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It was always felt that Hollywood films’ release in India won’t harm the prospects of Bollywood films. But the success of Titanic, King Kong, Spiderman series and more recently the blockbuster collections of 2012 has finally made everyone realize that Hollywood is a force to reckon with in India too. And that’s why all Hindi films scheduled to release on 18 Dec ‘ran away’ to avoid colliding with the release of the biggest film on earth, Avatar. With so much euphoria and curiosity surrounding the film, Avatar was expected to give a fascinating experience. Thankfully, it does! The film is not only a visual treat but is stunningly well made. A must watch for all those who love cinema!

The story of the movie: The year is 2154. A human corporation is assembled in a distant moon, Pandora, in order to colonize it and extract a precious mineral called unobtainium. Pandora is inhabited by strange looking people called Na’vi. The Na’vi are 9 feet in height, their skin is blue and they have tails too. Their way of life is primarily primitive but they reside in perfect harmony with the environment around them. The human researchers on Pandora, under Dr Grace Augustine (Sigourney Weaver) manage to get the Na’vi DNA which enables any human to control and engineer Na’vi bodies of themselves which they called Avatars. Jake Sully (Sam Worthington), a paraplegic ex-Marine is dispatched to Pandora and given opportunity to take over his dead twin brother’s place who was an integral part of the Avatar program. He also gets a chance to go through the program and live in the form of Na’vi Avatar. Colonel Quaritch (Stephen Lang) promises Jake that his legs will be fixed if he manages to get information on Na’vi culture and win their trust which in turn will help the military unit. Soon, Jake’s avatar manages to become a member of the Na’vi clan and also falls for a female Na’vi Neyitri (Zoe Saldana), the daughter of the Na’vi chief. Gradually, Jake begins to love Na’vi lifestyle and starts considering as its own. But when the humans start attacking Na’vi to eliminate them, Jake gets in a dilemma as to whether he should be a part of his fellow humans and support their extreme colonization policies or help the Na’vi fight the humans.

Avatar is a masterpiece-no doubt in that! The film not only boasts of some mind-blowing special and visual effects, it has a nice story and execution too which is what makes the film immensely likeable. Moreover, the film is 160 mins long but the best part is that you won’t get bored even for a single moment. There are so many exciting things happening throughout the film that it’ll be difficult even to blink!

James Cameron uses a perfect way of storytelling. He first wonderfully acquainted us with the Na’vis, their way of life, their culture, lifestyle etc and made us fall in love with all these aspects so that our blood boils when the humans barbarously begin harming them later in the film. You rejoice when Na’vi counterattack and you get lump in your throat whenever Na’vi moan and cry helplessly. Thus, Avatar is more of an emotional flick at several points but it is this that will work big time across the world.

Another plus-point is the wonderful depiction of Pandora. It is just like Earth but in several ways, poles apart from our planet. The giant trees, the legendary floating mountains and the animals-the flying banshee and toruk, the strong direhorse, the ferocious thenator and hammerhead, the ugly viperwolf and the blue apes are an interesting watch.

Sam Worthington puts in a worthy performance. He was most impressive as the Na’vi. Zoe Saldana impresses the most with her exciting expressions throughout the film. Of course, it was the CGI that finally made them look wonderful and Na’vi-like. Other Na-vi characters which leave a mark are C C H Pounder (as the queen) and Laz Alonso (Tsu’Tey).

Sigouney Weaver pulled off the ‘I-care-a-damn’ attitude very well. Michelle Rodriguez looked amazing and comes with a brilliant performance. She looks cool navigating the airplane wearing aviator glasses! Stephen Lang perfectly essays the antagonist. The other antagonist Giovanni Ribisi (as Parker Selfridge) also leaves a mark. Others also do a great job.

James Horner’s music was haunting. Mauro Fiore’s cinematography was top-notch and it was nice to see new techniques adopted by the lensman for capturing scenes. Also, the modified 3D Fusion Camera system developed by Cameron and Vince Pace succeeded in providing a visual treat.

The film is nothing without the special effects, CGI and all other kinds of technological advances used in the film. It was undoubtedly a technological feat and also a paisa vasool experience for the viewers! Kudos to each and everyone who contributed in this department!

Finally, James Cameron, the writer and director of the film needs to be lauded for his outstanding work which was no easy task at all. Firstly, it requires vision to think of such a set-up. And it requires patience and meticulous task in executing the film. Cameron succeeds in each and every aspect of making Avatar. Also, he shrewdly and indirectly reminded us of US’ policies towards Iraq. The dialogue “If people are sitting on the $hit we want, you make them your enemies!” sums it up! And finally, what makes Avatar stand out from the rest of SFX films is that in the battle of alien v/s humans, here it is the aliens who finally triumph over the humans!

