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Mistaken as a Mexican drug dealer at the Amsterdam airport, Chunky Pandey’s freedom was in the hands of an old lady

By Kunal M Shah (MUMBAI MIRROR; November 27, 2009)

Chunky Pandey was recently detained at the Amsterdam airport by the security personnel, who thought that he was a Mexican drug dealer.

Blame all the confusion on Chunky’s new look for Sajid Khan’s Housefull, for which he had grown his hair and beard. His resemblance to drug dealers roused the suspicions of the airport security and Chunky was detained for half an hour.

Chunky Pandey

A source said, “The airport security took Chunky to the interrogation room and were getting ready to thoroughly search him, even as he was desperately trying to convince them that he is an Indian actor. When asked to prove so, Chunky tried to sing a few Hindi songs, but that, well, failed to convince them. Chunky then suggested that he should be taken out of the airport so that any Indians there could recognise him. That was of no help either as no one recognised him because of his moustache. Finally, an old lady took a good look at him and said that Chunky was indeed the actor he claimed to be. Only then was he let off.”

Recalling the experience, Chunky said, “The cops started questioning me in Spanish and I couldn’t understand a word. They looked me up on the Internet and found that I look like an Indian actor. However, my name on the passport is different (it has his real name), so that didn’t help either. Then an old lady recognised me as she had seen my films. As soon as I landed in Mumbai, the first thing I did was go to my barber.”

Vivek Oberoi on love, life and a fresh innings in Bollywood

By Kunal M Shah (MUMBAI MIRROR; November 27, 2009)

• You have got some good reviews for your role in Kurbaan.

Yes. I have not stopped smiling since the film’s release. At one of the trials, Bebo (Kareena Kapoor) and Saif (Ali Khan) did tell me that I was good in the film. Then Karan (Johar) and Rensil (D’Silva)also told me the same thing. I had not seen the film till then as I was shooting in Hyderabad. It was a nice feeling when Karan told me ‘finally you make me proud.’ I saw the film just a day before its release and I had knots in my stomach. I was very nervous but I was with people who have always been kind to me. There were Shah Rukh and Gauri, Imran and his fiancée Avantika, Yash uncle, Davidji (Dhawan). They all hugged me and said I was good.

• Why have you not done a romantic film after Saathiya?

Honestly, I really don’t know. Kurbaan has got a romantic track but Mission Istanbul and Shootout At Lokhandwala had zero romance. I have not done an out-and-out romantic film and I am really looking forward to doing one.

• People are saying that you have changed and that you want to leave the controversies behind and concentrate only on your work.

I wanted this for a really long time. However, after Shootout… things did not fall in place. Almost four years ago, when I did Omkara, I saw Saif getting under the skin of the character Langda Tyagi. I loved the work ethics. That’s when I thought that I should stop doing what I was doing, but I had a backlog to finish. Then my close friend Amit Chandra sat me down and helped me streamline my life so that I could practically achieve what I was trying to. Now, I have learnt not to take anything for granted.

• How did Ramu and you patch up?

I don’t think patch up is the right word as we were never at loggerheads. I will never have the audacity to say anything against Ramu and as an artiste, I will always be indebted to him for giving me Company. But when he called me and told me ‘I will never work with you again’, I was shocked. Now, when he called me and said that he had something for me, I was so happy. When I met him, he said that he could see the same passion in my eyes again and gave me Rakta Charitra. I felt exactly the same on the first day of Rakta Charitra that I felt on the first day on the sets of Company. Ramu made me feel so comfortable.

• You have done some amazing stunts in Prince, something which you are not known for.

Yes. Kookie Gulati is quite a whiz kid. I did so many things that I cannot possibly explain — right from learning how to skateboard, doing parkour, learning cable work, to action training. I had to put so many things into my system that after the training session, things became easier.

• You have said that you are done with apologising to people.

I made a mistake and it is human to make mistakes. Personally, I think it’s humbling and it’s also building character to stand up and say I made a mistake and please forgive me. It is always an ego-based thing to say that why should I apologise. It is a real man who can say ‘I am sorry’ and that too in public. I have said sorry to the assistant director whom I was rude to, I have said sorry to the movie star whom I had a fight with and I even said sorry to the director I snapped at.

SUBHASH K JHA (Mid-Day; November 6, 2009)

Prakash Jha has finally relented to Nana Patekar’s pleas begging forgiveness and has decided to forgive, if not forget Nana’s behaviour.

“It’s impossible to forget what he did. But Nana has been constantly trying to reach out since the ugly incident.
I’ve told him I’ll have a cup of tea with him when I return to Mumbai tomorrow. Today is my last day of Rajneeti.” Prakash said from Bhopal on Wednesday afternoon.

Will dub, won’t shoot

In fact, Prakash had decided to not allow Nana to dub his lines. “Now I’ll let him dub. But there’s no question of shooting the scenes that he lost out on.”

Earlier Prakash was unrelenting. “I know I said there was no question of a rapprochement. Nana Patekar was a closed chapter for me. My entire crew tolerated him because of me. But he’s lonely and he accepts his mistake.
I can’t sit in judgment on him.”

The director has already changed the script to make do without Nana and has added a voiceover, ” I had to shoot six to seven scenes of Nana as a young man. I changed the scene and shot it without him. When I had worked with Nana in Apaharan, I hadn’t seen this tantrum-throwing side of him on the sets.”

Had no choice

After his initial outburst, Nana tried to make amends. Recalls Prakash, “Later that day, he calmed down and tried to return to the sets. I told him he wasn’t welcome ever on my sets. As far as shooting goes, we had to compromise. We had to complete all his scenes without him. We introduced a voiceover to explain his absence.

Jha concludes, “I had no choice but to forgive him. You don’t know how much I’ve looked after him. I’ve stood by him through all his temper tantrums and bad moods. But I can’t allow him to walk all over me. He needs to do something about his temper. ”

Lekin, hua kya tha?
On October 27, during the shooting of Rajneeti, Prakash and Nana had a huge showdown in Bhopal over the way the actor was supposed to do a scene. The actor left in a huff after showering abuses on Prakash. Though used to Nana’s abusive ways, Prakash wasn’t willing to take the barrage of insults lying down. He took up Nana’s offer of letting the actor go and also vowed never to be friends with Nana again. But the actor kept pleading.