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Kunal M Shah (MUMBAI MIRROR; November 21, 2009)

Neetu Chandra’s father Umesh Chandra Shrivastava passed away last evening.

He was 60 years old and was suffering from cancer since a long time. He was admitted to a hospital in Mumbai where he breathed his last.

He is survived by his daughter, Neetu, and two sons.

A man threw himself at Neetu Chandra’s car in a drunken stupor in Cape Town on Sunday. Co-stars Sanjay Dutt and Sunil Shetty rushed to help
By Kunal M Shah (MUMBAI MIRROR; August 19, 2009)

Neetu Chandra

Currently in Cape Town, South Africa, for a shoot, Neetu Chandra was in for a terrible shock on Sunday night as a drunk threw himself at her car, injuring himself gravely. Sanjay Dutt and Sunil Shetty, her co-stars in the film, No Problem, rushed to the spot to sort out the matter and soothe Neetu’s frayed nerves.

Our source from the unit of No Problem said, “Neetu was on her way back from the sets to her hotel room on Sunday night when suddenly this drunk lunged in front of her speeding car, crashing against the windscreen.

He was severely injured. Neetu and her driver were in a complete state of shock and she didn’t know what to do. As a crowd started gathering, a crying Neetu called Sanjay to handle the chaos. Sanjay rushed to the spot with Sunil in tow and took stock of the situation. They spoke to the cops and had the injured man sent to the hospital.”

Sunil Shetty and Sanjay Dutt

Anees Bazmee, the director of No Problem confirmed that the accident took place, while Neetu said, “Sunil and Sanjay handled the situation well. I am really thankful to the two. If it were not for them, I wonder what would’ve happened to me. I was so scared on Sunday, that recalling the incident still gives me goose bumps.”

The injured man is currently recuperating in the hospital in Cape Town.

neetuUntil now, everyone has had their say… it’s my turn now.

The media has a say in every action around us. It is the shadow that follows well-known people. Till now, you will recall no controversy about me — none that was blown so out of proportion. Today the press talks about this shoot that I did for a magazine called The Man. The shoot has been given many names including “Lesbian Shoot”. It was interrupted by the MNS because it was found too hot for Indian men to digest. And, never done in the history of Indian cinema.

Well, what would you call the sculptures in the caves of Ajanta and Ellora, a place where tourists from all over the world visit? What would you call these works of art where two beautiful females bodies come into contact with each other, posing for an artist to create an exquisite work of art?

I am sure that if technology was advanced in those days we would have photographs as well. Does that mean those women were lesbians? Don’t you appreciate the beauty of their body language? Are we not proud of our heritage? Do we not promote these as a must-see destination? Do you find these caves outrageous? If you do, then I would give you all the right to call my photo shoot outrageous, steamy or whatever.

See my pictures carefully. Do you see any lip locks here? Any body rubbing pictures? This is just a contemporary adaptation of Ajanta and Ellora. It’s only about my expressions. Check it out. Instead of those provocative expressions, if I had just laughed or smiled, it may have well been a volleyball or a basketball lying next to me.

Who are the people who are against it? And why? What’s wrong with it? Do you not like it? Ask yourself. I guess it’s time to come out of your hypocritical shell. Even if you think it was a lesbian shoot, so what? It’s fiction. Charlize Theron played a lesbian in Monster and it won her an Oscar. Does that make her one? I would love to play Charlize Theron’s role anytime. Go watch the movie, guys. You will be surprised.

I read an article where men from Bollywood reacted to the photo shoot. These were people ranging from Rahul Dholakia to Ken Gosh and Jag Mohan Mundra to Madhu Manatana and many more. Read what they have to say:

Rahul Dholakia: I saw the shoot, and I thought it was an interesting concept and a good marketing tool. It’s bold but not obscene.

Ken Gosh: It’s quite an interesting concept! Great going!

Jag Mohan Mundra: I think it’s quite beautiful and provocative. Her body language is defiant; celebrating raw female sexuality.

Suparn Verma: More woman power! She looks fabulous and the pictures are aesthetically done. I think the moral police should take a nap!

Every one has praised the shoot. So then, where are the people who have a problem with it? People from the industry, people who know me, people who don’t know me – every one has just loved the pictures.

