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Vishal’s make-up team was detained at the Mumbai airport recently as they were carrying a lot of chemicals which got the authorities suspicious

By Kunal M Shah (MUMBAI MIRROR; October 27, 2009)

The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button

After Kaminey, Vishal Bharqdwaj is kicked about his new film starring Priyanka Chopra and seven guys. For the look test of the film, Vishal has roped in the same make-up team that styled Brad Pitt’s look for the Academy award winner The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. However, when the make-up team flew in from the US, the Indian airport authorities got suspicious and detained them.

Priyanka Chopra

The amount of chemicals and make-up material they carried raised doubts and seemed fishy to the authorities. Even after they were released, their luggage, which contained all the things required for Priyanka’s look test was detained by two days.

Our source revealed, “The look test for Priyanka happened recently, but it had its ups and downs. Last weekend, the make-up team from the US was here, but was detained at our airport earlier as the authorities had their doubts about the chemicals. They seized their entire luggage, including make-up equipment and cosmetics.

Though they were released after a couple of hours of questioning, their luggage was released only after two days. And after that, they conducted the look test. They make-up guys tried several looks, as Priyanka’s character has seven husbands in the film.

Vishal Bhardwaj

The test took five long hours, but Vishal is happy with the results.

Vishal’s official spokesperson admitted, “Yes, it is true that the luggage and equipment was held up at the airport for two days.”


Maushmi Udeshi slaps a miscreant who misbehaved with her on a recent flight

By Vickey Lalwani (MUMBAI MIRROR; September 29, 2009)

We reported yesterday that Bipasha Basu was groped at a public event held on Saturday, but she chose not to talk about it. Here is a similar incident, except, the victim is vocal about it. A miscreant pawed at model-turned-actress Maushmi Udeshi on Wednesday night when she was on a flight from Delhi to Mumbai. He was later identified as Khan Mehfooz.

Maushmi Udeshi

Maushmi tells us, “This man who was sitting behind me caressed my shoulder and started making lusty noises. It became very embarrassing.” When Maushmi fidgeted and tried to change the manner in which she was sitting, Khan grabbed her by the shoulder. Unable to take it any longer, Maushmi got up and slapped him hard.

Maushmi then realised and was shocked that he was the same man who had tried to push her twice when they were in a queue to board the flight. She adds, “The whole thing became uglier when I saw that he had two friends sitting beside him, and they started laughing when I got up to face him. I thought such incidents were common in buses and trains, but flight mein bhi aisa hota hai? How can a guy get so lusty and be disgusting in public? He was a desperate, slimy b*****d.”

Khan was made to change his seat after Maushmi made a noise. She elaborates, “The in-flight crew was very supportive. He initially denied that he touched me, but they fired him and called the security as we landed in Mumbai. Nobody was allowed to leave the plane till he was handed over to security. At this point, he suddenly fell at my feet and begged for forgiveness. He was detained at the airport and they asked me if I wanted to file a police complaint. But I chose not to get into more jhamela.”

The airline confirmed the incident.