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Neha Dhupia reveals her filmi fundas in a candid chat with BT


You have been a part of many multi-starrers, is that a formula for success?
If there was a formula for success I would pay pots and pots of money and buy it (laughs). But seriously, I feel that while choosing your films, all one needs to do is follow your gut feeling and have faith in the project.

You tried your hand at some unconventional stuff with Ek Chalis Ki Last Local, Mithya and Dasvianiya. What kind of response did you get for them? And are you going to be part of more such films?
I have got a fabulous response for all the different cinema that I have attempted, and am looking forward to a lot more in the future. My film Raat Gayi, Baat Gayi? just won the viewers choice award at a film festival. That will be my next release after De Dana Dan. I agree it’s a mixed bag, but I wouldn’t want it any other way.

How important are hits to you?
While making a film we put in a lot of hardwork, and the only way it gets appreciated is when the audience views it and it becomes a hit… unless the critics are really kind (laughs).

After doing realistic and masala movies, do you want to see yourself doing an absolute rom-com kind of movie?
Yes, I would love to, I am screaming out loud that is my most favourite genre. I hope someone’s listening. But on a serious note, I have done one that’s in the same space… it’s called Pappu Can’t Dance Saala and will be releasing soon.

You and boyfriend Ritwik Bhattacharya have been going steady for some time now. So, are wedding bells in the offing?
Not at all!

karan johar


A very ugly incident arose on Friday when Wake Up Sid (WUS) released across the country. The film, directed by debutant Ayan Mukerji and produced by Karan Johar, has several characters calling Mumbai by its old name, Bombay. Maharashtra Navnirman Sena, Raj Thackeray’s party, was furious with this and its members tried stopping the screening of WUS at two theatres in South Mumbai and at a couple of places in Pune. Johar, fearing that the matter may go out of hand, immediately went to Thackeray’s Shivaji Park residence and apologized to him. He assured that he had no intention of hurting anyone’s sentiments and that he would add a disclaimer in the film in 2 days.

The incident created a furore and Raj Thackeray’s rivals perceived it differently, of course, with vested interests and Johar was made a scapegoat by all of them.

I discussed this issue with more than 50 people (many of them Maharashtrians) and not a single person felt that there is any harm in calling Mumbai as Bombay. Go to South Mumbai and many residing there still refer to the city as Bombay. In fact, South Mumbai is often called SoBo (Bo is the short form of Bombay). Then there are so many organizations and companies whose name consist of ‘Bombay’. Bombay Stock Exchange, Bombay Blues (a famous chain of restaurants), Bombay Times, Bombay Parsi Punchayat, Bombay Catholic Sabha, Bombay Dyeing etc are the classic examples. The sunset point in Mahabaleshwar is called Bombay Point since decades. Jet Airways uses the code ‘BOM’ to refer to Mumbai. The funniest part of this whole incident-Raj Thackeray’s son Amit Thackeray studied in a reputed school called BOMBAY SCOTTISH! Ha ha ha!

It was equally shocking to know the quotes given by Raj Thackeray’s rivals. Maharashtra CM Ashok Chavan called the whole incident a publicity stunt. That is, all this drama was created so that WUS gets more audience. A stupid comment, in my opinion, as Johars has and will never resort to such tactics to market their films. Also, there was no need for Johar to do any kind of publicity stunt as WUS had already aroused lots of curiosity amongst youngsters. The film already witnessed massive advance bookings, even before the audiences learnt of this controversy. Shiv Sena spokesperson Sanjay Raut was of the view, “If he (Johar) really feels sorry about it, he should apologise to Maharashtra and the millions of Marathi manoos staying here”. Arre, who cares if Mumbai is called Bombay? People here are more interested in having a better infrastructure, traffic-free roads, organized transport system and sense of security. No one’s sentiments are going to hurt if anyone uses the word Bombay. BJP leader Kirti Somaiya claimed, “Nobody has the right to refer to it by the old name when it has already been renamed Mumbai”. Again, a senseless statement as there’s no law that makes calling a city by its old name illegal. One can fearlessly refer to Mumbai as Bombay, Kolkata as Calcutta, Bengalooru as Bangalore, Vadodra as Baroda, Thiruvananthapuram as Trivandrum, Chennai as Madras and also New York as New Amsterdam!

