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By Kunal M Shah (MUMBAI MIRROR; December 24, 2009)

The much-hyped premiere of 3 Idiots promised what seemed impossible – bringing all the three Khans under one roof. Well, turns out that it actually is impossible. For while Salman Khan made a gamely appearance, Shah Rukh did not complete the picture of the happy Khan-daan. It was left up to an unchaperoned Karan Johar to pass on the good wishes for both of them.

Amitabh Bachchan was missing in action as well, taking some of the sheen away from the big premiere. Of course, other stars showed up but many of them are associated with the film or with director Rajkumar Hirani’s earlier Munnabhai series.

From (Left): Kareena kapoor and Saif Ali Khan, Kiran Rao and Aamir Khan, Imran Khan and Avantika, Rajkumar Hirani and Vinod Chopra

Aamir Khan, always the professional, played the courteous host despite the fact that he was running a high temperature. His doctor had visited him twice yesterday and his fever had hit a raging 103 degrees. Dressed in a Sabyasachi suit, he received the guests with the cast and the crew of 3 Idiots at a multiplex at Wadala, while his wife Kiran Rao stationed herself on the first floor near the screens. She was seen discussing the film with Chetan Bhagat. Bet he was trying to figure out which bits from his book finally made it to the film.

Salman caused quit a stir when he appeared and had to be whisked away and he entered the venue from a different route. Kareena Kapoor, looking stunning in a saree, came in with a dapper-looking Saif Ali Khan. Mona Singh, who makes her debut with the film, was seen in a quiet corner with her father, keeping a low profile. Bhushan Kumar was heard saying that he had cancelled his family vacation for the premiere. Touching.

Mansoor Khan was the self-appointed babysitter as he was seen loading up on the popcorn for Aamir’s kids Junaid and Ira. Reema, Aamir’s ex-wife, was also present.

Sanjay Dutt came without his devoted wife Manyata, while a bearded Sonu Nigam decided it was better not to leave his better half at home.

Sanjay dutt Sharman joshi Salman khan


Although 2009 is considered as a black year for Bollywood, the last 3 ½ months have proved to be profitable not only for producers, distributors and exhibitors but also for viewers. There were at least half a dozen commercially successful films like Wanted, Wake Up Sid, All The Best, Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani, De Dana Dan and Paa. Also, flops like Dil Bole Hadippa, What’s Your Raashee?, Do Knot Disturb, Blue, London Dreams, Tum Mile, Kurbaan etc did manage to bring audiences to theatres in its first 3 days of release. Also, we got two Hollywood blockbusters, 2012 and Avatar. And tomorrow’s release 3 Idiots is expected to be the biggest hit of 2009. This Aamir Khan flick is been given one of the widest releases. If all turns out to be well, 3 Idiots may become the biggest blockbuster ever, breaking even Ghajini’s record (which at present is the biggest Bollywood hit).

People are coming to theatres. So many movies are running successfully. Unfortunately, no is celebrating it and no trade analyst is coming forward to discuss about it. Ironically, during bad times, every producers, distributor and trade pundits will come forward and state as to ‘how our industry is going through a crisis’. Somehow, we have become more negative in our approach. We love to live in bad times! Come on guys, pop the champagne and enjoy the good time!


Watching 3 Idiots shall turn out to be an expensive affair. Knowing that people are going to come for sure to watch this Aamir Khan flick, Vidhu Vinod Chopra and the distributors of the film have urged multiplexes and single screens across the country to increase the ticket rates for 3 Idiots. Even morning shows which had a meager price of Rs 60 or 80 is now sold for 160 or 180 and even 200 bucks. A prominent multiplex in South Mumbai (Inox, Nariman Point) takes away the cake by charging Rs 290 for the 11:30 am show! And for the evening and night shows, the least said, the better!

Surprisingly, hardly any Bollywood intellectuals have spoken against this unfair practice. All of them are concerned only with the problem of piracy. Why? Because it concerns them-they face huge losses because of pirated DVDs. And they don’t need to care for the inflated ticket prices since they can either afford it or they get to see films free of cost in preview screenings!

But all of them have failed to see the point that one of the biggest reasons for piracy is the expensive ticket rates. Reducing the ticket prices will automatically reduce piracy to a certain extent. But instead of applying this idea, ticket rates are increasing, thus giving a boost to piracy. Producers and distributors are only concerned with extracting maximum profits. And when viewers shun theatres due to high prices, they will again come up with ‘industry going through crisis’ stuff when the fact is that they only created the situation in the first place! Very very sad!

