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Dia Mirza lodges a police complaint against her stalker; he has harassed her for six years

By Kunal M Shah (MUMBAI MIRROR; December 15, 2009)

Dia Mirza must be used to getting attention all the time thanks to her pretty looks but this recent incident takes the cake as far as being admired goes. Dia was taken aback when she saw a 30-something guy on his knees with a bouquet and a ring proposing marriage to her right outside her doorstep on December 10.

At first, Dia was shocked but her domestic help and driver took her to the police station to lodge a complaint.

A source said, “The stalker has been following Dia for the last six years. When he realised that it was her birthday on December 9 and she would be receiving many bouquets, he disguised himself as a florist, fooled the building’s security guard and landed up outside her house the next day. He told her that he is well-educated and a doctor by profession. He had even got an engagement ring for her and asked her to marry him. At first Dia didn’t know what to do but she quickly got her act together and called out to her domestic help and driver. They managed to drive him away with a warning. However, Dia did not take the matter lightly and lodged a complaint at the Khar Police station. The cops are now trying to find her stalker.”

Dia confirmed the news and said, “Yes, it’s all true. I have made an official police complaint against him. I have noticed him for many years but I never bothered much as he never came in my way. However, this time he landed up at my house which was quite shocking. It was a security lapse because on my birthday(December 9) many bouquets had been sent to my house.

The next day he came to my house disguised as a florist. Thankfully, my driver, who has been with me for ten years, was present and let him off with a stern warning after which he ran away. I hope he doesn’t come back as cops are hunting for him.”

Dia continued, “He had brought a card and an engagement ring and he proposed marriage to me. He is an educated guy and is apparently a doctor but I didn’t want to take any chances. Everyone suggested that I should file a police complaint. The cops are hunting for him and they have even warned the security guards in my building.”

Katrina Kaif, who thought she’d shrugged off her stalker in May, was shocked to see that he had followed her again to a multiplex recently


By Vickey Lalwani (MUMBAI MIRROR; November 10, 2009)


Katrina never seems to escape the random fans that stalk her. After two guys on a bike caused a spot of bother last month, a youngster who has been stalking Katrina since May landed up at the multiplex in Malad on Sunday where she was scheduled to promote her film.Had it not been for the alert security staff at the multiplex, Katrina might have been in trouble.

On Sunday evening, Katrina’s driver drove her to the multiplex’s service yard, where the authorities had advised her to alight, to avoid any unwanted mobbing. Only a few members of her staff were present with her. However, as soon as Katrina stepped out of her car, the stalker sprung out of nowhere and started hollering her name. Katrina froze in her tracks, but the multiplex’s guard who was escorting her thought that he was a part of her entourage.

Katrina however, was quick to identify the stalker. He had showed up at her residence twice in May. “She quickly alerted the security about him. She told them he was the same guy who had showed up at her house,” a witness said.

A pale Katrina was soon whisked away to safety by the officials. “The security soon swung into action and handled the stalker well. They kicked him off the premises,” the witness added.

When the officials asked Katrina if she wished to file a legal complaint, Katrina refused. The witness said, “She said that she stays alone and doesn’t want any complications. After all, the guy has been arrested before for a similar offence. She chose to let it pass.”

Shunali Shroff, Head of Corporate Communications of the multiplex, confirmed the unpleasant incident and said, “Yes, there was a guy who was stalking Katrina. Our security made sure that he did not get near her. She was our guest and it was the least we could do.”

Katrina said, “Yes, he was the same guy who had come to my house. He keeps following me and reached the multiplex this time. The police have warned him to stay away from me, but he does not understand. I don’t know what he wants. It’s terribly disturbing.”

The background

The stalker is apparently in his late 20s. In May 2009, he was seen hanging outside Katrina’s building for some time, but initially nobody cared much about this. However, the situation got out of control when one morning he went inside the building and told Katrina’s domestic help that Katrina had called him to meet her. But Katrina was fast asleep. The stalker again visited Katrina’s house in the evening, but realising that the man needed medical help as he was behaving and talking in a strange manner, the actress’ manager called the cops. Later, the stalker was freed after a strict warning. Reportedly, this stalker’s nuisance also led Katrina to talk to the building authorities and increase the security of her apartment with immediate effect. After the police freed him, the stalker again reached Katrina’s building and was seen hanging around.

