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BHARATI DUBEY Times News Network (THE TIMES OF INDIA; January 2, 2010)

New Delhi: Three Idiots may be creating box-office history. But all’s certainly not well between Chetan Bhagat, the author of the book Five Point Someone from which the movie has been adapted, and its hero Aamir Khan, producer Vidhu Vinod Chopra and director Rajkumar Hirani.
An ‘idiotic’ controversy has broken out over accusations of credit poaching. The film credits the story to Abhijat Joshi and Hirani. Bhagat’s name appears at the film’s end.
Bhagat is miffed that the film does not give him due credit, but Khan claims that Bhagat is trying to take away credit from Joshi, the film’s scriptwriter. Agencies have quoted the actor as saying that he has advised Chopra and Hirani to file a case against Bhagat as he has defamed them with “false’’ allegations.
Reacting to this, Bhagat told a news agency, “For the past two years, I have trusted Hirani, Vidhu Vinod Chopra and Aamir blindly and this is what I get in return. Now I am being threatened with legal action, but I am ready for it.’’
Chopra too jumped into the fray on Friday. When the controversy was brought up by journalists at a press meet in Noida, he thundered, “Have you read the book? I have read the book, so shut up!’’ He also charged Bhagat with trying to gain publicity for his book.
But Bhagat was quick to retort that he didn’t need this kind of fame and he couldn’t help it if millions of people who had read his Five Point Someone had spotted the issue.
The row erupted on Thursday, when Bhagat blogged, “Pre-release, the makers made press statements like the movie is only ‘very loosely’, ‘2%-5% inspired by the book’. After the release, those who have read the book and seen the movie (and frankly, I think those are the only people who have the right to comment) find the film to be an adaptation of Five Point Someone.’’

‘3 Idiots’ not an original story: Author Bhagat
New Delhi: Irked at the makers of ‘3 Idiots’ not giving him due credit, Chetan Bhagat, whose book Five Point Someone on which the film is based, has blogged, “The setting, characters, plotline, dramatic twists and turns, one-liners, theme, message—almost all aspects that make up the story are from FPS. Yes, there are some changes, any adaptation requires that—but it is no way an original story. Leading movie critics have admitted to me that the film is 70% the book. Still, don’t take my word for it—go read the book, watch the film.’’
But Aamir Khan’s thoughts are different. At a press meet on Thursday, he said, “It is unfortunate that Chetan is behaving in this manner.’’ The actor said scriptwriter Abhijat Joshi and director Rajkumar Hirani had “abided by the contract’’ entered into with Bhagat and the author had been given due credit as per the contract. “For three years, Joshi has been working on the script. It is unfortunate that Chetan is trying to take away the credit from someone not as famous as he is,’’ Aamir said. He also mentioned how Bhagat had dropped in on the sets of ‘3 Idiots’ one day. “During the course of the conversation, I told him that I was still to read FPS and I intended doing it sometime soon. Chetan then told me that Abhijat’s script is different and I need not necessarily read the book,’’ he said. In his blog, Bhagat has also said that “crores was poured into publicity on shutting me out and cementing the fact that ‘3 Idiots’ is not based on FPS. Bhagat added, “I wanted to see the final script—it was never shown to me. I wanted to see the film before release—it was not shown to me.” TNN
Ghaziabad theatre in dock for pirated DVDs
Reliance Big Pictures filed a police complaint against Galaxy Cinema suspecting it of helping in making pirated DVDs of the film 3 Idiots in Ghaziabad on Thursday. “The pirated DVDs of the film were available in the market from December 24 and it was from those prints that we got hold of the cap code marking which matched with this cinema hall. We then lodged an FIR against the hall,’’ Ghaziabad station road SHO Rashid Ali told TOI. It is learnt that the DVDs of the film were found in Delhi and UP which was tracked by Reliance. Kamal Gianchandani, COO (distribution) of Reliance Big Pictures, clarified, “The sleeves of the DVDs were available in the market but some of them did not have DVDs of the movie inside. Our enforcement team with the local authorities spoke to the local pirates and asked them not to sell the DVD for the first three weeks and also the MSOs asking them not to screen it for the first three weeks. Most of them honoured the commitment.’’ Nearly 2,000 DVDs were confiscated in raids conducted in Chandni Chowk, Delhi, and Sirsa in Haryana.

Crime Branch teams leave for Delhi and Ghaziabad in search of Jitender Kumar, a major player; two top officials of Shemaroo and Reliance Big Cinemas arrested
By Abhijit Sathe (MUMBAI MIRROR; September 25, 2009)

Director and producer of What’s your Raashee? Ashutosh Gowariker

The Bollywood piracy plot is getting more sinister. After arresting employees of major post-production and distribution firms for spiriting out DVDs of new films, Mumbai Police is now on the hunt for a major player in the racket named Jitender Kumar, who is suspected to have links with the Dawood gang.

