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Cracks have appeared between the once close associates Salman Khan and David Dhawan; an irked Salman refuses to let David direct him in Sanki

By Sonal Chawla (MUMBAI MIRROR; November 23, 2009)

Over the years, Salman Khan and David Dhawan have been known as one of the most successful actor-director jodis in Bollywood. Together they have given hits such as Partner, Mujhse Shaadi Karogi, Dulhan Hum Le Jayenge, Biwi No 1 and Judwaa.

However, some cracks have appeared in their relationship. Buzz is that Salman has refused to let producer Sajid Nadiadwala get David to direct the remake of the South film Kick, titled Sanki in Hindi, starring him in the main lead.

A source reveals, “Sajid has got the rights of the Telugu super hit Kick and has finalised Salman to star in it. Sajid spoke to David Dhawan to direct the film but when Salman heard that  David was being considered, he flatly refused to be a part of Sajid’s film. He is not keen to work with David and wants somebody else to direct the remake.”

The source continues, “Salman is upset with David for several reasons. He really wanted Partner 2 to take off soon but there is no sign of the film from David’s end. On the contrary, David went ahead to direct Hook Ya Crook with John Abraham, who Salman can’t stand.”

Sajid Nadiadwala says, “I acquired the rights of the film a month back. Salman will be playing the lead. I am still in the scripting process and have yet to finalise other details.”

When asked if David will direct the remake, Sajid says, “I haven’t finalised anything. David is obviously the first name that comes to mind but I haven’t spoken to him as such.” When asked about Salman refusing to have David on board, Sajid says, “I don’t speak to Salman about my directors. It is untrue and purely a rumour. David and Salman are a winning jodi and have given so many hits together. David is a veteran director and it is in bad taste if someone says that they are having problems.”David says, “Sajid hasn’t mentioned anything about directing any film.” When asked about Salman not wanting to work with him and wanting some other director instead, David says, “I haven’t even received a call from Sajid about this.  It’s best if you speak to Sajid to get all the information.”


David Dhawan

When the promos of Blue are on, you can’t take your eyes of Lara Dutta’s sculpted body. And when you sit across her, her chirpy persona and deep throated laughter keep you glued to your seat. Here’s talking with the uber glam Lara Dutta

By Kunal M Shah (MUMBAI MIRROR; October 07, 2009)

We believe that initially you didn’t want to star in Blue because you didn’t know how to swim.
The first time the producers called me, I asked them what the film was all about. They told me that it is India’s first underwater action film. They were a little shocked when I stopped them immediately. That’s when they went to Akshay and asked him, “What’s wrong with her? We offered her the most expensive film in the Hindi film industry and she refused to hear the script.” Akshay called me up and asked me, “What’s wrong with you?” I said, “Have you gone mad? You know very well that I can’t swim. Why are you wasting your time?” And he said, “Take swimming lessons.” I had severe hydrophobia. I got a coach, who taught me to take the first lap in seven swimming sessions. Then for the next three months we just learnt how to swim and breathe underwater. For me it was a sink or swim situation.

Lara Dutta

How was the experience of shooting underwater?
We swam with sharks and rode wild turtles, man eating whales, wild dolphins, we went lobster hunting, picked them up in our hand. Now, I am more comfortable below the water than on the surface.

After Partner and Jhoom Barabar Jhoom, you have signed very few films…
I don’t want to sign too many films. I am offered a lot of comedy but I don’t want it to become the only thing that I do. You need to find a balance somewhere. Most importantly, I would rather work in a set-up where I am happy, people that I like working with, not just doing a film for the sake of having a release or making money.

You were also writing a script.
I am writing. But the problem is I am bit of a perfectionist. I have written 20 drafts of it. But let’s see, I think everything has its own time.

There has been a lot of speculation about your personal life…
Yes there has been a lot of speculation about my personal life but I still want to say guys I am still single!! Tomorrow if the status changes I will make sure I let the world know about it. But at this point of time there is nothing that I can talk about. There is nobody to give importance to (laughs).

Does it disturb that you are being talked about more for your personal life than your work?
I don’t think it is disturbing. Everything comes when it is meant to come. And if anything is a burden to you then I think it’s not the right time in your life for it to happen. If there is any effort to be made then obviously the relationship is not meant to be. Tomorrow when it comes it will be effortless and it will be enjoyable.

