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Ranbir describes his break with Deepika as just a rough patch even as he reveals he would like to get back with her

By Mumbai Mirror Bureau (December 04, 2009)

Love stories rarely ever tread a smooth path and the Ranbir Kapoor-Deepika Padukone relationship is no exception. The couple, who have been together for nearly two years, are currently going through what Ranbir describes as a “rough patch”.

Everyone expected sparks to fly between Ranbir and his Anjana Anjani co-star Priyanka Chopra when they were shooting recently in Bangkok. “But,” say sources, “Ranbir was too much into his own space to even notice his glamourous co-star. He spent most of his time, when not shooting, either at the gym or taking walks and visiting malls.” Obviously his heart was somewhere else.

Deepika Padukone Ranbir Kapoor

Will they get back together? “I hope so,” says Ranbir with a smile.

This should be music to Deepika’s ears. She, we hear, is equally miserable away from Ranbir. If they got together again, the plus is that she wouldn’t have to hide her tattoo anymore.

Nandita Das is dating industrialist Subodh Maskara

By Mumbai mirror bureau (November 21, 2009)

Looks like love has come calling again for Nandita Das.The winsome actress who has won much national and international acclaim both as an actress and director is now seeing Subodh Maskara, an industrialist based out of Mumbai.

Nandita married her long time friend Saumya Sen some years back but is now divorced from him. Subodh has been married earlier too.

The couple is looking to buy a home together and have been spotted looking at flats in the Madhuli Building at Worli, itself famous as the building in which Harshad Mehta had several flats.

The 40-year-old Nandita has always been unconventional in her choice of films and has never shied away from controversial roles like Fire (1996).

Close friends Nana Patekar and Prakash Jha had a heated argument on the sets of Rajneeti; Nana stormed out of the sets and refuses to be placated despite repeated attempts by Jha

By Mumbai Mirror Bureau (October 30, 2009)


Prakash Jha Nana Patekar

The hotheaded Nana Patekar fought with his closest friend, director Prakash Jha, while they were shooting together in Bhopal for Rajneeti. On Wednesday afternoon, the two had a serious fight on the sets following which Nana walked out of the sets. Since then, all attempts by Jha to convince Nana and cool him down have been in vain.

A source from the sets said, “No one knows what exactly happened because of which Nana completely lost his cool. The two were discussing some scenes when an argument ensued as Nana had a different take on the scenes while Prakash Jha had another opinion on how to shoot them. The discussion soon turned into a long and heated argument and eventually led to a big fight.”

According to the source, the fight turned ugly and abusive in front of the entire unit and it reached a stage where Nana grabbed Prakash Jha’s collar. However, better sense prevailed and Nana stormed off the sets and reached his hotel room from where he booked his tickets to Mumbai. In the evening, Prakash Jha called up Nana to placate him but he refused to budge. All attempts by unit members to convince Nana not to go to Mumbai failed and Nana is in no mood to shoot for the film.

Commenting on Nana’s remaining portions in Rajneeti, another source said, “Many vital scenes with Nana still have to be shot and Prakash Jha is worried about what will happen next. Whatever happens, Nana has sworn that he won’t work with Jha again.”

Jha confirmed the news that he and Nana had a serious quarrel on Wednesday after which Nana stormed out of the sets. “But this is not the first time that Nana has done this, or is it? Difference of opinions toh hote hi rehte hain. He still has to shoot for the film. I don’t know if he doesn’t want to work with me anymore. You’ll have to ask him because he hasn’t said so to me.”

Nana Patekar remained unavailable for comment.

Sharman Joshi steals the show in 3 Idiots, Aamir demands that the balance should tilt in his favour when the film is being edited

By Mumbai Mirror Bureau (October 29, 2009)

There’s tension brewing between the formidable Aamir Khan and his 3 Idiots director Rajkumar Hirani. The root cause is none other than Aamir’s unassuming, but talented co-star Sharman Joshi.


Joshi who was last seen playing Aamir’s Delhi-campus buddy in Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra’s Rang De Basanti has walked away with the film, leaving poor Aamir less than happy. Aamir has asked Rajkumar Hirani to turn things around at the edit table. Whether the director complies with the demand remains to be seen.

In his defence, sources from the film’s crew say the tilt and imbalance between Aamir and Sharman’s role was not on the cards when the film was conceived.

