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Asin talks about rumours that Salman Khan gifted her a swanky house, why her father takes all her business decisions, and why she isn’t in touch with Aamir Khan
By Vickey Lalwani (MUMBAI MIRROR; September 14, 2009)

Why did you move out of your parents’ house and buy a new one for yourself?
I got that house at a very economical price and it was next to my parents’ house. It was simply a great deal. So why not?

Has life changed after moving?
My responsibilities have increased. But then, I was never reckless or irresponsible before I moved into my new house (laughs). I still end up sleeping at my parents’ place many times. At times, they come over and stay with me. There is no hard and fast rule about where I end my day. Anyway, I am not a person who is scared of staying alone.

Rumour has it that Salman Khan gifted your new house.
I was shooting for London Dreams when this news broke. After reading the news, Salman came up to me and said, “How do you like the new house, which I have gifted you?” Ajay Devgan and Vipul Shah couldn’t stop laughing.

What is your take on your father giving up on his businesses to manage your career?
It was entirely my dad’s decision. I didn’t have a say. Now, he handles everything related to my work. He trusts me and he didn’t react when I was linked to Salman. He has done a lot for me. I don’t know how to repay him. But I feel he should slow down a bit now. He was unwell a couple of months ago, but he is a very strong man; physically and mentally. He is taking life a bit easily now.

My mother, who is a doctor, also took voluntary retirement because she has to manage two homes here. I need her help as I travel often. I am their only child. They want me to give my best to whatever it is I want from life. I am from a very educated background, but they never forced me to follow their dreams. I can’t do without them. I call dad a ‘pillar’ and mom an ‘angel’.

Are they strict? Do you still have a deadline to reach home?
No. Even in my college days, I wasn’t a part of wild parties where people would drink or smoke.

Are you willing to use foul language or expose if a role demands it?
It depends on what comes my way. It would depend on how comfortable the people, character and the script make me feel. I believe in ‘never say never’. I don’t have any fixed rules.

Are you in touch with Aamir Khan?
No. We had a professional relationship. That’s all.

What are your parameters while deciding to sign a film?
The most important factors are script, character, director, producer, co-actor – in exactly this order. While selecting a role, I completely rely on my gut instinct.

Will marriage and kids figure in your life anytime soon?
I would like a family but right now, it’s too soon to make those plans. I would rather look at my immediate future.

Although SRK’s role has been billed as a guest appearance, he has over 50 minutes of screen time
By Kunal M Shah (MUMBAI MIRROR; August 22, 2009)
This has to be the longest guest appearance by any star in a film. Shah Rukh Khan, who was always told that he has a guest appearance in Dulha Mil Gaya, must have never thought that his role in the forthcoming film will be, hold your breath, almost one hour long in a two-and-a-half hour film.

SRK had signed the film due to his close friendship with producer Vivek Vaswani. But there have been constant reports about SRK being upset about his role getting extended so much so that it was even said that the superstar was not ready to complete the film.

Producer Vivek Vaswani clarified, “We have not added or subtracted any scenes with SRK. We have shot exactly what was narrated to him. He has about 17 scenes and three songs, and among the three, one is his entry sequence. We still have to shoot the music video with him with the entire cast. However, Dulha Mil Gaya is not a professional assignment for SRK. He has done it as a favour to a friend, hence he is getting billed in a guest appearance as that’s the ethical thing to do. Had he charged me, then the equation would have been that of a producer and actor.”

Moreover, Vaswani insists that the length of the role has got nothing to do with getting credited as a guest artist. He cites the example of Rajkumar Santoshi’s 1993 release Damini. He said, “In Damini, Sunny Deol makes his entry quite late in the film but he is as good as the hero Rishi Kapoor. Similarly, SRK enters the film in the second half but has a very powerful role. SRK’s role is wonderful and he has given an extraordinary performance. His role has been written such that he fits perfectly in the ensemble cast. His fans won’t be disappointed at all. SRK will also be a part of the publicity but only within the parameters of his role and as befits a star of his stature. But I will never market the film as an SRK film as everyone has  equally powerful roles.”