As an actor, ‘Garam Masala’ gave me a launch pad, ‘Traffic Signal’ gave me recognition, ‘Oye Lucky, Lucky Oye’ gave me establishment, ’13 B’ gave me critical acclaim. But this controversy has given me my individuality. It has helped me to graduate to another level. I have found supporters who not only appreciate just my acting, but also appreciate my glam side. As an actor this is how I am willing to push the boundaries of my profession.

I do agree that I have loads to learn but with experience, every project of my life has taught me to face the world with confidence and — most importantly — with positivity. I take this controversy, which is a risk for my own image, bravely. At least I am happy that I am not in a controversy where I am breaking a home or a marriage. I am not having a rollercoaster ride with a series of men just to be in the news. I am not in the news for being with somebody for the longest time and then breaking off in a second for reasons that are known. Maybe it’s just not my cup of tea to be in a relationship and still be seeing other men.

I am in the centre of a controversy, which became national news overnight for reasons that are known. Those being that it’s too hot for Indian men to handle. Is it? Or would you agree that it was always a fantasy to see two female bodies together?

I stand by what I did, and always will. I don’t see anything wrong in it. Doing a photo shoot like this doesn’t take away my talent. It won’t change me as an actor. It won’t divert me from hard work, dedication and respect towards my profession. I know if I lose any of these threads I won’t have any business being here.

This shoot has actually made me complete as an actor — with no inhibitions, and it should have happened a long time ago. As they say every thing happen for the best and everything has a reason. I am glad this has happened to me. Today I am approached by the best and the most talented directors for reasons that are known. They know now that I would fit the bill for any role. All thanks to destiny. Everything happens for our own good. So be positive as that is the one thing I believe in and that’s my strength.


By Joginder Tuteja, May 26, 2009 – 17:18 IST

Neetu Chandra

Neetu Chandra’s ‘woman-on-woman’ photo shoot has literally created a storm. Leave aside the protests (or the lack of them), the fact remains that the pictures have been noticed by one and all (though quite a few also deny having looked at them, but more on that later) and the Garam Masala girl who got ‘lucky’ with an unlucky number ’13’ quite recently has now moved up from a ‘Traffic Signal‘ to Page 1 across National Dailies as well as prime slots on news channels.

Joginder Tuteja catches up with quite a few industry men and tries to gauge their reaction on Neetu’s photo shoot. While doing so, we came across an interesting trend. While majority of top line actors (names withheld) either refrained from commenting at all or evaded the query by stating – ‘I am yet to look at the pictures’, quite a few Bollywood filmmakers were game to share their views around the photo shoot. This is what they had to say:

Ken Ghosh Ken Ghosh – “It’s quite an interesting concept! Great going!”

Shirish Kunder – “Awesome. In fact I thought it was a little restrained. They should have gone out a little more.”

Rohit Jugraj – “I think it’s very awesome and gutsy on Neetu’s part to go ahead with such bold and sensuous pictures. Times are changing and we should pay heed. They say cinema is a reflection of the changing society and if the world can have a festival like Moondance (a gay and dance film festival), we can at least celebrate freedom of expression in cinema. I have always had a script about two women, a pack of cigarettes and a road trip in mind, though that script of mine is not about lesbian characters but does have an intimate moment between the girls. Photo shoots like Neetu’s only prove to me that audience is ready, howsoever niche it may be. But the question is – ‘Are we filmmakers ready to handle such themes deftly with maturity and sensitively?”

Jag Mundhra Jag Mundhra – “I just checked one such picture on the net. I think it is quite beautiful and provocative. Her body language is defiant; celebrating raw female sexuality. It says – ‘As an artist I am ready to push the boundaries’. It defies the viewer to do the same. I think it is very symbolic than sexy, just like the PETA ads.”

Randeep Hooda – “Neetu’s pictures are very hot. It’s in some form or the other every man’s fantasy. It’s about time we started opening up about it (smiles). It’s a brave shoot so cheers to her!”

Rahul Dholakia Rahul Dholakia – “I saw the shoot, and while I thought it was an interesting concept and a good marketing tool, I don’t think we should give it any more importance than that. If this picture is generating any kind of controversy, I don’t think it should. It’s bold but not obscene; it’s about two women, maybe lesbians. So what?”

Piyush Jha – “Everyday I get surprised at how much further and further we are pushing the envelope of morality in India. While I am not aesthetically riveted by the pictures, I am impressed by the challenge it throws at the so called ‘norms’ of our society.”