Says the source, “It just happened. Aamir has no problem being part of an ensemble cast, or even playing a secondary part. If you remember Aamir made an entry in his production Taare Zameen Par at intermission point. Even in RDB, Siddharth had the most powerful role.”

So what seems to be the problem? Continues the source, “Sharman’s role and performance have turned to be quite different from the way Aamir had perceived it. Mind you, he has no problems with Sharman walking away with the film.” And no one is sure how the film tilted in Sharman’s favour.

Rajkumar Hirani

Now when the much-awaited film is less than two months from release, Rajkumar Hirani wants no friction within his team.

Says the source, “Raju is a peace-loving man. He doesn’t want friction under any circumstance. And certainly not with Aamir whom he respects and holds in the greatest esteem. But we can’t really blame any of the three parties, Aamir, Sharman or the director for the way things have turned out.”

By Mumbai Mirror Bureau (MUMBAI MIRROR; September 26, 2009)

Actor Shiney Ahuja outside the court on Friday

The Sewri fast-track court on Friday directed jail authorities to provide immediate medical relief to actor Shiney Ahuja, who is behind bars for allegedly raping his maid, after his application seeking treatment.

Following a slip disc, Ahuja was seen crying and wincing in pain when produced in court. Thirty-six-year-old Ahuja, who was unable to walk, was assisted into the courtroom by two constables. He was later brought outside and made to sit on a bench where he lay down, quivering, following which his lawyer Sameer Nangre moved a plea seeking medical treatment at the earliest.

The court directed jail authorities to provide the actor immediate medical relief and shift him to J J Hospital, if necessary, for further treatment. The court was expected to pass an order on Friday on an application filed by Ahuja’s lawyer seeking copies of the forensic report, but the matter was adjourned to October 7.

Katrina Kaif outsmarts Ranbir Kapoor while performing stunts, which has earned her the nickname ‘Rambo ki sister Sambo’
By Mumbai Mirror Bureau (MUMBAI MIRROR; September 26, 2009)

It’s not very often that you see a heroine outdo the hero while performing stunts. But, Katrina proved to be a tough cookie and outsmarted Ranbir during the shoot of their forthcoming film, Ajab Prem Ki Gazab Kahani. Now, after this incident, Ranbir has christened Katrina ‘Rambo ki sister Sambo’.

According to our source who was present during the shoot, “Ranbir was pleasantly surprised that Katrina is not a delicate beauty, but also a toughie when it comes to performing stunts. During one of the scenes in Goa where Ranbir and Katrina had to get off from a jet ski onto a ladder hanging from a 200 ft overhead bridge, Ranbir was amazed at the speed Katrina did the stunt, while he was struggling with the same. Katrina, according to the eyewitnesses, surpassed Ranbir’s expectations much to the surprise of the actor.”

Confirming this incident, Katrina said, “Ranbir comes up with these funny lines sometimes.”

Ranbir was candid, “Katrina was so good in the action scenes that i actually named her ‘Rambo ki sister Sambo.”

With Katrina pulling a smart one on Ranbir this time around, lets hope Ranbir has better luck next time.

Karan Johar will launch his own clothing line soon. Not surprisingly, Shah Rukh Khan will be the show stopper
By Mumbai Mirror Bureau (September 02, 2009)
Karan Johar has always had an abiding interest in fashion, whether it is as a designer for Shah Rukh Khan and other male stars or whether it is choosing his own clothes. In fact, he has often confessed to having so many clothes that he needs a whole separate apartment to accommodate them. A fact that he surely will keep in mind when he buys his next (sea facing) apartment.

While on the subject of clothes, he also confesses to having jeans and shirts in all sizes for the very unwelcome event that he might one day become fat again. “The trouble is, that in my mind I am still a fat boy,” he admitted ruefully, one day.

And so it comes as no surprise at all to hear that Karan has now decided to launch his own clothing line in collaboration with Varun Bahl. Reportedly, it will be launched on October 16 at the couture week which will be on at that time. And we hear that while Imran Khan and Ranbir Kapoor will open the showing, the show stopper will be, but naturally, Shah Rukh Khan with Gauri Khan being the only female model.

Karan Johar confirmed that he was launching his own line with Varun Bahl. “I have been designing for Shah Rukh Khan for 12 years and it is a given that he will be part of my first collection. It will be a menswear collection and will have several other elements which will be a pleasant surprise but I am still in the process of finalising these and so can’t comment at the moment,” he said.