Crime Branch sources said teams have been despatched to Delhi and Ghaziabad to arrest Kumar, a ‘bigshot from Ghaziabad’ who apparently runs a major pirated material distribution racket in north India. Officials said he also has connections with the two piracy groups now in police custody. The latest arrests are those of Kalapi Nagda, 29, head of overseas distribution of Shemaroo Pictures and Neerav Shah, 30, manager of overseas distribution of Reliance Big Cinema, on the basis of information provided by UFO Moviez associate vice-president Rajesh Chaudhary, who was arrested on Tuesday.

“Afsar Hyder Hussain alias Ashraf, who was picked up on Tuesday, is the link between Kumar and the groups in Mumbai. Though Afsar deals with Kumar to sell and distribute pirated movies, last year, Kumar tipped off the police that Afsar was carrying pirated material and got him arrested at Mumbai airport,” said a senior police officer who did not wish to be named.

Sources said Kumar is involved in distribution of pirated movies in Delhi, Ahmedabad and Gwalior.

Gowariker wants Rs 50 cr in damages from UFO Moviez

Following the arrest of Chaudhary, a key player in the racket, What’s your Raashee? director-producer Ashutosh Gowariker has reportedly sought Rs 50 crore in damages from UFO Moviez. A legal notice has been sent to the firm for leaking DVDs of the yet-to-be-released film.

The police had on Tuesday arrested a group of five persons, who allegedly  bought DVDs from Chaudhary and sent them to one Asif in Pakistan.

Nagda and Shah – arrested on Wednesday – also allegedly bought original DVDs of new films from Chaudhary, who revealed their names during interrogation. “From them, we have seized original DVDs of the unreleased films Fast Forward and What’s Your Raashee? and the recently released Dil Bole Hadippa,” Joint Commissioner of Police (Crime) Rakesh Maria said.

According to Maria, Nagda has contacts in Pakistan and he sent original DVDs with Shah’s help to one Zubair. “For each DVD sold, Chaudhary got Rs 2 lakh, Nagda got Rs 35,000 and Shah got Rs 10,000,” Maria added. “We are checking if Asif and Zubair belong to the same group.”

Maria said Shah knew Chaudhary as he coordinated transport of original DVDs from UFO Moviez to overseas customers. Shah and Nagda were colleagues at Shemaroo Pictures before Shah shifted to Reliance Big Cinemas.

Meanwhile, UFO Moviez has dismissed Chaudhary from service. Top officials of the firm met senior Crime Branch officers and said they would cooperate with the investigation.

Video-meet decides DVD price

The suspects in police custody have revealed that the price of pirated DVDs is decided by video-conferencing between film suppliers and distributors. Tanzim Sayed alias Aman used to act as a mediator between suppliers like Afsar and distributors. “The DVD price and suppliers’ commission was decided according to number of copies of the movie made. Defaulters would be eliminated,” a police officer said.

Shweta Tiwari’s refusal to sign a joint affidavit stating that she and estranged husband Raja Chaudhary are still married resulted in Raja losing out on a reality show as a commentator
By Vickey Lalwani (MUMBAI MIRROR; September 05, 2009)
Shweta Tiwari clearly doesn’t want her name to be associated with her estranged husband Raja Chaudhary any longer, even if it recently resulted in him losing out on a plum project. Even though they are still not divorced, Shweta refused to sign a joint affidavit, which required her to agree that Raja and she are husband and wife. The show will be shot abroad and he needed to renew his passport. As he needed her signature, her refusal delayed the renewal and he lost the project.

Shweta’s signature would have helped Raja procure his passport enabling him to join the unit of the show 100% De Dhana Dhan overseas. Unfortunately, by the time she signed on the dotted line, Raja had lost the project.

Raja was asked to be a commentator on the show along with Mohan Kapoor. Raja was looking forward to be part of the new reality show mainly because they had offered to pay him well.

Shweta and Raja in happier times

A furious Raja confirmed, “If Shweta had signed jaldi se, I would have been a commentator on 100% De Dhana Dhan. I guess, the show was not in my destiny but it definitely hurts if you get work and you are unable to do it because of some silly reason.”

