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Konkona Sen Sharma and Ranvir Shorey have suddenly called off their December wedding. Is it the end of the relationship too?

By Kunal M Shah (MUMBAI MIRROR; November 25, 2009)


One of the steadiest relationships in Bollywood has gone kaput. Rumour has it that the four-year-long relationship between Konkona Sen Sharma and Ranvir Shorey has hit a rocky patch and that that their impending wedding, which was to be held in December, has been called off. The couple was living together at Oshiwara, Andheri.
A source said, “Konkona and Ranvir had been going around for quite some time and they were extremely serious about each other. Despite their hectic work schedule, Ranvir would make sure that he was always present wherever Konkona used to shoot and similarly, Konkona would always make time for Ranvir.

Everything was fine between them and they had also finalised a December wedding. However, something went wrong and the marriage has been called off, at least for the time being.”

“There is definitely something wrong between the two and there is a big question mark over the status of their relationship.  No one is aware except a few close friends and immediate family members as to what exactly led to the break-up. Both Ranvir and Konkona love their privacy and this is precisely why they never spoke about their relationship even while they were seeing each other all these years. It is highly unlikely that they will speak about their break-up,” added the source.

Another source said, “Ranvir’s entire family is based in the US and getting all of them to come together in December at such a short notice was proving to be difficult. That’s why the wedding date was never announced officially.”

Konkona did not deny the news and said, “I don’t speak about my private life.”

On the other hand, Ranvir got extremely upset and questioned us about who our source was. When asked if the news was true or not, he said, “I have no comment to make.”

Has the couple broken up for good or is it just a lovers’ tiff? Watch this space for more.


Swati Deshpande | TNN (THE TIMES OF INDIA; September 30, 2009)

Mumbai: He’s a “small-time actor’’, and while he may be no “saint’’, he’s “no rapist’’ either. This is what actor Shiney Ahuja’s lawyers said, seeking bail pending trial on charges of raping his 20-year old maid at his Andheri home one morning.

In a fresh bid for freedom after spending more than 100 days in jail, the 35-yearold actor–through his counsel Shirish Gupte along with Shrikant Shivade–said the “victim has not even used the word ‘rape’ in her statement to the magistrate regarding the June 14 incident’’. She “had no external injuries, creating doubts over her claim that she resisted him’’, they said. The complainant had called Ahuja many times from her cellphone the pre
vious night, said Gupte.

Forensic experts have said earlier that the absence of external injuries did not mean there was no rape. A woman could be forced into the act by the threat of violence, experts reasoned.

The panchnama noted that when he was arrested on June 15, Ahuja’s left wrist and right little finger had a “nail mark’’ which the actor claimed were sustained while he was working out, and not from the victim’s nails.

The DNA analysis showed no profile was obtained from the victim’s vulval swab, but did find some evidence to match Ahuja’s “control blood component’’ in one of her smear slides. “The reports fail to conclusively establish rape,’’ Ahuja’s plea said, suggesting it was “a consensual act’’.

Saying bail was a rule and not an exception as held in numerous Supreme Court judgements, Gupte said even medical evidence had “little against the actor’’. There was “no semen and blood’’
found on the victim in the panchanama on his or her clothes and at the scene of offence, he added.

Ahuja’s bail was rejected by the sessions court in July on the grounds that he may tamper with the witness because he was “rich and influential’’. But Gupte said: “How is he influential? He has just made his name in a few films. Besides she stays in Raigad district and will only come for the trial. He doesn’t know where she is.’’

The written bail plea, however, describes Ahuja as a “well-known film personality, having won several professional awards… with roots in society’’.

The hearing will continue in the court of Justice A P Deshpande on Wednesday, when the prosecutor will oppose the bail plea.

The maid had narrated the entire incident of “forcible sexual intercourse’’ to neighbours Adarsh Gupta and Sanjeet Kaur. The neighbours then took her to the police station at Oshiwara to file the complaint.

pb I’ve known Adnan Sami for over ten years now. He’s been a wonderful friend, a truly happy soul, an incredibly talented individual and a lovely human being. My father, I and even my children are extremely fond of him and his family. True friends don’t just stay for the good times. They help tide you through your bad times too. There is no greater time than this, that Adnan needs the love and support of all those that are close to him. And we stand by him, rock solid!