The line will be called ‘Karan Johar with Varun Bahl’

Kim Sharma to marry her Spanish lover, Carlos Marin in February next year

By Mumbai Mirror Bureau (August 25, 2009)

Carlos Marin

Kim Sharma

After kissing several frogs in the hope that they’d metamorphose into Prince Charming, Kim Sharma has finally got lucky. Buzz is that Kim is all set to tie the knot in February 2010. The saucy Mohabbatein actress, who was earlier involved with cricketer Yuvraj Singh, was heartbroken after the ugly break-up till she started dating Spanish singer, Carlos Marin.

Our source says, “Kim travels quite often and it was on one such getaway that she met Carlos. Carlos was sure of his feelings in no time and couldn’t wait to marry her.” A tad superstitious, Kim has been rather tight-lipped about the wedding preparations that are believed to be on in full swing.

Being pursued by the professional Spanish singer, who is a frontline vocalist and is part of the successful Spanish band, Il Divo, was enough to make Kim forget her broken heart. She didn’t shy away from a long term commitment when her Spaniard proposed marriage recently. Of late, Kim has been busy shopping, stacking up on designer labels and verbal invites have already been sent out to the couple’s closest friends. “All her friends living abroad have been informed well in advance so that they can make the necessary arrangements to be present for the wedding,” says the source.

The source adds, “Kim’s dividing her time between Mumbai and Madrid where her husband-to-be resides.” One decision that took all of Kim’s friends by surprise was her decision to permanently shift base to Spain. “Carlos has a promising career unlike Kim’s acting career, which has been declining steeply. It’s only practical that she moves to Spain post-marriage for good,” says the source.

Despite repeated attempts, Kim, who was busy trousseau shopping in Madrid, remained unavailable for comment.

Sure looks like Kim’s going to have her happy ending after all.

Himesh Reshammiya went through surgery for his vocal chords, can now sing in two voices
By Mumbai Mirror Bureau (July 29, 2009)

Himesh Reshamiya

Is Himesh Reshammiya going the Michael Jackson way? The limelight can be demanding, and the intense need to stay in the spotlight seems to have gripped Himesh. He has experimented with numerous looks and given in repeatedly to hair transplants. Now he has pushed the limits further by undergoing vocal surgery.

Himesh has quietly put himself through surgery a couple of months ago and added one more voice, apart from his nasal voice. He has now become the only singer to have two completely different voices and the new voice will be heard in his forthcoming films. He has already recorded songs in his new voice.

Our source said, “Himesh wanted to do something different and after numerous experiments with his looks and his hair, he recently had an operation for his vocal chords. Apart from his nasal voice, he has now added a different voice which is a base middle octave. This way, he will have two distinct voices and anybody who indentifies him with his style will never be able to say that the other voice is also his. The surgery happened in South Africa when he was shooting for Kajraare and it took close to two hours. It is a closely guarded secret and Himesh doesn’t want anyone to know about it.”

Well, he didn’t account for Mumbai Mirror’s super sleuthing skills!

The source further said, “This new voice will be heard in all his forthcoming films – Ishk Unplugged, Radio, Kajraare and A New Love Isshtory. The strategy is that Himesh will  perform live at the music release of Radio a few weeks down the line where he will sing in his new voice. The voice is extremely good and the songs that he has recorded are sure to work with his fans.”

Himesh remained silent (in both voices) on the subject.

John Abraham has been closely bonding with socialite and jewellery designer Paulomi Sanghavi
By Mumbai Mirror Bureau (July 28, 2009)

John Abraham

John Abraham has been going steady with girlfriend Bipasha Basu for years now. However, John is now coasting on a huge popularity wave. Naturally, he is attractive bait for  women.

Rumour has it that he seems to have developed a close friendship with jewellery designer Paulomi Sanghavi. She has her own store in Mumbai and moves with the swish set, boasting of clients like Laila Khan and Manisha Koirala. It is but natural that their paths may have crossed.

In the fickle world of Bollywood, relationships are transient and rumours abound. John and Paulomi met through common friends and seem to have hit it off.

Paulomi Sanghavi

Though you may not see the two wining and dining, rumour has it that they get along like a house on fire.

But, of course, one can always have many ‘good friends’.