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I still can’t believe this! The predictions which I made 8 weeks back have proved to be almost true! In my talk no. 53, I had made a prediction of 8 yet-to-be-released Hindi films and guess what, 7 of them have proved to be completely right!

According to my predictions, New York, Kambakkht Ishq and Love Aaj Kal would be successful at the BO. Barring Kambakkht Ishq, New York became a hit while Love Aaj Kal (released last Friday) took a fabulous opening and may soon become the biggest hit of 2009 so far! Then, I had guessed that Paying Guests, Let’s Dance, Runway and Short Kut would flop commercially and all these film did indeed bit the dust! Adhyayan Suman starrer Jashnn would be disastrous, according to my guess, and the same happened!

The only film for which my prediction didn’t hit the mark was Kambakkht Ishq (KI). I had a feeling that the film would turn out to be great as it has come from the stable of producer Sajid Nadiadwala, who has given some of the best entertainers in the past. His films have been entertaining, interesting and have suited the taste of the moviegoers in general. However, KI failed to entertain many. Even though it took a great opening, the mixed response (mostly negative) took a toll in its collections. It has managed to be above-average. So I get 7 on 8 right which is not bad, I guess!

Talking about Love Aaj Kal, the huge opening is an indication that the film may be hugely successful overall. If that is so, then it may turn out to be Saif’s biggest hit so far! Not to forget, this may be the biggest hit by any debut producer-actor ever (Saif Ali Khan is also producer of the film)!

Normally, it is the general tendency to remember an actor’s failures more than his hits. But with Saif, it’s happening reverse-people have forgotten that he delivered three duds last year (Tashan, Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic and Roadside Romeo). He’s already in the line of upcoming superstars. If Saif’s upcoming flicks, Agent Vinod (also starring Kareena) and Kurbaan (again Kareena and also Vivek Oberoi) prove to be hits, Saif ki nikal padegi!




The week gone by was fabulous due to Love Aaj Kal’s release and also because the promos of as many as 8 upcoming films were unveiled before the audiences! Never before have so many promos of different films have come out in such a short time. These 8 films were Aladin (Ritesh, BigB, Sanju), Acid Factory (Fardeen, Dia, Irrfan Khan, Aftab, Manoj Bajpayee, Danny), Wanted (Salman and Ayesha), ‘What’s Your Raashee?’ (Priyanka in 12 roles and also Harman), Do Knot Disturb (Govinda, Ritesh, Sush, Lara, Sohail, Ranvir Shorey), Accident On Hill Road (Celina and Abhimanyu Singh), Vaada Raha (Bobby and Kangna) and Fox (Sunny Deol, Arjun Rampal, Udita Goswami, Sagarika Ghatke)! Whew! The teasers of Wanted, ‘What’s Your Raashee?’, Do Knot Disturb and Fox have already begun on TV. I feel the best promo out of all was that of Acid Factory. I have uploaded it below-do check! You’ll feel like watching it again and again!


By Taran Adarsh, June 19, 2009 – 14:00 IST

Just last week, Vashu Bhagnani showcased his son Jackky Bhagnani’s acting skills in KAL KISSNE DEKHA. This week, another father – Arvind Patel – attempts to showcase his daughter Gayatri Patel’s dancing skills in LET’S DANCE, directed by Aarif Sheikh. Come to think of it, such launch pads often act as a showreel for furthering the career in Bollywood. In that respect, LET’S DANCE succeeds… to an extent.

But there’s a hitch! The film bears an uncanny resemblance to Ramgopal Varma’s immensely likable RANGEELA and Yash Raj’s utterly forgettable AAJA NACHLE. No issues if LET’S DANCE seeks inspiration from elsewhere [coincidence?], but in an effort to showcase Gayatri’s dances, the remaining aspects take a backseat. The dances appeal, but the love story doesn’t. And the crime angle, injected in the plotline, is a big bore.


Let’s be specific. Gayatri’s dances are a treat [she dances exceptionally well], but her love interest cuts a sorry picture. The street children’s connection with a crook also seems unwarranted.

