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By Subhash K. Jha, January 4, 2010 – 14:18 IST

Chetan Bhagat Those multitudes who have read Chetan Bhagat’s book novel Five Point Someone would agree there are uncanny resemblances between the novel and Rajkumar Hirani’s 3 Idiots. The film apparently set out to adapt Bhagat’s novel and then decided to go its own way, for whatever reason. Chetan Bhagat shouts foul as he finds his name missing from the opening credits of 3 Idiots, instead they are in the rolling credits in the end. On the other hand, the producers of the film claim that it was mentioned in the contract that Chetan had signed. Hurt and amused Chetan reacts.

You must be very upset by the latest proceedings?
You’re a writer. You should know how it feels to have credit taken away from you. And it’s not something only I’m saying. It’s out there. The book is there. The film is there. They’ve tried to take away from my contribution. My name is at the very end of the credit titles after the junior artistes and still photographers. From the time they started making the film, they’ve been stressing that their product is different. It’s like a systematic effort (to underplay my contribution). If you read the book and saw the film, you’ll see the similarities.

My name is at the very end of the credit titles after the junior artistes and still photographers

So would you say 3 Idiots is an adaptation of your novel?
3 Idiots is a total adaptation of my book. Some things are direct lifts, others indirect adaptations.

Aamir thinks you are trying to take away credit from the film’s writer Abhijat Joshi?
I heard his comments. But then he says he hasn’t read the book. There’s no denying Abhijat has done the screenplay. What Abhijat has done with my book can only be known if you’ve read it. If Aamir is so concerned about Abhijat not getting the publicity, he should let Abhijat talk. I very much respect Aamir. He’s the reason I thought the project would have a lot of integrity. I know for a fact he was told not to read my book because they told him it’d affect his understanding of his story. I was told it was a different script.

Even dialogues about matar-paneer and Maruti 800 cars are from my novel. The novel was set in the 1990s. Aaj Maruti 800 kaun bolega?

How would Aamir’s perception have been affected if he read the book?
I don’t know. I’m on a firm footing with the facts. See the film, read the book. And judge for yourself. The whole plot-structure narrative, even dialogues about matar-paneer and Maruti 800 cars are from my novel. The novel was set in the 1990s. Aaj Maruti 800 kaun bolega? I mention 42 exams and 16 broken bones in my body. They have kept the same numbers in the film. Kareena’s brother committing suicide on the railway tracks…so many other things in the film; it’s all there in my novel.

Vidhu Vinod Chopra and Aamir have accused you of trying to make mileage out of their movie?
If I didn’t take up the issue properly, I wouldn’t have been able to live with myself. If someone else goes and collects the award for best story at the awards functions how will I feel? Only once I met Aamir. When I landed at Bangalore where they were shooting 3 Idiots they said, ‘Don’t come we’ve too many visitors.’ They prevented me from going on the set. The book has been selling for six years. There’re lakhs of fans of the book. It’s not about Chetan being naraaz and Aamir being naraaz. My issue is not with Aamir. When the other film Hello based on my novel One Night At The Call Centre came, did I say one word against the characterizations or treatment? I was credited properly for that. I haven’t been credited for 3 Idiots.

When I landed at Bangalore where they were shooting 3 Idiots they said, ‘Don’t come we’ve too many visitors.’ They prevented me from going on the set.

Have you become embittered towards Bollywood?
You could make up any kind of contract. But is there any contract that stops people from being petty? My last novel Three Mistakes Of My Life is being directed by Abhishek Kapoor. I am co-scripting it. There’s a lot of interest in adapting my latest novel 2 States: The Story Of My Life. I don’t think there would be any problem with future project. With 3 Idiots, I know I’m in the right. I’m just telling people to see the film and read my book. I know Aamir is a very powerful person. But finally the truth has to prevail, no? I’m no great artiste. But there has to be fair play. I’m being accused of trying to get mileage.10 lakh copies of the book have been sold. The book has been read by 1 crore readers. Wouldn’t they know the truth?

Chetan Bhagat What do you intend to do?
The makers of 3 Idiots are busy with their victory tours all over the country. They’re naturally being asked about the similarities between my book and the film. Sorry I spoilt their celebrations. The truth had to be told. I’ve been told by them, ‘You’re just a writer. You don’t realize how big we are.’ Maybe I don’t realize how big they are. Main kya karoon? But the truth is above everything. Aisa nahin ke pura Bollywood kharaab hai.

Do you think you’ll be ostracized by Bollywood after this incident?
I’m not dependent on Bollywood for my livelihood. I’m a big Krishna bhakt. I’ll follow the right path. If I’m wrong I’ll leave writing and join ISKCON. What does a writer want? That his words should make a change in society. Maybe by taking up this issue I hope to bring about a change in the way writers are treated. Vidhu Vinod Chopra assured me that he would treat me like a king. Kahan ka raja?

Vidhu Vinod Chopra assured me that he would treat me like a king. Kahan ka raja?

What do you hope to achieve?
When they go to pick up the story award I want people to know whose story it is. When they make eye contact with their children they should know they’re lying. We’ve to show that truth comes before everything else. I don’t write for money or glamour. I just need paper and pen. Lord Krishna takes care of the rest.


