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Naseeruddin Shah, who has just finished his film Bolo Raam, refused to take any fee for the film, because he thought it would be an injustice to the script if any commercial angle was brought in. India’s finest talent didn’t charge a penny from director Rakesh Chaturvedi or producer Goldy Bhutani and left everyone stunned.

Another reason for Naseer rejecting any money for this film is the nostalgia of working with Padmini Kolhapure after a gap of two-and-a-half long decades. The duo was last seen together in Woh Saat Din in 1983.

“I believe that scripts like Bolo Raam are very rare and they require a lot from an actor. I am sure that if I would have charged any money for the film, I wouldn’t have been ever able to deliver my best and it would have been an injustice with the film. Padmini’s presence in the film is another reason, which led me away to talk about any financials, because we are coming together on screen after a span of 26 years.” Responding to this big favour by Naseer, the director said, “I think Naseerji is a great personality on as well as off-screen. When I narrated the script of Bolo Raam to him, he was so moved that he said he was doing my film and to relieve me of any problem, he said he was doing it for free. I can’t say how obliged I felt. I thank him from the bottom of my heart and can proudly say that he is the finest actor India has ever produced.”
BOMBAY TIMES (December 15, 2009)
Family pays Rs five lakh for guest appearance at the crematorium to create a charade to fool the dead man’s creditors
By Vickey Lalwani (MUMBAI MIRROR; August 19, 2009)

Chunky Pandey who organised the star appearance

Stars have danced at shaadis, inaugurated showrooms, and even attended mundans for a fee, but this one still remains a first: When the thirty-something scion of a Mulund business family suddenly died, they hired a well-known Bollywood star to attend his funeral. He was paid Rs five lakh for the appearance.

According to actor Chunky Pandey whose wife Bhavna runs an event management company, Aim, he received a call early morning last fortnight from the family requesting him to attend the funeral at Mulund. “I was puzzled for a while thinking the guy must be related to me in some way, which was why I was being called for the funeral but then they told me they wanted me to do a rudaali, and were ready to pay Rs five lakh. I nearly fainted at the offer.”

The unusual invite came with an urgent reason. The deceased had run up substantial debts and the creditors had been knocking at his door. They wanted a star to be at the funeral to convey to the creditors that the dead man had been putting together a film and had spent all the money on that. “They wanted me to do a bit of rona-dhona and stand in a corner very quietly during the entire funeral. They said: ‘That would help us convince them (the creditors) that he’d been putting together a film with some actors,including you’.”

Chunky who refused to divulge the identity of the family, says he conveyed his regrets but the family was most insistent. “Their persistence was unbelievable, they kept saying if you can’t make it please get someone else to come.” Oddly moved by their plight he arranged for a replacement, a fairly well-known middle-rung actor from the industry. “I am not at a liberty to disclose who went instead of me, except to say the guy went very readily. Rs 5 lakh is not a small amount for standing like a statue for few minutes at an occasion where you are not going to talk much any way.”

The only problem was that the actor was told he’d be required for a few minutes but once he reached there the family would not let him go easily. “He’d been shooting that day and took a break to go thinking he’d be back on the sets soon but returned to the shoot after three hours. He called me to say he hadn’t anticipated that his little bit of moonlighting would disrupt the whole shoot.”

So any regrets that he turned down the guest appearance and the five lakh? “I didn’t even take any commission. As an actor I could have emoted whatever they wanted me to, but I am here to act in movies, not in funerals,” he shot back.