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SUBHASH K JHA Times News Network (BOMBAY TIMES; October 21, 2009)

If she manages to swing this, Esha Deol’s much-talked about comeback to Bollywood being launched next month on her birthday (November 2) would make history of sorts.

The film is a home production called Tell Me Oh Khuda in which Hema Malani plays the role of Esha’s onscreen mother. And, Esha’s character has four purported fathers out of whom one is her biological dad. Shades of Mamma Mia? Not quite, because
the real father in the film is a cold-blooded gangster. And Hema’s first choice for this role was her old friend and colleague Amitabh Bachchan. However, director Mayur Puri, who approached the Big B, was regretfully turned away by the great actor. “He isn’t signing any more films,” said Puri. So, a disappointed Hema reluctantly turned to husband Dharmendra for help. And Garam Dharam, who would never have given such a project a thought earlier, is reportedly on the verge of saying yes… which would mean he plays husband to Hema and father to Esha on screen!

Bollywood sources who know about this, are naturally excited, because the last time Hema and Dharmendra were seen together in a film was in 1981’s Aas Paas. Together, they have made an incredible 42 films during the 1970s and 80s, most of them super hits. And now the prospect of the family coming together in Tell Me Oh Khuda! The mahurat for Hema’s production will be on November 2. And shooting begins after that in Turkey. Of the rest of the cast, Rishi Kapoor plays one of Esha’s four fathers. Apparently Sanjay Dutt was also being considered for a role. There’s also Ruslaan Mumtaz (Teree Sang) playing Esha’s best friend and the guy helping her find her father. Will that be Dharmendra? Or will Hema have to search for a suitable actor again?

ADORABLE: Ranbir Kapoor with Katrina Kaif. For more pictures of the stars, log on to http://photogallery.indiatimes.com

…complains Ranbir Kapoor who only ‘complimented’ her in their first film

HARSHADA REGE Times News Network (BOMBAY TIMES; October 21, 2009)

He’s ‘fun loving’ and she’s ‘a person loving fun’ — that’s how Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif describe each other. The two come together for the very first time in Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani that’s produced by Ramesh Taurani for Tips Films , directed by Rajkumar Santoshi and releases on November 6. The crackling chemistry between the two is for everyone to see as they get talking about the film.

Katz takes the lead, saying, “It’s an ordinary love story about ordinary people leading ordinary lives, but told in a very unusual way.” Ranbir adds, “That’s the perfect way to describe it.” The two are on a roll pulling each others’ legs, but at the same time, they seem pretty much in sync. So what’s the secret behind the chemistry? “Chemistry is not something that two individuals have, it’s what two characters have in
a film. And it’s great that people are seeing this chemistry because this is a romantic film. I am happy that people can see it even in the promos of the film,” says Ranbir. Katz agrees with him, “If you want the same thing and if your vision is the same, then you are working as a team. That’s something that leads to great chemistry.” Obviously, they had a great time shooting together. “Katrina was constantly bullying me and I was constantly complimenting her,” says Ranbir, tongue firmly-in-cheek.

The two actors also bonded well because of their working styles. “Rajji is very specific as a director. He knows exactly what he wants and he gets his actors to do that,” Katz says. “But that doesn’t mean he’s a dictator. If we thought a scene could be done some other way, he would hear us out. We did get bound script and dialogues, but there were improvisations on the sets too,” adds Ranbir. Like Santoshi’s earlier comic caper Andaz Apna Apna, this one too looks like a mad comedy. Speaking about the film, they say that its USP is that it will appeal to a much wider audience. “It’s a blast, really. A complete entertainer,” says Ranbir. “It’s a meant for
everyone. The appeal is, definitely, wider and it’s something that people across all sections will be able to relate to,” feels Katz. But both feel that it’s not just another runof-the-mill comedy. It has a lovely story, it’s not just a bunch of jokes put together,” says Ranbir of this ghazab kahani by Tips on which they had fun working with Ramesh Taurani.


Theatre owners flay MAMK’s DTH release

Bharati Dubey | TNN (THE TIMES OF INDIA; October 21, 2009)

Mumbai: After Main Aur Mrs Khanna failed to impress at the box office, its producers released the film on DTH (direct to home) on Tuesday. The producers’ decision has upset theatre owners, who are considering taking the film off their screens.

The Rs 45-crore Prem Soni directed Salman Khan and Kareena Kapoor starrer, released last Friday, filled theatres to only about 30% of capacity. A theatre source said, “The film has not made an impression
at all. Not even Salman Khan’s effort to boost collections has helped much. That’s probably why the producers took the decision they did.”

Tata Sky premiered the film on October 20. Other DTH services plan to follow suit. Tata Sky chief marketing officer Vikram Mehra said, “It’s the first time a film is going to DTH within four days. We released What’s Your Rashee in a week. I don’t think this will affect the business of the film in theatres. DTH releases help curb piracy and earn additional revenue
for the producer.”

But theatre owners aren’t happy. They plan to meet in early November to discuss the issue, said Cinemax Cinemas vice-president Devang Sampat.

Vishal Kapur, COO of Fun Cinemas, said, “We’re contemplating pulling out the film from cinema halls.” He added, “We’ve got seven shows scheduled per day, and people aren’t going to turn up. It’s going to hurt business.”

The Aamir Khan starrer 3 Idiots is likely to be the first film to be released on DTH and in cinema halls simultaneously. Trade analyst Amod Mehra said DTH releases of new films would “kill the film industry which is already suffering due to piracy. If DTH becomes a trend the theatre business will collapse.If people can watch a movie for Rs 100, why would they go to a theatre?”