Ayesha Shroff talks about her marriage, the link-ups and how she survived serious financial losses. She also confirms a rumour about her discovery, Katrina Kaif
By Vickey Lalwani (MUMBAI MIRROR; August 18, 2009)

Jackie  Shroff

•      Is your marriage with Jackie over?

Definitely not. Jackie and I are very much together. I met Jackie when I was 13. He is not very communicative.  At the end of the day, you have to see life through your kids. You don’t have to upset the balance. I know a lot of people have insinuated many things, but it’s not true.

•       Why did you part ways with Kaizad Gustad professionally? We hear he wants to get back with you.

That’s right, we have parted ways professionally. He will always be a friend, but I will not be working with him again. I need to be on the same page with the person I am working with.

•      You are now linked with your new business partner, Sahil Khan.

Sahil is only a few years older than my son, Tiger. The other day Tiger joked I am going to be arrested for pedophilia.

•      Was Boom a big mistake?

Unfortunately, it got pirated and the distributors backed out. They took the film but didn’t pay us. Thankfully, Manmohan Shetty and Ashok Hinduja stood by me. Shetty gave me a lot of time to pay my lab bills and Hinduja agreed to take his money after a long time. Jackie too stood by me.

•      And then?

After a point, Jackie told me that I was not a tough person and I needed to take it easy. So I lay low. I had to pay Rs 18 crores to Ashok Hinduja. We sold some of our assets.

•      Did all this affect your relationship with Jackie?

It was rough after Boom, but we planned how we were going to come out of this.

•      Is Jackie not good with money matters?

That’s wrong. He is a Gujarati and has an astute sense of money. The only thing is that he goes the extra mile to help a friend. If a filmmaker claims he has gone over budget, he will say, “Forget it. Don’t pay me.” When we were newly married and didn’t have a car, we would often walk back home from our outings and he would give a lot of money to the beggars.

•      After the bad experience, you are still planning to make another film?

I can’t allow failure to bog me down. Jackie had told me that I shouldn’t jeopardise our family money again. Now, you don’t have to use your personal funds. There are many corporates and financers to back you.

•      Is Jackie a better father than a husband?

Jackie is a better father, but he is a wonderful husband too.

•      Is Jackie strict with Krishna?

No sleep-overs at friend’s place. He will keep texting her to know where she is. Rules are different for Tiger. Krishna minds that but then Tiger reminds her of their three-year age difference.

•      You have sold your Sony shares?

Yes. We invested in Sony about 15 years ago. Many people told us that it was a crazy idea. It’s time to move on.

Ayesha Shroff

•      Why?

Initially, there were only few channels. Being in business in the nascent stages is always more thrilling. Now, we want to do something different. I have started a production company with Sahil Khan. Our first film, Rani, will go on the floors in January.

•      Is Kevin Spacey still involved with the film?

Actually we were thinking of casting him, but we changed the script.

•      You discovered Katrina Kaif. Is she still in touch with you?

Not really. We met at a party once and just greeted each other.

•      Did you change her surname?

She had an English surname, which was not easy to pronounce. She is not Katrina Kaif originally. She is Katrina Turquotte. We wanted to give her a surname which would be accepted by the Indian audience. First we thought of naming her Katrina Kazi, but then we thought Kazi would have a religious overtone. So we thought of Kaif.

•       But it is said that she has a Kashmiri father.

If that’s what she says, you have to believe her. Her name on her passport that time was Katrina Turquotte.

Kashmera Shah is going to be on the top of many men this Janmashtami
By Vickey Lalwani (MUMBAI MIRROR; August 11, 2009)

Kashmera Shah

Come August 14, actress Kashmera Shah will break a dahi handi on the streets of Mumbai. Maybe having a boyfriend named Krishna was incentive for Kashmera to risk breaking her neck while reaching out for the handi. Either ways, we don’t think the mandals, the audience or the men she clambers up on will be complaining. An excited Kashmera says, “Yes, I am indeed going to break a handi this year… I can’t stop thinking about it.”

Last week, a Marathi mandal approached Kashmera to be the one who breaks the handi. “ I asked myself, ‘Why not?’ After all, my mother is a Maharashtrian, and I have grown up in Girgaum, amidst a lot of Maharashtrians and I have even danced on the streets during the Ganpati processions. I got excited and sent feelers to a few mandals that I was interested,” Kashmera says.

Kashmera adds, “The word spread very quickly with within the mandals and tomorrow, I’ll decide about which offer I’ll accept. It’ll be one among Girgaum, Lalbaug, Ghatkopar or Thane. Actually, there’s a mandal from Pune too that I am in talks with. No actress has done such a thing before, so when I’m going to do it, it has to be in the best place possible.”

Kashmera knows that she is not getting into something that is child’s play. As a part of gearing up for the celebrations, she is taking lessons from a professional group. “Even though I’m rehearsing for it, I’m very scared about the whole thing too. I hope I don’t end up breaking my neck! But yes, my thrill is compounded by the fact that my boyfriend’s name is Krishna.”

Is Krishna okay with her daredevilry, we ask? Kashmera laughs, “He wasn’t aware about it earlier. Now he’s worried that I’ll break my head or bum.”