Some of the best scenes of the film:
1.       Jake’s Avatar running from the beasts
2.       Jake and Neyitri meet for the first time
3.       Neyitri teaches Jake the Na’vi culture
4.       Jake gets his own banshee
5.       The human’s first round of attack on Na’vis
6.       Jake, Doc and other escape from detention
7.       The final 35 minutes

On the whole, Avatar is without a shred of doubt an outstanding flick in all respects. It boasts of some of the best special effects but at the same time, it has soul too. It has universal appeal and that’s why will succeed everywhere in the world. All movie freaks and even those who are not should not be missing Avatar at any cost. The 3D version will of course give you never before sensed experience but this film will be enjoyed in 2D too. JUST GO FOR IT!!

My rating-***** out of 5!

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By Joginder Tuteja, December 1, 2009 – 11:50 IST

Karan Johar Notwithstanding the box office failure of Kurbaan, Karan Johar, Rensil D’Silva and UTV Motion Pictures would be making another movie together. In fact, work has already begun on the scripting of the film and Karan has declared that the trio has a point to prove this time around.

“At Dharma Productions, one of the prime virtues is that of loyalty. Our track record shows that. I have never doubted Rensil’s capability even though the film hasn’t worked at the box office. This doesn’t stop me from having him direct another film for my production house. Similarly, our association with UTV has been great too. I am thrilled with the kind of support they gave to Wake Up Sid and Kurbaan. This is why it is imperative that we all come together again”, says Karan Johar.

After Kurbaan, Karan admits that quite a few lessons have been learnt and he is sure that they won’t be repeated.

He comments, “With our next outing together, we have to prove to one and all that we can come up with not just a critically acclaimed film but also a commercial success. I have in fact already told Rensil to go ahead with his next film. I am sure he would be rocking again and come up with a quality outing.”

Kurbaan, although a well made film, saw some brickbats coming it’s way due to it’s serious theme and stark execution. Looking at the film’s fate, is the team of Karan, Rensil and UTV looking at playing safe and coming up with an out and out commercial outing? Or are they still going to follow an offbeat route?

“It is not in Rensil’s DNA to play to the gallery”, smiles Karan, “He is not into quintessential routine Hindi cinema. Yes, he would be making something unique this time around too though the bottom line would be to keep things commercially viable for sure.”



He’s been the man behind some of the biggest blockbusters from the Yash Raj stable, but most people outside the industry don’t know what Aditya Chopra looks like. After Hrs decided to conduct a sting operation…

Celebrated film-maker Yash Chopra’s talented son Aditya continues to be a mystery. In an industry teeming with ‘Please look at me’ attention-hungry seekers, Adi (as he is fondly called) runs away from even a hint of the limelight. His hide-and-seek game with the media is now legendary and there are many anecdotes about the lengths to which Adi will go to hide his face from paparazzi cameras.
adi2Once, he accidentally ran into the media while coming out of a movie hall (he wears a big cap pulled over his face so he can watch movies in theatres incognito), and is said to have broken into a sprint towards his car, with the photographers running behind him. As luck would have it, he dropped his mobile phone and as he darted back to pick it up, it made for an amusing sight as the pursuing photographers did a similar u-turn right behind him.
Another time, while he was shooting for Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi in Amritsar, when Adi came to know that the media wanted to interview him, he apparently asked an assistant to dress like him, and gave journalists the slip by pulling his cap over his head.
adi3So finally when After Hrs discovered that one of his few indulgences include taking a late night dip in the pool of a suburban 5-star hotel, our photographer was set on his trail.
On Wednesday night, when our man finally spotted him and started snapping, Adi, caught unawares, cried, “No, no, please don’t! Don’t shoot! Main aisa nahin hoon!” He then grabbed our photographer’s hand, and pleaded, “Mujhe kyun pareshan kar rahe ho? Why don’t you respect that I don’t want my pictures taken?” When our photographer asserted that he did indeed respect him, Adi calmed down. And then said as a parting shot, “If you don’t stop shooting, I’ll call security and have you thrown out.” Oops! Too late, Adi.


