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YAHOO.COM (January 2, 2010)

The raging controversy over the credit for the story in ‘3 Idiots’ escalated on Saturday with director Rajkumar Hirani accusing author Chetan Bhagat of “lying” despite agreeing to several conditions including a rolling credit in a contract.

Hirani, who also shares the writing credit with scriptwriter Abhijat Joshi in the Aamir Khan starrer, said Bhagat had approved the film’s script and agreed to the condition that it would be different from his book.

Addressing a press conference in Mumbai, Hirani showed the contract signed with Bhagat, whose novel “Five Point Someone” became the basis for the film. The director said he had made a four-hour narration of the script to the author.

“We never denied Bhagat the credit. I am confused as to why is he saying all these things after the film’s release. We have not stolen the story, we have purchased the rights of the book and can modify or change it as per our requirements. There is nothing illegal in it. Chetan is lying,” Hirani said.

He said that as per the contract signed between Bhagat and producers of the film, it was obligatory on part of the latter to mention in rolling credits that the film was based the novel.

“His name appears immediately after the main cast in the rolling credits. If he wanted to see his name in opening part of the film, he should have asked us after reading the contract itself. I am myself a writer and I respect writers,” Hirani said.

Reacting to Hirani’s statement, Bhagat accused the film-makers of abusing the contract.



This weekend will see the release of two diverse films, Paa and Radio. The best thing about both films is its cost-both films are made at a reasonable cost and should not find it difficult to recover it. My take on these films:

Undoubtedly, Paa will be the first choice of moviegoers. Directed by Balki (Cheeni Kum) and music composed by Illaiyaraja, Paa has aroused a lot of curiosity. By now, it’s a very common knowledge that Amitabh Bachchan plays the role of a 12 year old suffering from progeria in the film. He looks unique and completely unrecognizable in his new look. Big B has even altered his voice to suit his 12 year old character and it rocks completely. He has even sung the title song of the film in that changed voice which is a treat to hear! To hear Auro (name of BigB in Paa) speak click here.

Besides the chance to see Amitabh in a never before seen avatar, the other USP of the film is Abhishek Bachchan playing Amitabh’s father! The film also stars Vidya Balan and Paresh Rawal as Auro’s mother and grandfather respectively. The film is being promoted innovatively. 2 days back, Amitabh Bachchan and Vidya Balan were on Radio Mirchi FM and spoke as the characters of the film. Listeners were asking questions to Auro (i.e. Amitabh) about his life and he answered wonderfully! It was just brilliant!

Without a shred of doubt, the film will be lauded with appreciation, especially for the performance of Amitabh, Abhishek and Vidya. However, the film has also got some negative reactions from a section of audiences who feel that Big B’s look is horrible and they can’t bear watching him as ‘an ugly child’ for 2 ½ hours. Also, the film should get a good response to sustain in theatres. And if that happens, then there would be no stopping for this film! In fact, I am expecting a Taare Zameen Par-type craze for Paa. Let’s hope for the best!

In an interview, 2 days back to Bollywood Hungama, Himesh Reshammiya shared how he wanted his previous disastrous film, Karzzzz to release on another date. That’s because the producers planned its release on October 17, 2008. 17 equals to 8 (1+7=8) which is Himesh’s unlucky number. But the producers didn’t listen to him and released it on 17th. And then Karzzzz flopped in spite of adding 3 extra ‘z’ in the title for ‘numerlogical reasons’. I really laughed reading this part. Is Himesh trying to say that Karzzzz would have succeeded if it had released on another date? The film was a disaster in all respects and would have flopped even if it had released on some other date or if 100 more ‘z’ was added in the title! Besides having a faulty script and direction, it had a very high cost (reported to be around Rs 40 crores). It was obvious that it would have been impossible to recover this amount. And as expected, the film barely recovered about half of its cost!

But Radio, that releases today, is a safer bet. The film is made at a reasonable cost-6 crores. The film has already recovered this amount from other sources. But to get the prestige of being hailed as a hit, the film’s theatrical collections should exceed 6 crores. It’s difficult to say whether this can happen as Radio has a terrific competition in the form of Paa. Also, the film is an urban love story and is targeted at the multiplex junta, who don’t ‘worship’ Himesh like the masses do! So as of now, nothing can be said about the fate of Radio.

But Himesh is confident because the film is releasing on Thursday 3rd as 3 is his lucky number! He has more faith in numbers than the script of the film. Last time, when Karzzzz bombed inspite of all numerological precautions, he blamed the producer and the wrong release date. Let’s see who he will blame this time, in case Radio flops! But I hope it works and all the best to its entire team!