The story goes that Raja had earlier obtained his passport from Ghaziabad. “Last month, I had to renew it for which I had to go to Ghaziabad again. When I had got my passport earlier, I was not married but for my passport renewal I had to prove that Shweta and I are married. To prove that, I needed a picture of Shweta and me together. I also wanted her signature to endorse the same. Yes, we are fighting for legal separation in the court now but we are not divorced as yet. I either have to write ‘divorced’ or ‘married’ in the passport application from. One’s marital status can’t be ambiguous in the form. Shweta took 25 days to sign the affidavit because of which I got delayed and lost out on the show,” added Raja.

Raja says that he tried his best to make Shweta understand that she should help him out in this matter. “I called her several times, spoke to her secretary and even sent her many text messages. Par kucch faida nahin hua,” said Raja.  “I really needed 100% De Dhana Dhan. It is a good project with good money.”

Saturday 20th June 2009 20.00 IST

Press Release


WOLVERINE GARNERS THE BIGGEST OPENING IN THE U.S FOR 2009 & NOW THE BIGGEST OPENING IN INDIA AS WELL! Mutant superhero film ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’ has not only become a blockbuster hit abroad but has struck a strong cord with the Indian audiences too.

A 20th Century Fox film starring Hugh Jackman, the film opened in India on June 19th in English and Hindi and has garnered one of the highest openings among Hollywood films in India, beating films like ‘Fast & the furious 4’, ‘Angels & Demons’, ‘The Dark Knight’, ‘Indiana Jones & the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull’.

Says Mr. Vijay Singh, CEO, Fox Star Studios India, “We’ve had a strong opening for X-Men Origins: Wolverine across the country. The audience reaction has been very positive which is helping build great word of mouth for the film as a must see film!”

The film has grossed more than Rs. 2 Crores in its opening day itself. The first 2 days have seen theatres running houseful across all regions of the country. Here are some reports:

North India
– Interiors of Ghaziabad cinemas morning shows as early as 9.30am were full.
– The shows are full in centres like Gorakhpur too.
– At some centres the opening is comparable to that of blockbuster Spiderman-3.

– DT Saket & Spice Noida are running 14 shows daily, while DT Vasantkunj opening today is running 11shows daily.

Sanjay Ghai of Mukta Arts, the leading distributor in North India says “It’s the best opening for a Hollywood film in Delhi-UP & East Punjab” The Programming Head at DT Cinemas, Amit Shah says “This is the highest collection (1.22lacs) recorded for any movie (Hollywood or Bollywood) in a single day since DT Saket opened and hence we have planned 11 shows daily at our new plex opening today (Saturday) at Vasantkunj.”

West India

– Opening is as big as Oscar winner Slumdog Millionaire with less number of prints.
– Most shows are running houseful in Tier II cities like Aurangabad & Solapur.
– Most of the single screens have covered their rental on opening day itself.

South India

– Prasad Hyderabad has given 11 shows for the film, which is unprecedented for any Hollywood film and still has got an 80% opening, which is expected to become 100% over the weekend.
– Even Kerala has seen one of the biggest openings for any Hollywood film in recent time.

According to Mr T Srikanth, General Manager Operations – Prasad Imax Hyderabad, “Inspite of releasing the movie in 17 screens in twin cities (Hyderabad and Secunderabad) the movie has opened well in Prasad clocking 80 % for the 1st day. We are expecting to reach between 90-100 % for Sat – Sun as the report of the movie is good. Also recently no English movie has done well in the Nizam circuit and we are sure that this movie will put an end to that dry run.” Mr Suresh Shenoy of Sridhar theatre Ernakulam is also pleased with the kind of response the 4th edition of X men as received in Kerala. “The previous editions of X Men never got the opening that Wolverine got especially in Ernakulam*, Trivandrum and Calicut. This proves that there are still audience left in Kerala for good English flicks.”

Internationally, ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’ has grossed $160 million in its opening weekend and has crossed 350$ million worldwide & still counting. The film had got the best opening for the year and is on its way to become one of the biggest *grosser out of Hollywood* this year, beating flicks like Fast & the Furious 4 and Terminator Salvation in terms of box office collections not only in the US, but also worldwide.

Released under the banner of 20th Century Fox (Fox Star Studios India), ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’ stars Hugh Jackman, Ryan Reynolds, Live Schreiber & Dominic Monaghan and is Directed by Gavin Hood.

Here Hugh Jackman reprises the role that made him a superstar – as the fierce fighting machine who possesses amazing healing powers, retractable claws and a primal fury. Leading up to the events of X-MEN, X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE tells the story of Wolverine’s epically violent and romantic past, his complex relationship with Victor Creed, and the ominous Weapon X program. Along the way, Wolverine encounters many mutants, both familiar and new, including surprise appearances by several legends of the X-Men universe whose appearances in the film series have long been anticipated.