Raj Thackeray questions, “Why can’t people accept Mumbai if they can accept Chennai and Thiruvananthapuram?” But he should be told that people in these Southern cities don’t have to apologize to any tom, dick and harry if they use the old name of the city. And Thackeray has always been comparing with the Southern States. Last year he justified his signboard campaign (threatening shop owners to change their signboards into Marathi) by stating, “In Kerela and other South Indian states, all the signboards are written in their language, so why not the same in Maharashtra?” Maybe then Raj should make a comparison on all fronts. Kerela has high levels of literacy-why doesn’t he strive to attain the same in Maharashtra too? At least that’ll help the state. Changing the signboards to Marathi and revolting when someone uses the word Bombay is not going to help Mumbai progress even an inch.

Coming back to the film WUS, it depicts reality. Also, in one scene in the film, Konkona Sen Sharma says that she hails from CALCUTTA! No one in West Bengal protested. Also, there have been so many movies that have characters mouthing Bombay. In Dasvidaniya, when Svitlana Manoylo asks Vinay Pathak where he’s from, he replies that he’s from Bombay! This is just one example-one can find lots of such instances. And whose sentiments got hurt?

Karan Johar was also criticized. Many feel that he should have not apologized. But did he have any choice? If he had not done so, Thackeray and his men may had called for a ban for the film in Maharashtra and the state govt would have stood as helpless spectators. Crores were at stake and not to forget, Johar would have to answer his distributors. So I feel Johar’s actions were superfast and completely justified. 2 days back, director Ayan Mukerji, while interacting with movie buffs in the Bollywood Hungama Live Chat session rightly said, “He did what he felt he needed to do at that point to protect our film. It is not possible to understand from outside how much a film means to the people who have created it. It’s like having a baby or something-when someone threatens to hurt that baby, you put your personal pride and ego away to protect it. That’s all that Karan did”. Well said!

Finally, this incident proved that Bollywood is so vulnerable with no protection whatsoever, esp in such situations. A film passed by Censor Board can be released has to undergo politican’s clearance. Thackeray proved that he’s here just to be in the news and to please Maharashtrians with such tactics. His rivals made a fool of themselves with their comments. All this happening with an eye on the elections! God save BOMBAY!


We all plan a lot in life. We all have our own set of desires and decide that we’ll fulfill our wishes in future for sure. What’s the hurry-after all, zindagi kahaan bhaag jaane waali hai! But what if one day you realize that you life is gonna end sooner than you thought? Dasvidaniya tells a story of such a person whose end is near and has to decide how he will spend the last few days of his life.

The story of the movie: 37 year old Amar Kaul (Vinay Pathak) works in a pharmaceutical company. He is unmarried and lives with his mother (Sarita Joshi). He is shy and lives an uninteresting life. The constant pain in his stomach takes him to a doctor (Ikhlaq Khan) who gives him a shocking news-he has stomach cancer and that he is not going to live for more than 3 months. Amar feels devastated. He doesn’t understand what to do next. He had two other options-first, to spend the three months cringing and thinking that he lived a worthless life. And second, to fulfill all his wishes and desires, which include buying a new car, foreign trip, teaching a lesson to his stupid boss (Saurabh Shukla), learning guitar under Savio Sir (Joy Fernandes), confessing his love to Neha (Neha Dhupia) etc. Amar thankfully chooses the second option and sets on a journey of ‘things to do before death’. By fulfilling his each desire, Amar feels more satisfied, more content and happier too. In short, the news of death taught him to live!