E-pirates are a disgruntled lot ever since Mininova went on a Clean-up act. Mininova is the most popular website when it comes to downloading movies, songs, games and other stuff. Every new film used to be available on the site a day after the release or at times, on the day itself. Further, all downloads were safe and didn’t carry any virus. Hence, it was the most preferable website for millions of net users.

Needless to mention, downloading stuff on Mininova were illegal and last week after they lost a civil dispute, the website announced that it’ll share only those movies that are uploaded through Content Distribution Service. Thus, they deleted all illegal stuff which was there in their database. This has proved as a setback for all those who never used to venture in theatres but instead used to watch films on their PC through Mininova.

It is difficult to say whether this step will prove beneficial for our producers and distributors. No one can can say for sure whether these e-pirates would start frequenting cineplexes to watch movies. There were many factors why these people chose Mininova instead of theatres and these factors still exist, the biggest one being the inflated ticket prices. No effort has been done to slash ticket rates and in fact, the prices are increasing. Also, there are many other websites like Mininova (though not safe) from where one can still download films! So unfortunately, piracy will continue to thrive even in the absence of Mininova.

This post first appeared on MouthShut.com: http://www.mouthshut.com/diary/ccbhuqsuo/Fenils-Bollywood-Talk77

Comes to senior citizen’s aid in her fight against a builder’s hired security
By Kunal M Shah (MUMBAI MIRROR; September 05, 2009)
For 60-year-old Niloufer Kapadia, a resident of Jassawala Wadi near  J W Marriott, actor Fardeen Khan has emerged as her unlikely hero.On Thursday, Fardeen safeguarded her car from the hired security of a builder with whom she has been in a running battle for five years, and then accompanied her to the Santacruz Police Station to lodge a complaint.

Kapadia who owns a small beach-facing bungalow, Al-Dehr at Jassawala Wadi – also known as Oberoi Enclave – a posh neighbourhood where several film personalities reside, has been trying to save her home from the builder who wants to demolish it to construct his own dream house. He has offered her money to shift out, which Kapadia says is impossible.

“I am a senior citizen, a single woman and have lived here all my life. I refuse to sell my bungalow if the builder is not going to give me a flat in the redeveloped property,” Kapadia told Mumbai Mirror.

Having failed to persuade her, he has since been using strong-arm tactics to intimidate her. Kapadia alleges that the builder’s men in the past have cut off her water and power supply, too.

On Wednesday, the 20-odd guards posted by the builder all around the wadi tried to stop her from parking her second car, saying she had permission to only park one car though she has been parking two cars there for over 25 years, she says.

Niloufer Kapadia

When Kapadia went to the police they begged off from helping her saying they were too busy with the immersion arrangements.

“I parked the car in the building opposite mine where my cousin stays, but the next morning found that all the four tyres had been deflated,” she said.

Kapadia called her neighbour, former actor and Fardeen’s uncle, Akbar Khan, who was enraged by this vandalism and got into an altercation with the builder’s men.

Just then, Fardeen who lives in the adjoining bungalow and has known Kapadia, came by.

“He tried to reason with them, saying what they were doing was illegal, he also called the builder who refused to answer his phone. So Fardeen caught hold of my hand and said that he will bring in the car and park it in his own basement. But the builder’s men refused to let him bring the car in, some twenty-five people started banging on the car to stop it,” narrates Kapadia.

“A furious altercation followed, the builder’s driver put his hand inside the car and tried to forcibly take the keys out of the ignition,” Kapadia alleges.

“Fardeen got very angry at this and he, Akbar Khan and I decided to go the cops to file an FIR; Fardeen stayed with us for four hours until the police registered our complaint.”

“This builder forgets that there are others as well in the wadi who will not allow him to do anything illegal. I am now waiting for my son who lives abroad to come back,” she said.

Kapadia’s Al-Dehr bungalow at Jassawala Wadi

Madhukar Chowdhury, Sr PI of Santacruz Police Station confirmed the incident and said both Kapadia and Fardeen Khan had filed a complaint against three people over some parking and redevelopment issues.

“We have charged the three under Section 341 and Section 323 of the IPC for wrongful restraint and assault,” he said. Fardeen Khan remained unavailable for comment.

When contacted, builder Vikas Oberoi (popularly known as Vicky) said, “I was not even aware that this would turn into such a major issue. All I know is that there was a heated argument between my guards and Fardeen. We have a professional security agency and it was such a trivial car parking issue. I just wish Fardeen had called me as he is a very close friend and I would not have let anything happen. As far as the lady goes, her allegations are absolutely untrue. She can live there for 100 years if she wishes to. We have enough real estate than to worry about one small little piece of land that she stays on.”