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…after ten years with a woman-centric film that stars Vidya Balan in the lead

By Subhash K Jha (MUMBAI MIRROR; December 30, 2009)

Noted lyricist-filmmaker Gulzar’s last offering as a director was Hu Tu Tu (1999), starring Tabu and Sunil Shetty. Since then, friends and family, especially his daughter Meghna have been urging him to return to direction. However, no idea seemed to inspire him enough to make that effort.

Vidya Balan

That is until now. Gulzar is set to direct a film in 2010. The film’s subject will be women-centric like his earlier films and will star Vidya Balan.

Without divulging details, Gulzar says, “My next film will star Vidya for sure. I saw portions of Ishqiya and she is truly an outstanding actress.

The fact that Gulzar’s daughter Meghna and Vidya are close friends only enhances the director’s fondness for the actress. “I have known Vidya from the time she used to drop in with Pradeep Sarkar during Parineeta. She is a lovely girl. Do you know, when an Oscar was announced for Jai Ho, Vidya came home and gave me a trophy? Yes, an actual trophy! I am happy to see her friendship with my daughter.

In Vidya, my daughter has found a soul mate. It’s very rare to see two people in the film industry reaching out to one another without ulterior motives. Vidya visits Meghna more than me. In fact, my daughter’s next also stars her. So both father and daughter are working with her,” adds the filmmaker. Apparently, Meghna’s next is a hard-hitting, marital drama.

From (L): Meghna Gulzar, Gulzar

As for Gulzar, Vidya has made a promise to herself. “I will keep sending him notes to start his film with me. I still remember that one shot in Parichay where the song Beeti na beetayi raina is going on and Jaya Bhaduriji is pleating her hair. That moment has stayed with me. No one captures everyday moments with such tenderness. I will do anything to work with Gulzarsaab. To me there are three people who are the epitome of culture and grace – M S Subbalaxmiji, Waheeda Rehmanji and Gulzarsaab.”


KNOTTED: Sanjay Gupta and Anu Lekhi at their wedding

Sanjay Gupta marries ex-wife Anu Lekhi, in Bollywood-style romance

MEENA IYER Times News Network (BOMBAY TIMES; June 5, 2009)

This kind of thing only happens in Bollywood. And, giving rise to new story ideas is filmmaker Sanjay Gupta who remarried Anu Lekhi — the wife he divorced five years ago.
Sanjay, actually, is not the romantic-comedy type of filmmaker; he is known more for stylised thrillers. But in real life, there must be plenty of romance in the rugged
director for his earlier experience has not made him shy of tying the knot with the same woman again. They did it on Wednesday at a temple in Khar according to Hindu rites. Sanjay chose the same date as one of his favourite actors, Amitabh Bachchan — who married Jaya Bhaduri on June 3, 1973.

Sanjay first married designer Anu on August 18, 1997, after a long courtship. “We know each other for 15 years now,” said the new groom, his voice brimming with happiness. Five years ago, the couple had divorced, and Anu moved to Pune to live with her parents. Though the media sometimes buzzed with stories of Sanjay’s indiscretions, the filmmaker said he was always committed to Anu and there was no other serious commit
ment. “I have been stalking her all through these five years,” admitted Sanjay, “she is my soulmate.”

The man who made such high-onaction films like Kaante, Musafir and Zinda said he himself had been to hell and back over the last few years! “I have tasted huge success, had a near fatal accident… and now I have three films — Acid Factory, Pankh and The Great Indian Butterfly ready for release. I lost my mother earlier this year. In short, life has been a seesaw. However, through it all, one feeling has been constant. And that is my desire to be with Anu.”

Over the last six months, Sanjay wooed his wife rather desperately. He took her on dates to various Mumbai night spots where they sipped coffee and gazed at the stars. “When my
mother passed away, Anu was a source of strength. My in-laws treated me like a son even though the two of us had divorced. Now, they are my parents… and they were the ones who were present at the wedding ceremony,” he said.
The couple had wanted to remarry at the Vaishnodevi shrine in Jammu. However, a family member from the bride’s side is critically ill, so the venue
was shifted to Mumbai. “It was a lowkey affair with just family and a few of my close friends like Sudhanshu, Rohit and Sanjeev present. We have put our honeymoon to London, New York and Paris on hold because we are at the hospital with Anu’s maasiji.”

But those happiest at this remarriage are Buddy and Yoda, the pet dogs (a Pug and Golden Retriever, respectively) that Sanjay and Anu have had for long. “They were with us when we married the first time,” laughed Sanjay, “they love Anu… and just about tolerate me. Now that she is back, they’re absolutely thrilled.”

So are we, actually. Who doesn’t like a and-they-lived-happily-ever-after fairy tale? BT wishes the couple much love, luck and togetherness.