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Katrina Kaif fights loneliness pangs by asking her mother to stay with her in Mumbai

By Subhash K Jha (MUMBAI MIRROR; December 03, 2009)

After a spate of hits, Katrina Kaif may be riding high on her career front but that is in no way a compensation for leading a lonely life without family in Mumbai. Considering that the Mumbai film industry can get awfully cold for an out-of-town girl and the constant work-related travel in recent times, Katrina had begun to feel the absence of a strong support system in Mumbai.

Living alone also took its toll on her health when last month the actress was diagnosed with jaundice and a low hemoglobin count.

A close friend of the actress said, “To be  alone in Mumbai where no one asks about your health seriously and neighbours don’t even know your name, is bad enough. But for a celebrity like Katrina it’s even worse. People around her presumed she wanted to be left alone when in fact she needed comfort and company during her illness.”

That’s when Katrina made up her mind to call her mother Suzanne Turquotte to Mumbai to be with her. “It wasn’t an overnight decision. She didn’t want to pull her mother away from her social work in Chennai, but being alone was getting to Katrina. Being successful is fine but unlike other actresses her age, she had no one to return home to,” added the friend.

Earlier this week, Katrina’s mom joined the actress in Mumbai. The change in her mood, attitude and lifestyle was almost immediate. She’s now eating well and runs off to work every morning knowing someone is waiting for her back home. “Yeah, my mom is with me,” said Katrina happily from the Mumbai airport yesterday morning before she headed to Dubai for a brief appearance at a live performance. “If I feel strong enough to make this trip, it’s because my mother is at home. I know I have her to go back to. I admit it can get terribly lonely in Mumbai.”

Katrina Kaif will miss the promotional events of her film De Dana Dan as she is down with jaundice and a low hemoglobin count

By Subhash K Jha (MUMBAI MIRROR; November 25, 2009)

Just when she needed to go all out to promote her film De Dana  Dan, Katrina Kaif has been diagnosed with jaundice and a low hemoglobin count. She has been advised complete bed rest  by her doctor.

The actress had been feeling queasy and weak since quite a few days but she kept ignoring the warning signals because of her hectic schedule.
This was until Sunday morning, when she couldn’t drag herself out of bed. “That’s when Katrina realised something was seriously wrong. She was taken to the doctor who performed a series of tests on her. It was found that her hemoglobin count had gone down drastically,” says a close friend of Katrina.

On Monday evening, Katrina was seen entering a suburban hospital looking pale and weak. She was in the hospital for nearly five hours. Finally, on Tuesday afternoon she was diagnosed with jaundice.

Katrina has been forbidden to move out of her home for the next couple of weeks but she insists on getting back on her feet much sooner because of her professional commitments.

Katrina’s business manager said, “She’s trying to rest so that she can fulfill her commitments as soon as possible.  The doctor has advised her complete bed rest.”