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By Subhash K. Jha, December 14, 2009 – 11:13 IST

Shahid Kapoor, Ken Ghosh Ken Ghosh admits he had loud arguments with Shahid Kapoor on the sets during the shooting of Chance Pe Dance.

But it had to do with Shahid’s suddenly-saturated schedules.

Says Ken, “For the first time in his career Shahid was doing three films at the same time-Kaminey, Dil Bole Hadippa and my film Chance Pe Dance. Naturally there was a conflict of interest.”

Ken admits there were loud arguments over Shahid’s schedules. “I’d ask for three days. He would have only one day to spare. I’d naturally be upset. Then understandably, Shahid wanted time off. He couldn’t be seen on my set straight after shooting for one of the other two films. This naturally led to heated arguments. For me as a director it was okay to come on the sets without sleep. But Shahid had to catch up on his resting time. Or the dark circles would have shown on camera. And since Shahid is fair-complexioned those dark circles would be even more visible.”

The last thing that Ken wanted was for his hero to fall ill. “Priyanka Chopra had to be hospitalized because of overwork and exhaustion. I didn’t want Shahid to go through the same experience.”

The effort has been worth it for both Shahid and Ken. “Shahid’s dancing in Chance Pe Dance is the film’s mainstay. But his performance is not just about dancing. Some of the things he has done with in the dramatic scenes took me by surprise. Shahid has brought subtle expressions into scenes which I didn’t catch while shooting. Only during editing I realized what he had done.”

Ken Ghosh who introduced Shahid Kapoor in Ishq Vishq five years ago admits the actor has changed. “Isn’t change inevitable? We all evolve with time. Shahid is no exception.”

So are the stories of a rift between the two true?

Ken doesn’t deny the fact that there were heated arguments and fights during the making of Chance Pe Dance. “But they were all for the betterment of the film. See when Shahid did his first film Ishq Vishq with me he only had that film on hand and was able to give me his full attention.”



By Bollywood Hungama News Network, September 9, 2009 – 15:24 IST

Lisa Ray Lisa Ray, the stunning beauty from Toronto (Canada) who made a stunning debut in Bollywood with Vikram Bhatt’s Kasoor, has been diagnosed with a rare type of cancer of the bone marrow.

In her blog, Lisa has revealed that she was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma on June 23rd and started her first cycle of treatment on July 2nd. The actress, who keeps shuttling between Canada and India for work, started experiencing the early symptoms such as fatigue and exhaustion. After a series of blood tests and other procedures she was diagnosed with Myeloma.

Unfortunate as it may sound; Multiple Myeloma is a rare and incurable type of cancer which affects a large number of people each year. However, Lisa is not the one to give up hope so easily. She is determined to fight this disease.

We at Bollywood Hungama pray for her speedy recovery.


The 51st show of her play Muktidhaam was cancelled at the last minute after she complained of breathlessness on Saturday evening
By Kunal M Shah (MUMBAI MIRROR; September 07, 2009)

Television actress-politician Smriti Irani’s frail health has become a constant source of worry. She was admitted to a hospital in Andheri on Saturday evening when she complained of breathlessness while she was on her way to Mulund for a screening her play Muktidhaam in which she plays the lead role. She was discharged on Sunday morning and has been recuperating at home.

Smriti in Muktidhaam

Our source said, “Smriti was on her way to perform for the 51st screening of her play Muktidhaam when she suddenly started feeling quite unwell. She complained of uneasiness and breathlessness and was immediately taken to a hospital in Andheri. The audience was informed about Smriti’s ill health and the play was replaced at the last minute by another one on Saturday evening. Even yesterday’s show at the Sophia auditorium in Breach Candy was cancelled at the last minute and replaced by one of her other productions, Ek Chokri Saav Anokhi. Smriti was discharged on Sunday but has been advised complete bed rest.”

Kamlesh Mota, director of Muktidhaam, confirmed the news and said, “Smriti was fine on Saturday morning after our 50th show of Muktidhaam. After the show, Smriti even bought a cake and we had a small celebration at her house. But as she suddenly had a breathing problem, we had to not only cancel the evening show but also all the shows for the next few days.”

Incidentally, Smriti has already been hospitalised twice due to exhaustion and overwork. She was also hospitalised in November 2006 after being diagnosed with dengue and typhoid.

Despite repeated attempts, Smriti Irani remained unavailable for comment.

Priyanka Chopra, without concern for her health, interrupted her well-deserved vacation and flew to Mumbai only for a day to dub for What’s Your Rashee?

