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ANGRY AND HURT: Mandira Bedi

Mandira Bedi sends channel legal notice for ankle broken on show

ROSHNI K OLIVERA Times News Network (BOMBAY TIMES; October 24, 2009)

Mandira Bedi is in a bad shape, physically, mentally and right now, even emotionally. A bad stunt during the Khatron Ke Khiladi press conference in Mumbai that resulted in a broken ankle, surgery, a metal plate with seven screws to hold the bone in place, has left her upset and tearful. She sent Colors, the television channel hosting the show, a legal notice for ignoring her, now that the show is off the air and demanded a response within seven days. The channel asked for time. “Six weeks later, do they still need more time,” asked a fuming Mandira.

At the press conference, at the behest of show host Akshay Kumar, the 13 lady contestants jumped from a 15-foot height, barefoot, onto two thin coir mattresses. “Barefoot, because we weren’t informed before hand that we were doing a stunt and didn’t have training shoes,” said Mandira, who hurt her foot badly after doing the stunt. A doctor on the set advised her to ice the badly swollen foot. Mandira called her husband, who suggested an X-ray. Nobody from Colors accompanied her to the hospital, she said. “I left alone in my car as there wasn’t an ambulance there. My X-ray confirmed a fracture. I informed the Colors team of it and my inability to return. Then I went to hospital to put my foot in a cast. The next day, a newspaper reported that ‘Mandira twisted her ankle’. Which is the only official statement from Colors,” added Mandira. Injuries and all, in cast and on crutches, Mandira still made the KKK finale shoot where Akshay acknowledged her injury as a
“zara si moch”.

Then followed a painful, three-hour surgery and many attempts by Mandira in vain to talk to the CEO of the channel. “He deigned to call me back,” she alleged. “Of course, it was only because the show was still on air! Subsequently, he apologised for a Colors employee’s feeble attempt at clearing my hospital bills, saying it would be ‘chicken-feed in comparison to all the pain and trauma I have gone through’. He also assured me that he would ‘make it up to me’. That was the last time I heard from him or anyone else from there.” But Mandira doesn’t want anyone to “make it up to her” she wants them to take responsibility. “Accept, on a public forum, that a mistake happened, that there was medical negligence and violation of safety norms. This acknowledgement makes for a larger issue. This callous and inhuman behaviour has to be made an example of,” she insisted. “What if Akshay had hurt himself doing a stunt on the show because of lack of safety or medical negligence? Would the channel wash their hands off him?”

A spokesperson from Colors told BT: “We’re surprised on receiving this notice from Mandira and our lawyers are in the process of responding to the notice. The fact is that she voluntarily opted to do the jump and all due care was taken during all the rehearsals of the show, to ensure safety of all participants. For unforeseen incidents, there was an ambulance and a doctor on stand-by, always. It was unfortunate that she hurt herself during one of the rehearsal drills. While adequate firstaid was offered to her on site, we also offered to pick up her medical expenses for this injury. And we are willing to reimburse her medical expenses now as well if we receive the bills from her. After doing all this, her behaviour leaves us amazed.”



Posted: Aug 04, 2009 at 2008 hrs IST

Mumbai “Terribly hurt” by the programme “Sonsunny” mimicking the Deol family, Bollywood actor Sunny Deol has sent a legal notice to Big FM radio channel asking them to withdraw the show or face defamation suit for a compensation of Rs 200 crore damages.

“I and my family are terribly hurt….we have tolerated the programme for long but there is a limit to how much one can take,” Sunny told a press conference here on Tuesday.

The legal notice, served on the respondent last Saturday, has asked them to withdraw the show forthwith or else the Deol family would consider filing civil as well as criminal defamation cases.

“We will wait for a week and let us see how they react…if need arises, we won’t hesitate to file a criminal case along with civil suit for damages,” said Ashok Sarogi, Sunny’s lawyer.

Alleging the show was not in good humour, the actor said “things have gone out of hand. Deol family is being defamed.

My blood boils. It hurts. Please understand our anguish.”

“You know our family and my father particularly. We have always been upright and never harmed anyone in the society.

You are also aware about our family’s contribution to the society. After all, there is a limit to making fun of people,” the actor said.

“Mimicry is fine but in this programme, Sunny’s name has been dragged and an impression is sought to be conveyed that he himself is participating in the show. This is really cheap,” said advocate Sarogi.

The actor said “I am not against mimicry but when it becomes cheap, it is bad. I can’t even hear the programme. It provokes me. I get upset. After all, we are all human beings”.

Asked if he could not use his famous “dhai kilo ka hath” (muscled hand) to resolve the issue, the actor said “if you are a public figure then you have to remain in control”.


By: Amul Sharma Date: 2009-06-05

Mumbai (MID-DAY)The tension between producer Vashu Bhagnani and director Vivek Sharma took an ugly turn on Wednesday. For months, there has been talk about the growing differences between them; it ended two days ago with Vashu slapping Vivek.

A source reveals, “They’ve been having problems for a long time. As Vashu’s son is making his sliver screen debut, he didn’t want to compromise in any department and has been spending money freely on the project. The director apparently decided to take advantage of Vashu’s spending spree and tried to make money off it.”

The source further adds, “Vashu signed Vivek for Rs 61 lakh, right after he made Bhoothnath. He’d been paid most of the amount (only Rs 10 lakh was due), which the director was to receive around the time of the film’srelease.

But on Wednesday afternoon, Vivek went to Bhagnani’s office along with his legal counsel and served him a notice for a balance payment of Rs 40 lakh! He claimed that the producer had signed him for Rs 91 lakh and now that the movie was to release on June 12, the money was due to him.”

The scene…

The producer who has been running from pillar to post trying to release his son’s film, tried to reason with Vivek and his lawyer. Says the source, “He told them that he made over 30 films as a producer and never in his wildest dreams would he think of paying almost a crore to a flop director.

After this, Vivek got aggressive and started screaming and making a scene. Vashu lost his temper and slapped Vivek and told him that he would drop his name from the credits of the film if he didn’t come to his senses.”

Association of Motion Pictures & TV Programme Producers (AMPTPP) has also received a CC-ed copy of the legal notice. Monica, the secretary of the association confirms this, “We have indeed received a letter from the legal team representing Vivek Sharma against Puja Entertainment and it is being processed. Mostly an emergency meeting will be called to resolve this matter as soon as possible.”

Vashu Bhagnani says, “I would not like to comment on this.”

Says Vivek Sharma, “I am going to expose Vashu and the myth that he is a wonderful producer. I am dragging him to court but I had no other option.” About the slapping incident, he says, “These are just rumours.”