Shiney Ahuja’s character in Sudhir Mishra’s Hitman has been changed from an assassin to a repentant assassin, lest the role hampers his case

By Subhash K Jha (MUMBAI MIRROR; November 06, 2009)

Filmmaker Sudhir Mishra, who has been a mentor and friend to Shiney Ahuja, has once again proved his affection for the actor. Sudhir, who is doing Hitman with the actor, is shaping Shiney’s lead role in the film in such a way that it doesn’t harm his precarious position vis-à-vis the judiciary.


Sudhir Mishra Shiney Ahuja

The actor is out on bail after being imprisoned for alleged charges of raping his domestic help.

Confirming the news, Sudhir says, “Hitman is the story of an assassin who looks back on his violent life the day that he thinks he will die. We will certainly not show him in a light that will hamper his case or image. My writer, Vinitesh is putting together the character in a way that it doesn’t clash with Shiney’s interests. In my film, he is a repentant hitman. We want the law to take its course, but at the same time, we want Shiney to feel he is part of the mainstream.”

Sudhir, who speaks regularly with Shiney, who’s now in Delhi, says the actor had not quite recovered from his 100-day trauma. “He probably never will. No one can fully recover from such an ordeal. But at least friends should make him feel welcome and comfortable. If, as you say, he is being ostracised, then it’s really sad. Now that he is out, Shiney needs to lead a normal life, which he is struggling with currently. At the moment, he’s struggling hard to get back to being the way he was. I introduced Shiney because I had full faith in him as an actor and a human being. The only reason Shiney is not in my recent films is because he didn’t suit the roles.”

Swati Deshpande | TNN (THE TIMES OF INDIA; October 1, 2009)

Mumbai: Shiney Ahuja’s legal team tried to create more holes in his alleged victim’s claim that she was raped between 3 pm and 5 pm in his Andheri house on June 14.

The Bombay high court on Wednesday was hearing the bail plea of actor Shiney Ahuja who
is accused of raping his domestic help. The court will pass its order on Friday.

Though the domestic help claimed to be raped between 3 pm and 5 pm, the records from the phone company showed that she was speaking on her cellphone between 3.15 pm and 3.45 pm, said Shiney’s
lawyers Shirish Gupte and Srikant Shivade on Wednesday.

The fact that the girl only mentioned the word “atyachar (torture)’’ in her statement on oath before the magistrate and not “rape’’ was also discussed. Justice A P Deshpande asked for the dictionary meaning of atyachar and Gupte said it, in
no way, meant rape. But public prosecutor Sangeeta Shinde said the 20-year-old domestic help’s FIR and medical evidence pointed at rape and that atyachar had to be construed in the context of the incident.

The judge found it strange that neither the girl’s nor Shiney’s clothes had semen or blood stains on them given that she
had worn her clothes “immediately after the alleged forcible sexual intercourse’’. The defence also wanted to know how the police officer had access to lab reports of the maid’s vaginal swabs when the same documents were denied to Ahuja by the sessions judge.

When the judge asked why the police had not recorded any statement of the neighbours, the state’s lawyer said, “In these sophisticated housing societies, neighbours do not bother to interfere even if someone dies.’’ The judge said it was not true as it was a neighbour who took the maid to the police station to lodge a complaint.
However, since she had told him off, the 18-year-old domestic help, who has accused the actor of raping her, thought the matter was over
By Mumbai Mirror Bureau (June 16, 2009)
It was not a crime of passion, but, probably, a well-planned one. The domestic help of filmstar Shiney Ahuja, who lodged a complaint with the Oshiwara police station on Sunday alleging that Ahuja had raped her, has told police that the actor had made advances towards her earlier.

The 18-year-old, who had been working at Ahuja’s sixth floor apartment at Oshiwara’s Tarapore Towers for the last one-and-a-half months, has alleged that on Saturday Ahuja had behaved inappropriately. She, however, told him to keep off, the girl told police.

