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Salman Khan to play the modern-day version of Mogambo in Mr India 2, which takes off soon

By Kunal M Shah (MUMBAI MIRROR; December 04, 2009)

After the late veteran actor Amrish Puri immortalised the character of Mogambo in Mr India, it is now Salman Khan’s turn to play the baddie in the sequel to the film. It’s a first for Salman, who will for the first time play an out-and-out villain on the lines of the eccentric and jazzily dressed Mogambo. The film will be directed by Anees Bazmee and marks the comeback of Sridevi.

Boney Kapoor, producer of the film, confirmed the news and said, “Yes, Salman will play a negative role in the sequel, just like Amrish Puri did in Mr India.” He refused to divulge any further details and said, “The script is still being finalised.”

(L) Salman Khan (R) Amrish Puri as Mogambo in Mr India

Giving us more details, a source said, “Salman was very keen to do the film as he is a fan of Mr India. During the making of Wanted, Salman expressed his desire to be a part of the sequel and Boney assured him that he would plan a role for him. While scripting the film, Boney told director Anees to work out an interesting character for Salman and the director came up with the idea of making Salman play the villain. A character as unforgettable as Mogambo is being written for Salman.  He will also have a different look in the film for which a test will be done early next year as the film is scheduled to go on the floors in February-March.”

Commenting on Salman’s reaction to playing a baddie, the source said, “Salman loved the idea and is quite open-minded about playing a negative role. Salman will be playing a terrorist who wants to rule over India and the story will be about how Anil Kapoor, Sridevi and their gang try to free the country with the help of another invention made by Anil Kapoor.”

After going through several unpredictable but similar events, Mani Ratnam’s Raavana and Prakash Jha’s Rajneeti may be released in the same month i.e. in May 2010

By Meena Iyer (MUMBAI MIRROR; November 25, 2009)


Mani Ratnam’s Raavana, which is an adaptation of the Ramayana and Prakash Jha’s Rajneeti that is based on the Mahabharata, will release between two weeks of each other.

Initially, both the films were expected to hit the theatres in February 2010. But, due to the multiplex owners strike and a complex melee of other things the two epic films have been pushed to May 2010.

Trade circles are excited as the contemporary versions of the most followed Indian mythological tales will be pitted against one another. Raavana is very important for Aishwarya, who is playing Sita. So is Rajneeti for Katrina. An actor from the unit said, “Rajneeti is a very taut confrontation drama which will showcase Katrina in new light.”


The two films have had their fair share of controversies. Nana Patekar walked out of Rajneeti three days before the film’s shooting came to an end, whereas, Bipasha Basu had to exit Raavana hours before the shoot.

Floods ravaged the sets of Raavana; and Manoj Bajpai’s accident put a small spoke in Rajneeti’s progress. And yet when it comes to the release, both films are expected to release around the same time.

By Vickey Lalwani (MUMBAI MIRROR; November 14, 2009)

It’s a moment of great excitement in lyricist and poet Gulzar’s family. Gulzar and Rakhee’s daughter, Meghna is expecting a baby and is in her sixth month of pregnancy. The baby is due in February.


Meghna’s close friend informs us, “Meghna has been keeping a very low profile these days. She is six months pregnant. She was supposed to start her film Milte Hain this year, but had to push it further due to the pregnancy. Her parents, Gulzar and Rakhee are very happy.”

Confirming her pregnancy, Meghna said, “It’s a happy time for me and the whole family. I am excited about it.”

Director Revathy Sharma sacks her nearly bankrupt producers; to co-produce her directorial debut

By Subhash K Jha (MUMBAI MIRROR; November 09, 2009)


Jaya Bachchan and Ayesha Takia on the sets of Aap Ke Liye

Revathy Varma, whose first Hindi film Aap Ke Liye Hum starring Jaya Bachchan , Raveena Tandon, Madhavan, Ayesha Takiya and Ranvir Shorey has been grappling in troubled waters for almost a year now, is finally breathing a sigh of relief. Revathy has now decided to get the project going by producing the film herself.

Revathy said, “It was my producers who were actually responsible for all the trouble. However, I didn’t realise this initially because there were other matters like getting dates from actors and my leg injury, which made matters worse. It took months of harassment, schedules going haywire, and yes, bounced cheques to realise what the real hindrance was.”

“I was new to Mumbai and trusted my producers blindly. But soon it dawned upon me that they were with me only because I had people like Jayaji starring in my film,” she added. Ravathy first got an inkling of trouble when actress Urvashi Sharma’s cheque bounced. “Initially, I was upset with the girl for making a big issue because of the money. Later I got to know that Urvashi’s as well as many other people’s cheques had really bounced. I was horrified and embarrassed.”

Telling us about what really made her sit up and take action, Revathy said, “They made actor Swapnil Ralkar part of my film. I did not mind as he fit the role. But later they brought in another newcomer.” However, Revathy learnt that money was exchanged between the producers and the newcomer. That’s when she finally decided to part ways with her producers. “Schedule after schedule was getting cancelled and my producers always had some or the other excuse to hide their inadequacy. But when Jayaji allotted dates in January and February 2010, I had to take quick action,” added Revathy.

Revathy will now co-produce the film with a financer. A cautious Revathy said, “I checked his antecedents before partnering with him. Once bitten, twice shy. My financier will take care of the budget while I look into the creative aspects. I can finally make my film in peace.”

Kim Sharma to marry her Spanish lover, Carlos Marin in February next year

By Mumbai Mirror Bureau (August 25, 2009)

Carlos Marin

Kim Sharma

After kissing several frogs in the hope that they’d metamorphose into Prince Charming, Kim Sharma has finally got lucky. Buzz is that Kim is all set to tie the knot in February 2010. The saucy Mohabbatein actress, who was earlier involved with cricketer Yuvraj Singh, was heartbroken after the ugly break-up till she started dating Spanish singer, Carlos Marin.

Our source says, “Kim travels quite often and it was on one such getaway that she met Carlos. Carlos was sure of his feelings in no time and couldn’t wait to marry her.” A tad superstitious, Kim has been rather tight-lipped about the wedding preparations that are believed to be on in full swing.

Being pursued by the professional Spanish singer, who is a frontline vocalist and is part of the successful Spanish band, Il Divo, was enough to make Kim forget her broken heart. She didn’t shy away from a long term commitment when her Spaniard proposed marriage recently. Of late, Kim has been busy shopping, stacking up on designer labels and verbal invites have already been sent out to the couple’s closest friends. “All her friends living abroad have been informed well in advance so that they can make the necessary arrangements to be present for the wedding,” says the source.

The source adds, “Kim’s dividing her time between Mumbai and Madrid where her husband-to-be resides.” One decision that took all of Kim’s friends by surprise was her decision to permanently shift base to Spain. “Carlos has a promising career unlike Kim’s acting career, which has been declining steeply. It’s only practical that she moves to Spain post-marriage for good,” says the source.

Despite repeated attempts, Kim, who was busy trousseau shopping in Madrid, remained unavailable for comment.

Sure looks like Kim’s going to have her happy ending after all.