In a nutshell, LET’S DANCE will be best remembered for Gayatri’s exuberant dances. That’s it!


LET’S DANCE is about a girl who gives direction in life to a group of street kids. Young and peppy, she is a dancer who runs her own dance school and plays the catalyst in the story. She comes in contact with a bunch of street kids and hence, begins a journey she believes in.

Editor-turned-director Aarif Sheikh has shot the film well, but he could’ve done with a tighter script. Music is a plus point, but what stays with you is the choreography of all songs, especially ‘Taare Todh Ke La’.

Gayatri Patel is a fine actress and her dancing skills catch your attention. The two heroes don’t cut ice, but the kids do, mainly the eldest kid who talks and behaves like a real tapori.

On the whole, LET’S DANCE is too ordinary, with its share of limitations.



The last couple of months were spent by the moviegoer cursing the producer v/s multiplex dispute and complaining about lack of films in theatres. The next 3 months are going to be spent by this same moviegoer hopping from one film to another during the weekend and deciding which film to leave out and which movie to see!

The season of films have begun! From June 19 (tomorrow) to August 21, a big chunk of interesting films of diverse genres are going to hit the screens every week. Of course, it’s good news but will it give rise to a favourable situation? Trade analyst Taran Adarsh has rightly said number of times, “Does the common man have the time, money and inclination to see so many movies?” There might not have been a problem if one film released per week. But there are going to be multiple releases on a number of Fridays. Many of these films are not being properly promoted and will flop.

Besides, till July 24, one Hollywood biggie every Friday is going to hit the screens (see pic), which is certainly going to attract large number of audience. This would have a considerable effect on the box office collections of Bollywood movies!

In this mad race for releasing films week after week, I feel that only three films will strike gold at the BO-New York, Kambakkht Ishq and Love Aaj Kal. These films can safely do a great job at the BO, provided it turns out to be good. New York has a fresh cast, nice music and its single promo has created a tremendous impact. An above-average opening and good reports would be enough for the film to get the ‘Hit’ status. Kambakkht Ishq, on the other hand, is a sure-shot blockbuster. The film has created waves ever since its first promo was out. Songs are excellent and the film looks cool and stylish. It is bound to take an earth-shattering opening and would easily sustain in theatres for a lots of weeks. And finally, Love Aaj Kal also has the ability to strike gold at the BO. Although the promo has received mixed responses, it has certainly made everyone curious.

The rest of the films will have a difficult time at the BO. Tomorrow’s release, Paying Guest looks like a total entertainer but has failed to arouse curiosity. If the film turns out good, it would manage to be verdicted as ‘Average’ but becoming ‘Hit’ seems almost impossible. Let’s Dance also looks interesting but its prospects of failure are more. Runway’s promos and its song (Khuda Ke Liye) are very impressive but its not-so-happening star cast and its competitor (New York) will result in its failure at the BO. Short Kut may have a difficult time at the BO if turns out to be like any other comic flick. Jashnn will be disaster. Hardly anyone will go to watch this Adhyayan Suman flick. Very unfortunate, since the film is of Bhatt Camp, which churns out some of the best films. I won’t comment on Agyaat and Luck since its promos have not started yet.

So many films, so many choices! Which film are you waiting for and dying to watch of the above mentioned? Do let me know!

Everyone was shocked when news came out that Shiney Ahuja was arrested for raping his maid servant. I won’t go into the details or speak my views on it since much has been said and written about it. What I want to throw light is on the wrong information being spread by many reputed newspapers and websites. One website mentioned that the victim was 17 years old (she’s 18, in reality). Mumbai Mirror’s article said that the victim was working at Shiney’s place since more than a year, when the truth is that she joined work 1 ½ months ago! It is unfortunate that reporters are not verifying facts before publishing it. This is not responsible journalism.

This post first appeared on MouthShut.com: http://www.mouthshut.com/diary/eabdntttn/Fenils-Bollywood-Talk53


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