You always spoke about Kelly but that was not the case with Dino…
Like I said, if it doesn’t have to do with my work then I really don’t see what difference it makes to anybody’s life. I think it is important for me to have something that is meaningful, and then I will talk about it. If you go out for two dinners, if you go out for two movies, it doesn’t qualify as a relationship. We are celebrities and people want to know about our lives, I think its ok. It’s part of the job.

So is your relationship with Mahesh Bhupati going through that period?
Which period are you talking about? Mahesh Bhupati’s company handles my work. That is the only relationship that I have with him.

HAVING FUN: Sushmita Sen with Lara Dutta

Sushmita Sen and Lara Dutta ignite the screen together in their new film


David Dhawan has managed a coup in getting the two Miss Universes, Sushmita Sen and Lara Dutta together as the female lead in his rib-tickling comedy Do Knot Disturb that released on October 2.

David says he has opened a fan club for the two beauty pageant winners because both of them were extremely popular on the set with the other members of the cast and crew. “I’m their fan No 1,” laughs DD. The filmmaker says, “I have worked with Sushmita in Kyon ki Main Jhooth Nahin Bolta and Biwi No 1 and I have worked with Lara in Partner. Both are stupendous actresses and their comic timing is classic.”

DD also adds that all through the making of DKD, presented by BIG Pictures and produced by Vashu Bhagnani,
the two women remained utterly professional, never once trying to upstage the other.

As for the ladies themselves, Sushmita at the DKD press conference said, “I know the press is utterly disappointed because Lara and I didn’t engage in a catfight or tried to steal each other’s thunder.
But the fact remains that we have a healthy respect for each other.”

Lara points out that this is the first time ever
that two Miss Universes have shared screen space in a film. “Our country has only two Miss Universes and if they also start fighting, it couldn’t get sadder than that! I just wish I had more screen time to share with her as we hadn’t worked together earlier and it was a fantastic opportunity. I hope people will cast us again at some other time. At least David should do it again.” As Riteish Deshmukh, who has teamed up with these sizzling beauties in DKD says, “These two are a combination of beauty and brains. And honestly, I’m richer for the experience of having worked with them. They are a treat to watch.”
— Meena Iyer


Although our tastes for film has improved manifold, we still don’t mind watching a hardcore action flick, where the hero is able to take care of more than a dozen criminals and escape unscathed. Wanted also falls in this same category. Although the film is bound with many loose ends, it still gives a thrilling experience. And Salman Khan takes the film to dizzying heights!

The story of the movie: Radhe (Salman Khan) is a one man army. He is a gangster who can do anything for the sake of money. Golden (Aseem Merchant), who works under Singapore-based Gani Bhai (Prakash Raj) invites Radhe to join his gang. Radhe becomes a part of Gani Bhai’s gang and nearly at the same time, falls for Jhanvi (Ayesha Takia). The eyes of Inspector Talpade (Mahesh Manjrekar), a corrupt cop at a nearby police station fall on Jhanvi and he desires to make her his mistress. Radhe then begins eliminating the rival gang members and also succeeds in impressing Jhanvi. But will Jhanvi be able to get into a relationship with a person like Radhe, who doesnt think twice before killing? And there’s a new Commissioner in Mumbai, Ashfaq Khan (Govind Namdeo) who has vowed to city crime-free. Will he become a threat to Radhe?

Wanted begins well and Salman Khan’s entry sets the mood wonderfully. However, after all character gets introduced, the film falls a bit and the story hardly moves. Thankfully, there are some funny interesting moments in the first hour that prevent the film from getting boring.  The intermission point was gripping and was well shot.

But things lighten up in the second half after Gani Bhai’s arrest. Commissioner interrogating Gani Bhai was hilarious. Later, the kahani mein twist moment in the pre-climax takes the film to a new high. In fact, it was what made the film stand out. Even though the climax was a bit lame, one won’t complain, thanks to the wonderful suspense.

Each character in the film is well written. Radhe, Gani Bhai, Jhanvi’s landlord (Manoj Pahwa) and Inspector Talpade were my favourites. As for the flaws, the film gets little dragging at places and the narrative just doesn’t go ahead. Also, the wonderful suspense also raises some questions. However, the impact is so huge at this point that one doesn’t get the chance to think of any goofs.

After Partner, this is surely Salman’s next best performance. In fact, it won’t be wrong to admit that Wanted is one of the finest performances ever given by Salman Khan! He fills life and colour to the rowdy character that he plays in Wanted. Also, Salman’s thoda-good boy-thoda-bad boy image helps a lot in doing total justice to his role! Hence, Salman was the perfect choice for this film and he comes up with flying colours. Hats off to Sallu!