I feel deeply for the pain being endured by Adnan and his wonderful family. Right now he is dealing with a cancer-stricken father coupled with the demise of his grandfather whom he adored, barely a week ago. Not to mention the constant humiliation, public tamasha and hysterics he has been subjected to by Sabah Galadhari for her personal gain and vengeful reasons.
I find it shocking that someone who comes from such a super rich family with homes and assets around the world, the Galadhari family of Dubai, would make it her life’s mission to strip Adnan of the one home he has worked with blood sweat and tears to make for himself. Her penchant for drama and her bizarre barrage of frivolous charges against Adnan including of playing music loudly clearly illustrates how petty and desperate she is for creating a case for herself.
I would like to recount my encounter with Sabah in writing so I am not misquoted, and given the sensitive nature of this situation and her penchant for filing cases at the drop of a hat, I’m sure everyone will understand the need to do it this way. Adnan’s mother has had to fly back to Islamabad to bury her father who passed away last week. Adnan could not go with her to see his grandfather for the last time because he needed to stay back to look after his father who is suffering from pancreatic cancer, stricken with Hepatitis and is coughing blood. I’d been in constant touch with him and realised that he hadn’t slept a wink in the last 50 hours. I offered to watch over his dad so Adnan could get some sleep. I was sitting peacefully on the sofa reading a book while Adnan and his dad were sleeping, when Sabah barged in with her friend Lin, both of them brandishing their mobile cameras at me on record mode.
She was yelling at the top of her voice for me to get out of the house. I told her calmly that I was taking care of the dad, that she should lower her voice as uncle was extremely ill and resting and to behave with dignity. She came to me grabbed my arm and told me to leave. I very firmly told her to take her hand off me and to not touch me. She then spotted my mobile phone on the sofa next to me and lunged at it. I grabbed it in reflex and she scratched me on my arm causing two long, deep scratches. She then realised what she had done and started holding her head in a theatrical filmy style, and screaming loudly, “Oh my God! SHE ASSAULTED ME, SHE ASSAULTED ME!” I was shell shocked. I told her that I was still sitting on the sofa and hadn’t moved since she had entered. How could I have assaulted her if I hadn’t even gotten up? I had two deep scratches on my arms, she had nothing! She had assaulted me… and was now just trying to save her skin! I reminded her that everything had been caught on video and she was welcome to play it back for clarification.
She then went to another level of hysteria when I stated firmly that I was Adnan’s friend and was most concerned about him, and she started to level all kinds of ridiculous and disgusting allegations against me, attacked my mother, my children and went to the unbelievable hysterical extent of lowering her off shoulder top and exposing her breast to me to illustrate what she thought of my dress sense! Her actions almost seemed deranged.

Then the cops entered, about seven of them from the Oshiwara police station, and I showed them my deep scratches and requested them to please look at the mobile videos for clarity and proof. She then panicked and said it was not opening, thumped the phone a bit and pretended it wasn’t working. Then surprisingly she then took the police into the bedroom and showed them another video on her phone which she had taken on April 6 of Adnan and me watching a movie at home. How did it suddenly start working?

I requested the cops to please confiscate both her and her friends’ phones and check the videos taken that night which were supposedly not opening, because her false allegations of assault would be laid bare for all to see, plus they could verify with it, that she had actually assaulted me! The cops then took her off to the police station and I really hope they have kept both the phones and the many clips shot that night, and that she has not had the luxury of deleting them.

Laws are meant to be used, not misused by women. After that night’s incident I feel disgusted that such women are entitled to file under Section 498 as she has done against Adnan. The violent, vicious, hysterical and underhand behaviour exhibited by Sabah is testimony in itself as to who the aggressor in her so called marriage is. Adnan is a tender, gentle, sweet human being. His ex wife Zeba Bhaktiar, who filed many cases against him, has stood up for him too and said that irrespective of what transpired between the two of them, the one thing she would never accuse him of is violence. He’s simply not the type.

I’m sure Saba would love to use fact that I was sitting in Adnan’s home looking after his father, as a reason to sue him further and create more mountains out of molehills. I’m sure in her dramatic, fertile mind she must have already decided this is a great moment to probably brand me a “homebreaker”! Truth be told, there is no greater a home breaker than her. She has constantly kept Adnan away from his family, resented his love for his father and mother, thrown hysterical fits when they visit, thrown his 14-year-old son out of the house, refused to get into a car if his son sat in it, and isolated him from all his friends. But then should we expect any less from a woman that has apparently thrown her own mother and brother out of the family business?

Women like her are a malaise to society and families. They clearly abuse the law and trump up charges when there is no other way forward. Mine and my families’ sympathies and support for Adnan and his family are unconditional. And I truly wish them a speedy recovery from the cancer called Sabah in their lives.

–POOJA BEDI (itimes.com)