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Singer Tochi Rainaa hospitalised for severe depression after websites give credit to singer Toshi Sabri for songs sung by the former

By Ashwini Deshmukh (MUMBAI MIRROR; May 13, 2009)

Tochi Rainaa

What’s in a name? goes the famous line by William Shakespeare. Singer Tochi Rainaa has a bitter answer to this question. For the 42-year-old singer, whose claim to fame is the song Bullee Shah from A Wednesday and O Pardesi from Dev.D, it is a simple error in names that resulted in him being admitted to the Bombay Hospital where he is undergoing psychiatric treatment.

After 28 years of complete dedication to music, Tochi finally got his first break to sing in A Wednesday followed by Dev.D. Unfortunately, his fame didn’t last long. And the reason was something as simple as a mistaken identity by a website. His friend and manager Viraj Jaiswal, who is by his side at the hospital, confirmed and said, “Due to a blunder by an irresponsible website, Tochi has suffered a lot. The credit of Tochi’s work is being given to singer Toshi Sabri, who is a reality show contestant in his early 20s. Everyone who wanted to contact Tochi Rainaa ended up calling Toshi Sabri, because of incorrect details on the website.”

When we met him at the hospital yesterday, the distraught singer said, “I’ve spent 28 years learning and researching music. I travelled not only across India but also Afghanistan and Pakistan to learn music. I’m in Mumbai since the past six years and I finally got a break in A Wednesday. After all these years of struggle, I got recognition but the website spoilt it all for me. Look at the difference in our age and the difference in our voice. I am not blaming Toshi but it’s the website that I have a problem with for giving credit for my songs to Toshi. Because of this, most of my shows and events have gone to Toshi. After so many years of hardship, it’s difficult to survive financially. My brother is suffering from TB and I don’t have any money to help him. My mother died of cancer last year.”

According to Dr Hemant Gupta and Ramona Kakkad, Tochi was admitted to the hospital on Tuesday morning. “He was brought in a state of complete distress. He has a psychiatric problem. The case of mistaken identity has resulted in a complete setback professionally and he is in a helpless situation,” said Dr Aashish Tiwari.

Toshi Sabri

Because of the mistaken identity, Tochi is left with no option but to sing jingles. Recently, he started his own band Bandagi. But it’s not enough to bring a smile to his face and the glint in his eye is missing. “We have sent a notice to the website and are demanding a compensation of Rs 2 crore for the losses suffered by Tochi. We are waiting for their reply,” said Jaiswal.

Anurag Kashyap, director of Dev.D, said, “Tochi is extremely talented. Recently, he sent me a message asking me to meet him but I was unable to do so as I was busy. Today, when I got to know that he is severely depressed and is hospitalised I feel so bad that I couldn’t meet him earlier. I want to meet Amit Trivedi (music composer of Dev.D) and discuss what I can do to help Tochi to get out of this sad situation. I wish I knew about his situation earlier.”

Despite repeated attempts, Toshi Sabri was unavailable for comment.