Dasvidaniya comprises of 4 S-simple, sweet, soulful and sincere. The movie doesn’t get emotional or melodramatic even at a single point and paces ahead wonderfully. The day to day life of Amar Kaul engrosses you from the beginning itself. The first turning point of the film-Amar diagnosed with cancer shakes you and the director has wonderfully captured this moment. The second turning point-Amar preparing a list of ‘things to do before death’ is truly exciting and the background score at this point adds to the effect. His interaction with Savio, Neha, his boss, Jagtap (Ranvir Shorey), Svitlana Manoylo (Tatanya), Rajiv (Rajat Kapoor), Garima (Purbi Joshi) and Vivek (Gaurav Gera) was fabulous and well executed. Full marks here to the director and screenwriter. One of the best scenes of the film undoubtedly was the way he gives a befitting reply to his insane boss-it was one of the funniest scenes of 2008! And not to forget, Amar confessing to Neha-most touching scene of the film! Brilliant!

The film ends in a very sweet manner, without getting overboard. As for the flaws, there is not any significant one. What didn’t work is the way the mother’s trauma was shown-maybe they could have done a better job at this part. But this is a very tiny flaw and the long list of plus points cover it up. And finally, watching Dasvidaniya has lots of advantages. To begin with, you won’t regret spending two hours on this film. Secondly, it comes like a wake-up call and teaches some valuable lessons, which we unfortunately don’t remember in our fast-paced lifestyle. And thirdly and most important, it removes the fear of death from us, although temporarily!

A film produced by a person like Vinay Pathak is bound to have excellent performances! Vinay gives an outstanding performance-in fact, one of the best of his career, after Bheja Fry and Manorama Six Feet Under. How he didn’t secure a nomination for Best Actor is shocking. The actor has tremendous potential and it’s really great to see that he’s well-utilizing it. And now with Dasvidaniya, he has turned producer too! Let’s hope his production company (Lemon Tea Productions) churns out such nice meaningful films in future too!

Neha Dhupia creates a great impact, even though she was there only in one scene. Rajat Kapoor as usual rocks- One of the best actors that we have today. Sarita Joshi was very impressive. So was her daughter Purbi Joshi. Joy Fernandes (‘Jamunda’ of Jajantaram Mamantaram) was too sweet! Saurabh Shukla brings the house down. Gaurav Gera was amazing. He deserves to be seen more in films. Watch out for the scene where he breaks down in front of Vinay Pathak. Svitlana Manoylo was great as the hooker. Ranvir Shorey and Suchitra Pillai were great in their miniscule roles. Others were good.

Kailash, Naresh and Paresh composed the music and background score which was excellent. Background score added to the impact in some major scenes. All the three songs-‘Alvida’, ‘Mumma’ and ‘Muskura’ were fantastic. Special mention should be made of the lyrics of Alvida penned by Kailash Kher. The simple and sweet lyrics instantly touch you.

Arun Verma’s cinematography was normal. The font used for the title was too good and unique!

Arshad Ali Syed is one of the big winners! He penned the story, screenplay and dialogues. Although the story isn’t original (inspired from Kal Ho Naa Ho, Anand and The Bucket List), it impresses because of its sweetness and simplicity. Screenplay was marvelous and Arshad really did a great job by not turning the film an emotional saga. However, as mentioned earlier, some scenes could have been scripted better. And lastly, his dialogues were applaudable! One of my fav dialogue from the film-“Isse pehle ki life aapko khaa jaaye, tum zindagi ko pi jao!”

Shashant Shah, the director, definitely deserves brownie points for handling such a script with utmost care and delivering a fabulous product. Thank you for giving us such a sweet film!

Some of the best scenes in the film:
1.   Amar informed that he has cancer
2.   Amar’s conversation with Jagtap
3.   All scenes of Amar with his boss (amazing!)
4.   Amar at Neha’s house
5.   All scenes of Amar and Savio
6.   Amar with Garima in his car
7.   Amar with Rajiv
8.   Amar meeting Vivek after years
9.   The song ‘Alvida’ and ‘Mumma’
10. The final 10 minutes

On the whole, Dasvidaniya is sweet, simple and funny film that will surely bring a smile on your face, even though it deals with death. The film was unfortunately missed in theatres by many (including me!) since it was released with a biggie, Dostana. But now the VCDs/DVDs are out. Get your copy and I guarantee that there will not be a single person who won’t like this film!

My rating-**** out of 5!

This review first appeared on MouthShut.com:http://www.mouthshut.com/review/Dasvidaniya-167036-1.html