Madhu Mantena – “I am in London and haven’t seen the pictures yet. However, would like to meet them together!”

Navdeep Singh Navdeep Singh – “Girl-girl action is always very welcome. These pictures seemed tasteful enough. There is a need and space for some eroticism in our lives. And when it’s girl-on-girl, it’s even better!!!”

Vivek Agnihotri – “We are living in time of media clutter and to get mind share, media must titillate; so a shoot like this is nothing novel. Also competition is so tough in our industry that lots of people are willing to go to any extent to be noticed. What can be a better way than shock the audiences? The picture meets both these aspirations. Neetu is talented and I am sure she is capable of shocking more with her talent and soon she will realize it.”

Suparn Verma Suparn Verma – “More woman power! She looks fabulous and the pictures are aesthetically done. I think the moral police should take a nap!”

Robby Grewal – “Neetu has liked doing the shoot and I have liked looking at the pictures. So where does the question of protests or morality come into picture? At the end of the day when an artist and a consumer are comfortable with something, there should not be a problem with everyone else. And come on, it’s not the first time that such pictures have come on print, so why are we making a hue and cry?”


By Joginder Tuteja, May 19, 2009 – 12:25 IST


While it was confirmed last week itself that Ram Gopal Varma’s much hyped and already in controversy Rann would be releasing in the month of October, the latest piece of news that has just come in is that 2nd October has been locked in as D-day for the film’s release. Considering the fact that the film comes with a volatile theme and is expected to boast of a power house drama, a Gandhi Jayanti release is obviously not just a coincidence.

“The world knows that 2nd October was the day when the Father of the Nation was born. He taught the world the power of tolerance. Now on the same day, Rann will show the world something that will make them lose their faith in this blinded tolerance to each and everything”, comes a very strong statement from an insider who wished to be unnamed.

With Rann already been in controversy due to it’s theme track ‘Jana Gana Rann‘, isn’t it’s 2nd October release adding fire to the fuel?

“To each his own”, says the source, “Why don’t we also look at the business angle of affairs. Any film would like to come over a long weekend and with 2nd October being a Friday (a National holiday), the film is already looking at an extended weekend. Which film won’t want to arrive in such productive time frame?”

However, one can’t deny the fact that by choosing 2nd October as D-day, Rann has made a smart move by making quite a few other films do a rethinking around their release strategy. With this Ram Gopal Varma film being one of the biggest to arrive this year, what with a power packed star cast spear headed by Amitabh Bachchan and well aided by others like Riteish Deshmukh, Paresh Rawal, Sudeep, Rajat Kapoor, Gul Panag, Neetu Chandra, Rajpal Yadav and Mohnish Behl, it is only bound to create ripples amongst other production houses that may be looking at bringing their film over the stated weekend.

Says a member of Rann, “The film has been shaping up exceedingly well and it will not just wake you but shock you. And please, it is not an out and out political drama per se, as is being speculated by a few out there. In fact that’s just one part of it. Believe me, when you will walk out of the film, you won’t want to move on to doing something else. Instead you will want to sit down and put your thinking cap on to retrospect on the drama that just unfolded.”

Though Ram Gopal Varma was unavailable for comment, the know-how of the industry are quite sure that he won’t miss the opportunity of bringing his topical Rann on 2nd October.


Neetu Chandra’s fear of hospitals has forced her to recuperate at home even though she has fractured her ribs
By Kunal M Shah (MUMBAI MIRROR; April 17, 2009)

Neetu Chandra

Although Neetu Chandra has fractured her ribs, she is recuperating at home and not in a hospital, as one would expect. The reason why Neetu isn’t in a hospital is because she suffers from Nosocomephobia, a fear of hospitals. Neetu is now under medical care at her residence for the next five days.

Neetu says, “I injured my ribs a couple of days ago when I was playing basketball, but I continued playing. When I was working out on Wednesday, I realised that something was terribly wrong and I told my trainer but he made me undergo rigorous training, which further aggravated the injury. On Thursday the pain got so unbearable that I was admitted to a hospital, but I kept pleading with the doctors to discharge me. One of my cousins passed away when he was admitted to a hospital and ever since, I’ve been terrified of them.”

Commenting on what will happen to her shooting schedules Neetu says, “I might have to shoot for Jagmohan Mundra’s Apartment but I have informed them and they have been sweet enough to tell me that nothing is more important than my health.”