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Aminah Sheikh / Mumbai December 19, 2009, 00:01 IST

The Aamir Khan-starrer 3Idiots is the most-awaited Bollywoood film of 2009. Producer Vidhu Vinod Chopra is banking on this to bargain for an exceptionally good financial deal.

Sources said Chopra is negotiating with multiplex and theatre owners to raise ticket prices almost 35 per cent for evening shows and over 100 per cent for morning shows, the highest-ever rate increase for any Bollywood film. The movie releases on December 25.

Multiplexes charge an average of Rs 250 for afternoon and evening shows. Morning shows are priced between Rs 80 and Rs 100. “Vidhu Vinod Chopra is insisting that theatres must increase prices to Rs 300-350 for evening shows and Rs 200 for morning shows,” said a source. However, owners believe this may not be taken too well by the audience.

For the movie, the producer also expects multiplexes to maintain uniform prices through the week, rather than the staggered pricing followed now. “Most families are out, since it’s the Christmas weekend. It wont be affordable. Imagine a family of four paying Rs 2,000 to watch a movie,” said a multiplex source. For ‘Gold class seats’, a ticket will cost Rs 800, from the usual 500. In the past, movies like Om Shanti Om, Ghajini and Kambakkht Ishq have witnessed an increase in ticket pricing. Analysts say this is a new strategy by the producer after attempts to squeeze a higher revenue share from multiplexes did not materialise. Business Standard had earlier reported that the production house was demanding a revenue share of 52 per cent of total box-office collections in the first week, 47.5 per cent in the second week, and 40 per cent in the third and fourth weeks.

Since the multiplex-producer standoff was resolved in June this year for a performance-based revenue sharing agreement (binding for two years), Chopra may have little choice, but to go by the agreement signed then. The agreement says producers would get 52.5 per cent in the first week, 45 per cent in the second week, 37.5 per cent in the third week and 30 per cent in the fourth week if the movie earns over Rs 17 crore at the box office. The producer’s share decreases by 2.5 per cent in week 1 and 2 if the movie earns between Rs 10-17 crore. If the movie does a business of less than Rs 10 crore— producer’s share is 50 per cent for week 1, 40 per cent for week 2, 35 per cent for week 3 and 30 per cent for week 4.]


Shah Rukh Khan arranges a weekend screening of James Cameron’s Avatar for his children

By Kunal M Shah (MUMBAI MIRROR; December 16, 2009)

Last evening Shah Rukh Khan was the special guest at the screening of James Cameron’s, Avatar at a suburban multiplex.
Shah Rukh was so enamoured after watching half the film, that he came out of hall and went up to the studio officials and requested them to organise a special screening for his two children and family members. The officials of the studio immediately assured him that they will do the needful.

A source said, “SRK has always been quite fond of science fiction and superhero films. Even as a child, he would always watch similar kind of films.This is why he immediately agreed to attend the special screening of Avatar.

He was also keen to attend the screening of Avatar at the suburban multiplex as the first theatrical promo of his new film My Name is Khan was scheduled to release during the screening. Everybody knows about SRK’s love for superhero films so much so that he is right now in the process of making Ra.One, which will be directed by Anubhav Sinha. SRK loved Avatar, which is why he also wants his kids to watch it.”

Earlier this month, SRK’s children couldn’t wait to watch Paa and Amitabh Bachchan had sent some extra passes for them on SRK’s request. “Aryan and Suhana love films and they would love to watch Avatar. The kids could not watch it last evening with SRK as they were busy with their school and studies,” added the source.

Vijay Singh, Indian CEO of the company which produced Avatar, confirmed the news and said, “Shah Rukh was very excited about Avatar and the scale on which it was made. He requested another screening on Saturday so that he could watch the film again with his family. We will definitely and will decide on the venue and time today.”

(pic: manav manglani)
Minissha is being harassed with lewd calls and messages by a man with a track record of stalking actresses

By Sonal Chawla (MUMBAI MIRROR; November 11, 2009)

Yesterday, we reported that Katrina Kaif was being hounded by a stalker at a multiplex. Now, Minissha Lamba is being stalked by a man who has been calling and sending her lewd messages.

The man turned out to be the notorious serial stalker who has hounded a lot of popular actresses and a star wife in the past.

