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ACTION PACKED: (Above) Fardeen Khan and Dia Mirza; (below) Irrfan Khan

That’s what the total entertainer releasing tomorrow is going to be

SHARIN WADER BUTANI Times News Network (BOMBAY TIMES; October 8, 2009)

According to Sanjay Gupta, his film Acid Factory that’s releasing nationwide on October 9, is not just an outand-out action thriller — it’s a total entertainer. “When we held a screening, we were surprised to see people laugh. The film’s got black humour which I had not realised earlier and the music is simply superb,” said the filmmaker, who is presenting the film along with Mumbai Mantra, which has entered the big league of B’wood studios with Acid Factory.
“All six actors — Irrfan Khan, Dia Mirza, Fardeen Khan, Aftab Shivdasani, Manoj Bajpayee, Dino Morea and Danny Denzongpa, have added a clear definition to their roles,” said Mumbai Mantra CEO Andrey Purushottam, adding, “Bollywood action has come of age and this film proves just that.”

The one person who had the time of his life working inside this “factory” was director Suparn Verma. “If
the cast and crew, while shooting the scenes, thought that they could have probably died, then let me tell you… they could have! The scenes were dangerous,” said Suparn. There’s not a single place in Cape Town where they’ve not blown a car or had a helicopter chase. “By the time we had completed shooting, the place looked like a war zone,” laughed Suparn, giving all the credit to action director Tinu Verma.

Dia Mirza, who has surprised all with her daredevil acts, said, “I
insisted on doing the stunts myself. I’ve proved that I can kick some butt too!” she said. Irrfan had other reasons for signing the film. He said, “I asked the director, ‘You think this will work, the critics will like the film?’ He said, ‘NO’. So I said, ‘Hell, man, let’s do it’.”

Fardeen is confident that the film will keep audiences at the edge of their seats. “The plot is such that you don’t know what the other person is going to do next,” said the actor.

Gupta summed up his film by saying, “Acid Factory moves at two speeds — fast… and faster!”




READY FOR SOME ACTION? (From top left) Sanjay Gupta, Dino Morea, Suparn Verma; (below from left) Dia Mirza, Fardeen Khan, Andrey Purushottam and Aftab Shivdasani

THE DARK SIDE OF LIFE-That’s what Sanjay Gupta’s sleek thriller is about, say its eclectic cast

SHARIN WADER Times News Network (BOMBAY TIMES; July 13, 2009)

Sanjay ‘Dude’ Gupta has several reasons to be happy. Firstly, he’s remarried his sweetheart and former wife Anu Lekhi; and, secondly, his much-awaited film Acid Factory will hit theatres on September 4. “Main apna honeymoon Acid Factory mein mana raha hoon,” joked the producer when asked where he had taken his wife on a holiday. But Anu’s not complaining, for her husband’s created an even bigger extravaganza after Kaante. “It’s what White Feather Films is known for — sleek and stylised films,” said Gupta. He’s got some cast in this one — Fardeen Khan, Irrfan Khan, Danny Denzongpa, Manoj Bajpai, Dino Morea, Aftab Shivdasani and Dia
Mirza — the only woman
in an all-male, high-octane action film distributed by Mumbai Mantra.

“Ever so often, one film will bring about a catharsis. To have a near death-experience and suddenly see
things, even the simplest of things as if for the first time, this is that film,’’ said Dia, who floored action director Tinu Anand by pulling off death-defying stunts with ease. But Gupta said it’s Irrfan’s character one should watch out for. Whereas Irrfan said he signed the film because he found that director Suparn Verma had no formula and was not sure how the critics and BO would respond to it. “That’s when I told him, ‘Hell man, let’s do it,’” said the actor.

This is an edge-of-the-seat thriller which is as racy and entertaining as a Hollywood
thriller, but devoid of Bollywood’s naach gaana, and with just the title track and background music. “When I read the script, I couldn’t speak. Two hours later, I couldn’t stop talking about it. It’s so fired up with explosive ideas and killing humour. It compels you to have dangerous thoughts,’’ said Manoj to which Dino added, “The challenge of doing a film so daring in content and approach was irresistible to me.”

The script fired Danny’s imagination, too. “It’s great but tricky too. It’s the kind of film which is worth making,” he said. If Aftab said, “I didn’t choose this film, the film chose me,” Fardeen’s explanation was, “It’s an excuse to live your dark side. The side you never express. The side that puts you in jail. The side that wakes you up with a pounding heart.”
The distributor’s CEO Andrey Purushottam, too, is kicked about Acid Factory. “I think the action genre in Indian cinema has finally come off age. This is easily the fastest-paced action thriller that Bollywood has ever seen. It is taut with suspense. You will need to be a Houdini to navigate the twists and turns in the plot!” he said.