Mukesh Bhatt, who upset many by releasing satellite rights to Ghulam six months
after its release, also opposes a film going to DTH too soon. He said, “One must give space for theatrical revenues. Only then should DTH and satellite rights be released.” Sidharth Roy Kapur of UTV Producers, the distributor of Main Aur Mrs Khanna, was not available for comment.

Sohail Khan blames UTV’s hasty release for the Main Aurr Mrs Khanna fiasco. A case of blame everything, but the flawed film?

By Subhash K Jha (MUMBAI MIRROR; October 21, 2009)

Sohail Khan & Main Aurr Mrs Khanna

In a shocking disregard for all norm, UTV has allowed their Diwali release Main Aurr Mrs Khanna to be telecast on all DTH satellite television channels just three days after release (on Monday).

The film’s creative producer Sohail Khan tries to downplay his dismay as he says, “Maybe we just need to work harder. But seriously they must’ve decided to salvage whatever finances they could. I can’t blame them for it.”

However, Sohail does blame UTV for the wrong release date. He said, “Diwali was not the right time to release Main Aurr Mrs Khanna. People want to watch happy, funny films during Diwali. The middleclass doesn’t have the buying capacity for tickets for three films.”

Sohail tried hard to reason with them. He says, “I wanted it released during the Valentine week. Mrs Khanna was a romantic film and it needed to be pitched that way. During Valentine’s, we would have tied-up with vendors and sold romantic merchandise. I tried my best. But somewhere my judgment got fogged by their reasoning. They’re after all experts at finances. We were just the creative people.”

Sohail gave in to the Diwali release against his better judgment. “It was just a matter of four months. And I firmly believe it would have made a difference to our film.”

Siddharth Roy Kapur, CEO of UTV Motion Pictures, politely declined to comment.

Shekhar Kapur and Mira Nair compete for praise for the 10-part film tribute to NYC, New York, I Love You

By Subhash K Jha (MUMBAI MIRROR; October 21, 2009)

Of the celebrated coterie of internationally-acclaimed Indian filmmakers, two were pitted against each other in the recent homage to New York, titled New York, I Love You. In this 10-story tribute to the city, one film is by Shekhar Kapur, and one by Mira Nair.

Shekhar’s is a film that was originally meant to be directed by the legendary Anthony Minghella. After his sudden death in March 2008, Shekhar was roped in to direct the film written by Anthony. While Shekhar’s film is an episode featuring the veteran Julie Christie as an ageing opera singer and her interactions with a cocky bellboy (played by Shia LaBeouf) at a posh hotel, Mira’s story has Irrfan Khan playing a staunch vegetarian Gujarati who meets a pure non-vegetarian Jewish girl, played by Natalie Portman.

While critics have praised both Shekhar and Mira’s films, the tension between the two has begun to show. Mira claims she got the best reviews. “My film has been superbly received,” she says. “My film was referred to as the one that stood out.” But ask her to comment on Shekhar’s film and she goes mum. Shekhar is equally silent on Mira’s film.

However, since the New York series is dedicated to Anthony, Shekhar’s film does have a sentimental edge over Mira’s. Whatever the acclaim for both, one thing is for sure. Do not expect a joint celebration by the two Indian directors of New York, I Love You.

Shekhar Kapur

Mira Nair

Hawa Hawa, Pakistani-based singer Hassan Jehangir’s hit number from the 1980s, to be used as the promotional track of Rocket Singh

By Kunal M Shah (MUMBAI MIRROR; October 21, 2009)

Ranbir Kapoor in Rocket Singh — Salesman of the year

While Yash Raj Films is gearing up for their next release, Rocket Singh — Salesman Of The Year in December, they are also running around to get the promotional track of the film in place. They got in touch with Pakistani singer Hassan Jehangir to acquire the rights of his 1980s hit song, Hawa Hawa.

Hassan Jehangir says, “Negotiations are on. They wanted to buy all the rights of the song. However, I have told them that I don’t want to part with it entirely. I am willing to allow them to use the song provided they let me compose the modern version or they redo it themselves and let me sing it. We are constantly in touch over email and everything will be finalised soon.”

Hassan Jehangir

But hasn’t Hassan already sold the rights of the song to producer Revathy Sharma for Aap Ke Liye Hum? “Revathyji met with an accident and they are yet to get back to me after that,” says Hassan.

The spokesperson of YashRaj Films refused to comment.

Rocket Singh stars Ranbir Kapoor and Shazahn Padamsee.

srkBy Kunal M Shah (MUMBAI MIRROR; October 21, 2009)

Shazahn Padamsee who will be making her Bollywood debut opposite Ranbir Kapoor in YRF’s Rocket Singh recently met Shah Rukh Khan while shooting for a commercial with him. The young actress instantly got along with SRK and they were seen having an animated discussion about director Shimit Amin.

A source said, “One of SRK’s biggest hits was Chak De! India which was directed by Shimit Amin and now Shazahn is making her acting debut in Shimit’s Rocket Singh. Shazahn is a huge fan of SRK who spoke about several interesting incidents while shooting Chak De! India.”

spCommenting on her meeting with SRK, Shazahn said, “It was a dream-come-true for me. Shah Rukh is so humble and I have seen Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge at least 25 times and when I told him that, he gave me a bear hug and my day was made. We had a long discussion about how Shimit is always calm on the sets. We had a good laugh and I told SRK to watch my film and give me feedback about my performance.”

“I am so lucky that before I have turned 22, I have already shot with Ranbir Kapoor and Shah Rukh Khan,” she added.