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Although My Name Is Khan will premiere at the 60th Berlin Film Festival, distributor Fox Star Studios, has prevented it from competing with other films in the Competition section

By Subhash K Jha (MUMBAI MIRROR; December 25, 2009)

With the good news comes the bad news as well. The good news is that Fox Star Studios, international partners on My Name Is Khan, has decided to premiere the film at the 60th Berlin Film Festival in February 2010, in the most prestigious Competition section. However, the bad news is that they have not allowed the film to compete with other films in the section. The reason for the same is unknown.

Karan doesn’t deny the news but pooh-poohs the belief that the global corporates are trying to bully him into submission. He says, “Yes, the decision to place our film in the Competition section without competing was taken entirely by Fox Star. Shah Rukh and I are completely one with it. We are just happy to be in the same section as the new films by Martin Scorsese and Roman Polanski. Fox Star has been on the same page as me from the start. Shah Rukh, Kajol and I are getting ready for Berlin. It will be the first full-fledged screening of our film. We are anxious to see how the global audience at Berlin reacts to it.”

According to sources, Fox Star has grown progressively wary of the 9/11 angle in cinema and has asked Karan to tone it down as far as possible. Apparently, the filmmaker was asked to change the trailer for the premiere of My Name Is Khan (unveiled last week) so that overt references to terrorism are done away with. Karan was also asked to stress on the fact that the film is not about 9/11 and terrorism. Karan dismisses the news. He says, “Fox Star knew exactly what My Name Is Khan is about. It’s a fact that the film is not about terrorism. Yes, 9/11 does form a background to the tale, but the film is a love story and a story of humanism under pressure.”

(L): My Name Is Khan, (R) :Karan Johar

Apparently, there is also a fear that Shah Rukh Khan’s smaller-than-life role as an autistic Muslim, fighting injustice in the US may not go down well with his fans. Karan laughs at the rumours. He says, “That is such an erroneous interpretation of Shah Rukh’s character. He plays a man with a disability who can see the world around him far more clearly than the so-called normal people. He is a superman with a soul pure enough to fly. No, I don’t think his fans would be disappointed just because he isn’t larger-than-life in Khan. Shah Rukh’s fans all over the world want to see him in roles that connect the reality of cinema with the reality of the world outside the theatre.”

Vijay Singh, CEO, Star Fox Studios, also insists that the film is not about terrorism. He says, “My Name Is Khan is a love story and Shah Rukh Khan’s character’s journey to win back his love. It has nothing to do with terrorism.”

MAKING MUSIC: Aadesh Shrivastava at Abbey Road Studios and (inset) Amitabh Bachchan

…so Aadesh Shrivastava records his voice against Orchestra’s music at Abbey Road

SUBHASH K JHA Times News Network (BOMBAY TIMES; December 23, 2009)

He was meant to be at the legendary Abbey Road Studios in Westminster, London, where the Beatles recorded in 1969… but Paa Bachchan’s crazy schedules prevented him from joining Aadesh Shrivastava for a historic recording of the composer’s peace album there with the internationally saluted London Philharmonic Orchestra (LPO).
Poor Aadesh, he had to rise to the challenge of synchronising his starsinger Bachchan’s voice with the 68-piece LPO when the two parties were unable to record together. “I had to bring together the two giants of the entertainment business in different parts of the world. It was an honour that I’d have liked Amitji to have shared with me in London. I’m the first Indian musician to record with the LPO at Abbey Road Studios. They agreed to be part of my peace album the minute I mentioned the Bachchan name,” said the Bollywood composer.
Now Aadesh intends to translate the Hindi words that the Big B has sung into English. “It’s a peace song and I want Amitji’s contribution to reach a global audience,” said Aadesh. Bachchan’s track Dhara Gagan Chahe written by Sameer Anjaan had to be mixed and dubbed in Mumbai. The legendary actor, naturally, regretted not being able to record it at Abbey Road Studios. “It’s unfortunate I could not record with the LPO,” said Bachchan wistfully. The studios has become a tourist and pilgrimage spot for Beatles fans ever since the Fab Four recorded their Abbey Road album there whose jacket had the band famously walking across the zebra-crossing outside. And the LPO, incidentally, has scored the music for Hollywood films like The Lord of The Rings trilogy and also Star Wars, and it has made tribute albums to rock bands like Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, The Who in the past. Now it’s made music with Amitabh.