A source close to Minissha reveals, “The actress started receiving abusive messages and calls early this month. She blocked his number, but the man continued to call her from different numbers. The actress lodged a police complaint at the Versova Police Station after two continuous days of harassment.”

The source continues, “The SMSes sent were extremely obscene. The stalker has no control over his language and gets extremely abusive. He used to call her from different numbers, and when Minissha would not answer, he would send her abusive SMSes, asking her to pick up his call.”

DCP KMM Prasanna at Versova police station confirmed the news. He says, “Minissha has filed a non-cognizable complaint (NC) with us on November 5. We asked her if she wanted to register a police complaint. She refused and just wants us to call and threaten the stalker. We will provide all the help she requires.”

Minissha did not respond despite repeated attempts to contact her

Katrina Kaif, who thought she’d shrugged off her stalker in May, was shocked to see that he had followed her again to a multiplex recently


By Vickey Lalwani (MUMBAI MIRROR; November 10, 2009)


Katrina never seems to escape the random fans that stalk her. After two guys on a bike caused a spot of bother last month, a youngster who has been stalking Katrina since May landed up at the multiplex in Malad on Sunday where she was scheduled to promote her film.Had it not been for the alert security staff at the multiplex, Katrina might have been in trouble.

On Sunday evening, Katrina’s driver drove her to the multiplex’s service yard, where the authorities had advised her to alight, to avoid any unwanted mobbing. Only a few members of her staff were present with her. However, as soon as Katrina stepped out of her car, the stalker sprung out of nowhere and started hollering her name. Katrina froze in her tracks, but the multiplex’s guard who was escorting her thought that he was a part of her entourage.

Katrina however, was quick to identify the stalker. He had showed up at her residence twice in May. “She quickly alerted the security about him. She told them he was the same guy who had showed up at her house,” a witness said.

A pale Katrina was soon whisked away to safety by the officials. “The security soon swung into action and handled the stalker well. They kicked him off the premises,” the witness added.

When the officials asked Katrina if she wished to file a legal complaint, Katrina refused. The witness said, “She said that she stays alone and doesn’t want any complications. After all, the guy has been arrested before for a similar offence. She chose to let it pass.”

Shunali Shroff, Head of Corporate Communications of the multiplex, confirmed the unpleasant incident and said, “Yes, there was a guy who was stalking Katrina. Our security made sure that he did not get near her. She was our guest and it was the least we could do.”

Katrina said, “Yes, he was the same guy who had come to my house. He keeps following me and reached the multiplex this time. The police have warned him to stay away from me, but he does not understand. I don’t know what he wants. It’s terribly disturbing.”

The background

The stalker is apparently in his late 20s. In May 2009, he was seen hanging outside Katrina’s building for some time, but initially nobody cared much about this. However, the situation got out of control when one morning he went inside the building and told Katrina’s domestic help that Katrina had called him to meet her. But Katrina was fast asleep. The stalker again visited Katrina’s house in the evening, but realising that the man needed medical help as he was behaving and talking in a strange manner, the actress’ manager called the cops. Later, the stalker was freed after a strict warning. Reportedly, this stalker’s nuisance also led Katrina to talk to the building authorities and increase the security of her apartment with immediate effect. After the police freed him, the stalker again reached Katrina’s building and was seen hanging around.

BOOKED! Salman Khan at a theatre ticket counter in Delhi. For more pictures of the actor, log on to http:// photogallery.indiatimes.com

That’s what people said to Sallu selling tickets at the BO

AYANDRALI DUTTA Times News Network (BOMBAY TIMES; October 29, 2009)

When people went to get the advance tickets for the Salman Khan-Ajay Devgn-Asin starrer London Dreams at a multiplex in Daryaganj in Delhi, they had to jostle way more than the average crowd that gathers at theatres for advance bookings. One reason for that could have been that the guy selling tickets at the ticket window was Sallu bhai himself ! Although the superstar arrived three hours late to open the advance booking for the film, the enthusiasm of the thousand-strong crowd seemed undimmed, and it became difficult even for the police to control it. But Sallu was undaunted, and with his trademark nonchalance, said, “Yehi Dilli hai!”
The strange part was that the crowd that followed Salman was mainly male. But why? “Arre, anyone can be my fan,” he said with a smile. Remembering the days when he himself went to the movies in crowded theatres, Salman said, “I had watched Arjun, starring Sunny Deol. I must say, what a crowd it drew.” That’s from one crowd-puller to another, but Delhi moviegoers are surely not throwing away one particular ticket they bought for this movie!