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A group of young women constantly followed Arjun Rampal while he was shooting in Bhopal
By Kunal M Shah (MUMBAI MIRROR; September 25, 2009)
While shooting for Rajneeti in Bhopal last week, Arjun Rampal was troubled by a group of young women who decided to follow him everywhere he went. The situation soon became very uncomfortable for Arjun as the girls turned up at every location where the shoot of Rajneeti was on and one of them even managed to reach Arjun’s hotel room. Startled by their behaviour, Arjun finally decided to take action against them.

A source from the sets of Rajneeti in Bhopal said, “There was a group of girls who used to come to the sets of Rajneeti every day. Initially, they wanted to click pictures with Arjun and take his autograph, which he gladly did. Then they started coming to the sets every day and started following him. They also reached the hotel where he was staying. One girl in particular wanted to click pictures with him daily. The matter reached a  point where Arjun asked the production unit to intervene. Later, one of the girls managed to get inside his hotel, found out Arjun’s room number and reached there. The security asked them to leave the hotel premises after giving them a stern warning. They were also warned that if they were seen anywhere around Arjun or on the sets again, they would be handed over to the police. The girls left without creating a fuss.”

Talking about the uncomfortable situation, Arjun said, “I guess they got a little carried away so the security had to intervene. They were at the hotel and on the sets every day. I gave them my autographs and photographs but they wanted to speak to me daily. They were strictly asked to leave when they reached my room.”