walk and behave.”




Aamir also lets out another secret. He apparently modelled his character Rancho on his cousin Mansoor Khan’s teenage son Pablo, who lives in Coonoor with his father. Aamir is very fond of Pablo and he says that he is fascinated by the way Pablo is always moving on his feet, not even stopping to talk. Apparently, the kid even talks while he is on the move. Says Aamir, “Pablo is so fidgety that he can’t stand still even for a few minutes.”

Director Raju Hirani reveals another secret. Apparently, for his wardrobe and his overall demeanour, Aamir has borrowed heavily from his Ghajini director AR Murgadoss. Says Aamir, “I love the boyish sparkle in his eyes… he always has a twinkle in his eyes and is full of excitement.”

Aamir says that he had keenly observed that the puny Murgadoss always wears worn-out clothes and T-shirts that are two sizes too large.

“Yaar, first I had work very hard to get those eight packs for Ghajini and then I had to work doubly hard to lose that dream physique and look lean,’’ says the actor. He confesses that he also borrowed a couple of oversized T-shirts from his Ghajini director.

AR Murgadoss

Finally, he adds that for Ghajini he had to workout strenuously for close to two hours for two years. And to get his 3 Idiots look, he had to reduce 10 kgs of pure muscle and make it look like a young boy’s physique for which he invested another year of rigorous badminton playing.

Says Aamir, “It was important for me to get into the mind of the character, I was sure that physically I would be able to pull it off by observing Pablo. But it was most important to feel young.”

Asin talks about rumours that Salman Khan gifted her a swanky house, why her father takes all her business decisions, and why she isn’t in touch with Aamir Khan
By Vickey Lalwani (MUMBAI MIRROR; September 14, 2009)

Why did you move out of your parents’ house and buy a new one for yourself?
I got that house at a very economical price and it was next to my parents’ house. It was simply a great deal. So why not?

Has life changed after moving?
My responsibilities have increased. But then, I was never reckless or irresponsible before I moved into my new house (laughs). I still end up sleeping at my parents’ place many times. At times, they come over and stay with me. There is no hard and fast rule about where I end my day. Anyway, I am not a person who is scared of staying alone.

Rumour has it that Salman Khan gifted your new house.
I was shooting for London Dreams when this news broke. After reading the news, Salman came up to me and said, “How do you like the new house, which I have gifted you?” Ajay Devgan and Vipul Shah couldn’t stop laughing.

What is your take on your father giving up on his businesses to manage your career?
It was entirely my dad’s decision. I didn’t have a say. Now, he handles everything related to my work. He trusts me and he didn’t react when I was linked to Salman. He has done a lot for me. I don’t know how to repay him. But I feel he should slow down a bit now. He was unwell a couple of months ago, but he is a very strong man; physically and mentally. He is taking life a bit easily now.

My mother, who is a doctor, also took voluntary retirement because she has to manage two homes here. I need her help as I travel often. I am their only child. They want me to give my best to whatever it is I want from life. I am from a very educated background, but they never forced me to follow their dreams. I can’t do without them. I call dad a ‘pillar’ and mom an ‘angel’.

Are they strict? Do you still have a deadline to reach home?
No. Even in my college days, I wasn’t a part of wild parties where people would drink or smoke.

Are you willing to use foul language or expose if a role demands it?
It depends on what comes my way. It would depend on how comfortable the people, character and the script make me feel. I believe in ‘never say never’. I don’t have any fixed rules.

Are you in touch with Aamir Khan?
No. We had a professional relationship. That’s all.

What are your parameters while deciding to sign a film?
The most important factors are script, character, director, producer, co-actor – in exactly this order. While selecting a role, I completely rely on my gut instinct.

Will marriage and kids figure in your life anytime soon?
I would like a family but right now, it’s too soon to make those plans. I would rather look at my immediate future.

Bipasha Basu refuses to smoke for a song in Pankh; director respects her stance and figures out a creative alternative
By Kunal M Shah (MUMBAI MIRROR; August 29, 2009)

Bipasha Basu in Pankh

Bipasha Basu is a health freak and is known to never smoke or drink, which explains her bootylicious body. Now, she has refused to smoke a cigarette or even hold it for a scene in her forthcoming film, Pankh.

Our source said, “Sudipto Chattopadhyay, the director of the film, wanted Bipasha to smoke on screen for a vital sequence. However, Bipasha flatly refused as she does not encourage smoking and hates it. She was not in favour of the scene and if she smokes, it meant that she would be promoting smoking. After that, Sudipto even gave her the option of holding a cigarette, but she refused that as well. Sudipto understood her point of view and agreed to shoot the scene differently.”

Bipasha Basu confirms the story and maintains her anti-smoking stance. She said, “I don’t smoke and I don’t encourage smoking. Unless it’s absolutely essential to smoke for my role, I wouldn’t agree to do it. In Pankh, it was not essential, hence I refused. I had also refused to smoke in one of my earlier films, Corporate. If my role is that of an addict, then I will do whatever the character and the role demands, which was not the case with Pankh.”

Director Sudipto, though forced to alter the scene, decided to respect Bipasha’s wishes. He said, “It was a song sequence with a smoky atmosphere. We wanted to show that when she starts singing, smoke comes out of her mouth. However, she had a very valid point that smoking was a very politically incorrect thing to do. She said that she does not endorse smoking and she did not endorse John doing No Smoking. She had never smoked in her life. We can’t fake smoking like we do with drinking. So, eventually, we placed a canister jar in front of her which emitted smoke and we framed it in such a way that when she sings, it seems that the smoke is coming out of her mouth.”

Sanjay Gupta, the producer of the film, said, “It’s the question of an actor being comfortable. Bipasha had some inhibitions about it and it’s perfectly fine.”