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Priyanka Chopra wants to be cast opposite Abhishek Bachchan again, extends the olive branch through messages to Rohan Sippy

By Sonal Chawla (MUMBAI MIRROR; January 05, 2010)

Priyanka Chopra is a sharp woman with a firm business head on her shoulders. Knowing that her jodi with Abhishek Bachchan had proved to be popular, she sees no reason to let a little tiff come in the way of another hit together. So, she has decided to extend the olive branch to Bachchan Jr. The actress has been sending feeler messages to Rohan Sippy to be cast in his next opposite Abhishek Bachchan.

The Abhishek-Priyanka jodi became quite a hit in Rohan Sippy’s Bluffmaster. The duo worked in a couple of movies thereafter and was appreciated. But it may be recalled that the friendly bonding between the two had been strained last year at a film award event when the two wanted to dance to the same number and a misunderstanding ensued.

Abhishek, who had even jokingly called Priyanka his heartthrob on national television in the past, hadn’t taken kindly to Priyanka’s obstinate behaviour at the event, and thereafter the two never crossed paths again.

A source reveals, “Priyanka has sent feelers to Rohan and is keen to work on this project. She has heard the gist of the script and she liked it. Moreover, Abhishek Bachchan’s presence has attracted her to the film. She finds him fabulous as an actor and loves their on-screen pairing.”

The director, of course, takes the diplomatic route. Rohan says, “I would definitely love to work with Priyanka, as she is a fabulous actress and I really enjoyed working with her. However, I have not yet approached anyone for the female lead for this film till I lock in some other critical casting.”

Even if he hasn’t made up his mind, has Priyanka been artfully bringing herself to his attention? He says, “That’s totally flattering. She is one of my favourite actors.”

In the ultimate fashion nightmare, Priyanka Chopra and Amrita Rao were seen wearing the same outfit, though on different occasions

By Vickey Lalwani (MUMBAI MIRROR; December 08, 2009)

They are social butterflies, so whatever they wear is captured by the paparazzi. Even second-hand style, as is the case with Priyanka Chopra’s latest ‘gown’. In fact, ‘gown’ are the days when exclusivity was the mantra if this Seeta aur Geeta mishap is anything to go by. What makes it more amusing is that the me-too attempt is not by the lesser of the duo, Amrita Rao, but by the style icon herself. After all, fashion ka hai yeh jalwa…

Priyanka Chopra wore an outfit to a swish party held on Friday, which Amrita Rao had worn on national television ten days ago. Worse still, Priyanka is apparently not even aware of her faux-pas. The most interesting aspect of this The Devil wears MHADA botch-up is that the same fashion designer, Swapnil Shinde, had supplied outfits to both the women.

Confirming this, Swapnil claimed, “Woh Priyanka wala outfit mera diya hua tha. She was very happy with it. Her stylist called me up from the party and said that Priyanka was getting a lot of compliments for that outfit.”

Going back, Swapnil said, “Actually, Priyanka called me up and asked for an outfit for the party. Luckily, I had three or four outfits in gold ready. I often keep clothes for her ready. I know her well from Fashion days.”

Admitting that the outfit worn by Amrita on the TV show was also supplied by him, Swapnil added, “I didn’t even consider whether it will work for Priyanka since Amrita has worn it on a television show. Television shows and events are two different ball games.”

Priyanka Chopra Amrita Rao

Swapnil however denied that Priyanka had worn exactly the same outfit as Amrita. “I have three four dresses of that same design,” he claimed.

Is Priyanka happy after reading this, Swapnil? We don’t think so. She did not revert when we sent her a text message asking for a reaction.

But Amrita did shoot back, saying, “Well, I guess Priyanka wasn’t aware I had worn the very same outfit on the show. Or probably she really liked the outfit so much that it didn’t bother her much whether it was exclusive or not. Priyanka looks like a diva whatever she wears.”

Kareena Kapoor has asked Karan Johar to edit out the reel which has her love making scene from the Kurbaan print which will be shown to her mother, Babita, and Babita’s friends

By Meena Iyer (MUMBAI MIRROR; November 17, 2009)

Kareena Kapoor’s love-making scene in Kurbaan with her boyfriend Saif Ali Khan has been the talking point for months on end.

Even on their recent show Date with Kurbaan on national television, Karan Johar who is the producer of the film asked Kareena point-blank whether she would have done such an intimate scene with any of her other male co-stars. And Kareena replied that she may have done it but it wouldn’t be quite as explicit as it is now.


She also said that the reason why she agreed to do it was because it was integral to the script and that she was happy that director Rensil D’Silva had done it so aesthetically. She added that knowing Saif in real life made things just a wee bit easy. “But at the end of day, Saif and I are professional actors and would do whatever a script demands from us,” she said.

Having said all this, one would have thought that the reigning Bollywood diva would be blasé about the whole affair. However, news has it that after watching the cast and crew trial of Kurbaan at Yash Raj Studios on November 12, Kareena, who was very nervous about the bare-back scene, actually put in a request to her friend and film-maker Karan Johar asking him to delete the love-making scene in just the one show which would be attended by her mother Babita and her friends.

A nervous Bebo wasn’t sure how her mother would react to seeing her do something so bold on-screen. She admitted that she was indeed nervous of her mother’s reaction. “I asked Karan if he could hide that one reel only from mom’s trial,” said the young actress.

However, Karan is said to have pacified his lead actor and told her she has no reason to be afraid.

Karan is also said to have told her in jest, “Shut up Bebo, and go take a walk.  I’m doing no such thing.”

Kareena is of course in Sydney at this point shooting for Karan’s Step Mom with Kajol.  But those close to her say that right till the time she boarded her flight, the thing that topped her mind was how her immediate family would react to this one scene in Kurbaan.

Guess the physical distance between Mumbai and Sydney will help ease Bebo’s nervousness.

Babita Karan Johar
Katrina Kaif was in no mood to wish her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan on her birthday and didn’t care if the world knew about it

By Kunal M Shah (MUMBAI MIRROR; November 02, 2009)

Ranbir and Katrina

Yesterday afternoon, the usually affable Katrina Kaif made her displeasure apparent by flatly refusing to wish Salman Khan’s former girlfriend Aishwarya Rai on her birthday. That too on national television.

Katrina was in the midst of giving television interviews with good friend Ranbir Kapoor for their film, Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani. During the course of one of the interviews at Mehboob Studios, a reporter suddenly asked Ranbir to give a sound byte to wish Aishwarya on her birthday. Ranbir gladly obliged by wishing Aishwarya warmly. When the reporter asked Katrina to wish Aishwarya, Katrina told the reporter that she doesn’t need to wish the actress as Ranbir has already done the needful. Certainly a clever way of masking her vexation on being asked to wish Salman’s ex-girlfriend.

Aishwarya Rai

As soon as the interview ended, Katrina, who had kept a tight check on her anger, stormed out of the studio floor and rushed into her vanity van. She refused to come out for 45 long minutes. Guess she wanted some much-needed space to calm down.

One thing is for sure, Katrina is slowly but surely learning that being one of the most successful actresses in Bollywood requires a healthy balance between friends and rivals.