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By Bollywood Hungama News Network, January 4, 2010 – 15:09 IST Kareena Kapoor
What do you call someone whose eyes control the sunrise and the moon shine? What do you call who is the inspiration to many a poet globally? What do you call someone who is highly intellectual, yet is a part of an ‘Idiotic’ gang? Well, mince no names, as we are indeed talking about the one and only ‘Oomph-mati’ that the silver screen has ever seen: Kareena Kapoor!

Kareena Kapoor
And it is the very same Kareena Kapoor who is on the cover of the widely read magazine GQ for the month (January 2010). What a way to start the New Year by having the eternal glowing Miss Kapoor as the cover-girl! From the looks of it, Kareena looks nothing short of being Miss Perfect. Well, we are no one to challenge perfection, are we? All that we can say is that; do watch out for Kareena’s honest-than-thou confessional statements on topics ranging from films, marriage and of course…Saif, about whom she says “Saif comes from a very cultured background; he is a man of the world. And he’s seen so much of life; he’s got his head very firmly on his shoulders. I can connect with this guy. He has a good sense of humour; a charming man with a lot of culture. He always liked me on screen. He said I was someone he always wanted to meet.”

Keeping the tradition of ‘Keep the best for last’, we really do have to mention that this issue of GQ has not one, but two whoppingly sizzling covers, which only means, twice the cover, twice the fun. Kareena is indeed the way to go this season and for the year 2010!


THE PERFECT BRIDE: Natalie Portman, Mira Nair and Irrfan Khan

The Bolly-Holly combo had a blast on the sets of Mira Nair’s film

SUBHASH K JHA Times News Network (BOMBAY TIMES; September 30, 2009)

There was something definitely not very ‘kosher’ between our Irrfan Khan and Hollywood’s Natalie Portman on the sets of Mira Nair’s Kosher Vegetarian in New York.

The film, that opens on October 16, has Irrfan playing a conservative and sexually repressed Gujarati diamond merchant and the nifty Natalie, a Jew who becomes a sanyasin. Apparently, the chemistry between the two actors had such a vibe that they’ve agreed to do another film together… with or without Mira!

Irrfan found his role a challenge. “My character’s dilemma is that the woman who was once my wife, has
now become a sanyasin, and he has to worship her.”

That they had a blast while shooting, can be seen from this still of the film that has Irrfan dressed up as a Jew and Natalie as a typical Hindu bride — the best-looking bride that Irrfan claimed he had ever seen! “She looks very young,” the Bollywood actor said, “but Natalie has been acting from the time she was a child. She’s truly a wonderful actress. We shot the film at one stretch.” Of their synergy, he added, “Actors all over the world are linked by a common craving for excellence. We’re all looking for challenges and glory. But with Natalie, it was very different. We constantly chatted, discussed one another’s culture and shared very warm vibes.”