According to Oshiwara police, the girl thought a stern warning would end the matter. So, the next day she reported to work at her usual time of 9 am. Around 3 pm Ahuja – alone at home, as his wife and daughter had gone to Delhi a week ago – asked the girl, a Virar resident, bring him water. He was in his bedroom at the time.

Ahuja then drew the curtains and put the music system on high volume, the girl said. He then allegedly forced himself on her. After the act, Ahuja allegedly threatened the girl with dire consequences if she squealed. She said that she was allowed to go only by 5 pm, her scheduled time to leave.

The girl rushed to one of her relatives and narrated the incident to him. At around 8 pm, the relative took the girl to the Oshiwara police station where a case of rape, wrongful confinement and threatening was lodged against Ahuja.

‘Such things keep happening’

When Oshiwara police called Ahuja for questioning, he threw his starry tantrums. “He was throwing his weight around as if police was harassing him unnecessarily. When the senior officer asked him directly if he had raped the girl or not, he said, ‘such things keep happening’,” said an officer.

Though there were reports that Ahuja had confessed to his crime, a senior officer said, “He is an accused and his statement does not have any value. He is changing his statement often and may change it further.”

Girl was crying, says neighbour

On Sunday police took the girl for a medical examination which confirmed rape. A senior police officer said, “It showed clear signs of the girl having been physically violated.” The officer also rubbished media reports that the incident was “consensual”.

Police said there was more evidence indicating that the complaint was genuine. “Of all the witnesses – including Ahuja’s cook Mohan, who had introduced the girl to Ahuja’s wife – none have contradicted the girl’s statement. In fact, Ahuja’s neighbour told us that he had seen the girl crying while she was leaving Ahuja’s home on Saturday around 5 pm,” said the officer.

A forensic team, formed to look into the case, have sent the victim’s clothes for forensic examination and have sealed Ahuja’s flat. Police have also sent Ahuja’s blood samples for examination to ascertain whether he was under the influence of alcohol or any other drug at the time of committing the crime.

The Andheri court remanded Ahuja in police custody till June 18.

15 Jun 2009, 1415 hrs IST, TIMES NEWS NETWORK & AGENCIES

MUMBAI: Bollywood actor Shiney Ahuja has been sent to police custody till June 18 for allegedly raping his domestic help. The actor was arrested

Shiney Ahuja has been arrested on rape charges after preliminary tests conducted on his domestic help confirmed sexual assault on Monday. (TOI File Photo)

early Monday on rape charges after preliminary tests conducted on his maid confirmed sexual assault, a senior police official said.

The actor has been booked under sections of the IPC for rape (376), criminal intimidation (506) and wrongful confinement (342) , police officials said.

The Oshiwara police on Sunday evening detained Ahuja for questioning.

The 18-year-old maid (name withheld), said police sources, had been working with Ahuja for the last one-and-a-half months. “She approached the Oshiwara police at around 7 pm and told the police that Ahuja had raped her,” said Amitabh Gupta, additional commissioner of police.

The complainant told the police that she had come for domestic work to Ahuja’s flat. The actor’s wife was not at home. “He took me into his bedroom, gagged and raped me,” the victim is believed to have said in the FIR. The incident took place between 3 pm and 5 pm on Sunday. “The complainant told the police that she was traumatised after the incident and went to her relatives’ place who along with the girl then approached the police station,” said DCP Niket Kaushik.

Soon after the complaint was registered, the girl was sent to the Nagpada Police Hospital for a medical examination late Sunday night.

After the complaint was registered, a police team went to Ahuja’s flat and called him for inquiry, said an officer. Ahuja is married and is known for his roles in films like ‘Hazaron Khwaishein Aisi’ and ‘Gangster’.

Mahesh Bhatt, who produced Gangster for Shiney Ahuja, said, “This is a body blow to me. I spoke to a top police official who told me that he was informed by his juniors at Oshiwara that Shiney claimed that he had sex with the consent of the maid. However, she has claimed that she was forced into it. The police officer added that they had to accept the woman’s version. I had spoken to Shiney only yesterday. If he is found guilty of rape, we have to condemn him.”