Shiney applies for bail even as forensic report on Monday confirmed that the semen sample taken from maid’s body matches the star’s DNA

By Hetal Vyas and Deeptiman Tiwary (MUMBAI MIRROR; June 30, 2009)
The Forensic Science Laboratory at Kalina on Monday confirmed that the semen sample in the vaginal swab of the maid who alleged rape, matched with the DNA of the accused, actor Shiney Ahuja.

Regardless, Shiney moved the Sessions Court last week for bail on the ground that “he is from a good family” and that some of his films are only half done and “need to be completed”.

Ahuja invoked his army background and the absence of any criminal antecedents against him as the ground of his bail. But most importantly, Ahuja argued that his films are hanging because of his incarceration and that he must be released so that he can complete them.

Ahuja’s lawyer Shrikant Shivade said, “Ahuja’s bail application mentions four main grounds: He has no criminal antecedents, he is from a good family, the trial could take a long time which may affect his unfinished films.”

Chief Public Prosecutor RV Kini said that the application would be heard on July 3.

Among Shiney’s unfinished films are Accident with Soha Ali Khan, Chaloo Movie directed by Vinod Pande, and Har Pal with Preity Zinta, for which Shiney Ahuja still has to dub.

DNA may clinch conviction

However Monday’s forensic report puts the actor on the back foot. “Any other analysis has space for doubt but not the DNA. Two people can never have the same DNA fingerprint. We got favourable results as the police were prompt in obtaining and sending us samples before they were washed away by the victim,” said a senior FSL official.

Confirming the news DCP (Zone IX) Niket Kaushik said, “The DNA report in the case supports the FIR. Ahuja’s DNA has matched with that of the semen found in the victim’s vaginal swab.”

The DNA analyses of other samples picked up from Ahuja’s house, however, have remained inconclusive. Police had sent the clothes of the victim and the accused, the bedsheet and the pillow covers of Ahuja’s bed, on which the crime was allegedly committed. An FSL investigation, did not find any semen on these samples.

Police, however, said that other reports now become immaterial as the evidence related to the intercourse has confirmed rape. Medical report of the maid also confirm physical violation. “There were injury marks on the private parts of the victim and the accused had scratches on his wrist and finger. It clearly shows that the intercourse was forced,” said a police officer.

“The report on nail clippings of the victim – to find if there is any skin or blood that matches with that of the accused – is still awaited,” said a senior officer.

LET’S TALK: CM Ashok Chavan, NCW chairperson Girija Vyas and film-maker Mahesh Bhatt at the state guest house

Ahuja Case Will Be Handed Over To Fast-Track Court

Bharati Dubey | TNN (THE TIMES OF INDIA; July 20, 2009)

Mumbai: The courts are yet to give their verdict on whether Shiney Ahuja raped his maid, but chief minister Ashok Chavan and National Commission for Women chairperson Girija Vyas asserted that it was a case of rape during a press conference at the Sahyadri guest house on Friday evening.
Speaking at the conference called by Vyas, Chavan justified his statement, saying, “The preliminary report in the case clearly indicates that the case is one of rape, but the police are still awaiting the DNA report to confirm the identity of the person who committed the crime.’’

Vyas, who was in the city to meet the victim, claimed that the NCW had been provided with a copy of the victim’s medical report—which confirms rape—and said the organisation would fight to get justice for the victim.
Following a demand from the NCW, Chavan said he would hand over the case to a fasttrack court so that justice “was not delayed”. He said, “The case will be tried in the fast-track court and we have decided to provide financial help to the girl and enable her rehabilitation with immediate effect.’’

Asked why both the CM and Vyas have taken keen interest in this case, the latter said, “This is not the only case we have taken up. Our
teams have travelled to places like Rajasthan and Gujarat. There are cases that have been solved within 21 days. There are so many cases wherein we take suo motu notice as in this case. We did get a call from a domestic help association member who requested us to listen to poor people’s problems and help the girl in this case.’’
Chavan said he was there at the guest house to attend a conference on global warming when Vyas invited him to join the press meet on the Ahuja case. “I am not here to
influence the case,’’ he added.

Just before addressing the media, Vyas met the victim and the wife of the accused. “The victim has told me that she wants justice and financial help to start her life all over again. She has maintained that she was raped by the actor. I also met Anupam Ahuja, wife of the actor who said her husband was innocent and that the background of the maid ought to be probed.’’

Director Mahesh Bhatt, who was another speaker at the conference, said, “We must not reduce this serious issue of rape into an entertainment product. Let us behave with maturity. Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.’’

The CM added, “Let’s not blame the film industry because one individual has done something wrong.’’