By Vickey Lalwani (MIMBAI MIRROR; August 28, 2009)
Priyanka Chopra is evidently committed to her projects, as she takes a break from a break to dub for What’s Your Rashee? Either she is a workaholic or health is currently not high on her list of priorities. After suffering a long period of ill health coupled with exhaustion, which needed hospitalisation for a few days, Priyanka has returned from her holiday to Mumbai only for a day to fulfill a work commitment.

Priyanka had left for an unknown foreign destination last Wednesday, but she interrupted her holiday and flew into the city early on Thursday morning. After a brief rest, she headed to the studios to dub for Ashutosh Gowariker’s What’s Your Rashee? She plans to take off for the second leg of her vacation after a day of dubbing.

A source says, “The dubbing of What’s Your Rashee? was so important that Priyanka just could not refuse. While a few of her friends who were with her on the holiday told her to take it easy, Priyanka still chose to make a hectic dash.”

Last evening, Priyanka’s father confirmed the news, “Yes, Priyanka has come back. She had to dub for What’s Your Rashee?”

When asked if Priyanka was facing a burn out and concentrating too much on work, Dr Chopra said, “Priyanka is absolutely fine. Work is fun. Aur kaam bhi to important hai. Requirement thi.”

Priyanka’s parents are accompanying her on the second leg of her holiday. “Yes, my wife and I are going with her,” Dr Chopra added.

Not once in six years, has Priyanka Chopra taken it easy. This was her first vacation, which was supposed to be really relaxing. But some people just don’t seem to know how to relax.

The star had a blackout on Thursday night while at a promotional event. Her frequent bouts of ill health are worrying family and friends, but Priyanka is in no mood to slow down
By Kunal m Shah and Indu Mirani (MUMBAI MIRROR; August 08, 2009)

Priyanka walking out of a hospital after an earlier illness. Note her waif-like frame

Priyanka Chopra had a health scare on Thursday night when she had a dizzy spell and a brief blackout minutes after addressing the media at an event to promote Kaminey at a suburban theatre. This is the fourth time in the last few months that the actress has suffered from indifferent health sparking concern among family and friends about her pushing her body beyond endurance.

“She has been running high temperature for the last several days but refuses to slow down her crazy schedule. She came for Thursday’s event propped up by antibiotics but exhaustion took a toll. She stood tall at the media briefing only on sheer will power,” said an eye witness, “but immediately afterwards, she went out of the exit corridor and collapsed. Everybody around was most concerned.”

She has fallen ill during every film that she has worked on be it Dostana, more recently What’s Your Rashee? when Ashutosh Gowariker cancelled shooting and last week on the sets of Pyaar Impossible with Uday Chopra when she was down with viral fever. “Down with the flu or viral or some such thing that is making me miserable. Ugh! I hate being sick! Had to cancel shoot. Guilty,” she announced on Twitter.

She has been admitted to hospital at least twice for acute exhaustion and a stomach ailment, both of which are symptomatic of deeper problems. Is the race to cope with shoots, promotions, endorsements, shows, public and media appearances, and a satisfying personal life taking its toll?

Friends and family of the 26-year-old Priyanka are worried for her. Her ascent to the top of the pile has been beset with lows. There was a time when she had six flops in a row, and simultaneously her father was going through serious health issues causing Priyanka to juggle a busy work schedule with constant visits to the hospital. Thankfully today both these are behind her, her father is well and her career is blazing after Fashion and Dostana.

Nearly everyone is in a hurry these days but for actresses who always have somebody younger and thinner nipping at their toes, the rush is even more. The shelf life of heroines is constantly shrinking and their time in the sun gets smaller and smaller. In this time they have to do memorable roles, look dew-drop fresh and beautiful all the time and fit in every other avenue to make money. All this while living on fresh air and love in order to maintain those waif-like silhouettes. Is it any wonder then that long term health goals take a back-seat?

Priyanka at an event to promote Kaminey at a suburban theatre on Thursday

When asked, Priyanka laughed off rumours of ill-health. “I have been unwell and I am working through it,” she said.

For, Priyanka, who is a perfectionist who believes in keeping every commitment at whatever personal cost, and is restless unless she has a diary packed with things to do, this is proving to be too much. And though food is not the problem, because thanks to a high metabolism, she can pack it in, her refusal to rest and take it easy, is a cause for worry as the dizziness yesterday proves. Her now on- now off relationship with Kaminey co-star Shahid Kapoor would only add to the stress.

Even though she is now in a position where she has consolidated her success, is looked on as one of the most bankable heroines and is very much in demand for endorsements, she refuses to slow down. We hear that despite her exhaustion on Thursday, she flew overseas yesterday for three days to shoot for an endorsement and is committed to a week of hectic Kaminey promotion on her return. Ill health notwithstanding, Priyanka, we suspect, is in no mood to get off the merry-go-round.