Ayesha Takia Azmi looks charming as everytime and manages to give a nice performance. Here’s an actor who deserves to get more and better roles. Mahesh Manjrekar plays the baddie with élan and also makes us laugh. Watch out for him in his entry scene and in his first meeting with Salman. Prakash Raj, a popular face down South and whose last Hindi film was Khakee, performs wonderfully. He is hardly there before interval but dominates in a lot of scenes in the 2nd half. Govind Namdeo gets a positive role after a long time and does a fine job.

Mahek Chahal was perfect in the role of the seductive moll. Aseem Merchant was simply fantastic. Why is this actor not getting enough roles? Manoj Pahwa was hilarious. Vinod Khanna and Inder Kumar do a nice job in their respective roles. The kid playing Ayesha’s brother leaves a mark too.

Sajid-Wajid’s music was energizing. Two songs steal the show, thanks to their execution-‘Jalwa’ and ‘Love Me Love Me’. Anil Kapoor, Govinda and Prabhudheva also make an appearance in ‘Jalwa’ which increases the appeal of the song. The song ‘Dil Leke’ is missing from the film. Salim-Sulaiman’s background score was good but could had been better.

Nirav Shah and S Sriram’s cinematography was outstanding and just the kind required for an action flick. Vijayan’s action was also praiseworthy. The action scenes were not foolish or funny but one which looked real and raw. Although the film has quite bloodshed, giving it an ‘A’ certificate was unnecessary.

Shiraz Ahmed’s screenplay wasn’t flawless but still works. However, his dialogues were phaadu, esp the ones mouthed by Salman! The best dialogue of the film is “Tu jis school se ye seekh ke aaya hai, wahaan ka headmaster mujhse tuitions leta hai!” Clapworthy, isn’t it?!

Puri Jagannadh’s story was indeed worth appreciating and appealing. This explains why three films are made from the same plot! Prabhudheva’s direction wasn’t top-class but still manages to come up with an entertaining action flick. His smart treatment to some of the scenes (esp the climax) enhances the film to a great extent.

Some of the best scenes of the film:
1.   Salman and Mahesh Manjrekar’s entry scene
2.   The song ‘Jalwa’ and ‘Love Me Love Me
3.   Radhe joining Gani Bhai’s gang
4.   Radhe and Inspector Talpade’s meeting at the basketball court
5.   Radhe and Jhanvi in the elevator
6.   The intermission point
7.   Radhe bashing up Talpade
8.   Commissioner Ashfaq Khan interrogating Gani Bhai
9.   Radhe fighting the goons in the local train
10. The last 35 minutes of the film

On the whole, Wanted is a cool action flick that will surely be loved by Salman fans. It has some loose ends but manages to impress. If you relish action flicks, this one is for you! Go for it and experience Salman Ka Jalwa!

My rating-*** out of 5!
This review first appeared on MouthShut.com: http://www.mouthshut.com/review/Wanted_Dead_or_Alive-175348-1.html


PAYING A TRIBUTE: Farah Khan and (left) Patrick Swayze
The Bollywood choreographer is in shock over the death of Hollywood actor and dancing sensation, Patrick Swayze


Dancing sensation, Hollywood actor Patrick Swayze is no more. The actor, who’s known for movies like the 1987 hit Dirty Dancing and the 1990 blockbuster Ghost, passed away yesterday. He was battling with pancreatic cancer for two years. This comes as bad news for all his fans who’ve admired his work. Swayze, 57, like Michael Jackson, who, too, passed away in June this year, has left many in mourning.

He was, no doubt, an icon for many of our Bollywood choreographers, too.

Farah Khan, who has made many dance to her tunes, had revered Swayze all throughout her growing up years. She woke up to the bad news on Tuesday morning. “Oh my
God, that’s such bad news. First it was Michael and now it’s him. All my dancing icons are passing away,” she said. Farah felt a special bond with the actor whose Dirty Dancing she’s seen at least 50 times. “Me and my partner Hemu used to do the Dirty Dancing shows across the country to promote the film’s launch in India,” informed Farah, who had put up a theatrical version of the movie, replete with songs and the dance moves.

Swayze, who was also voted as Sexiest Man Alive in 1991, had said in an interview recently, “One thing I’m not gonna do is chase staying alive. You spend so much time chasing staying alive, you won’t live.” Swayze passed away peacefully with family at his side on Monday night.

The sequel to Partner is allegedly stuck due to lack of a good script; Salman, Govinda dates wasted
By Subhash K Jha (MUMBAI MIRROR; August 31, 2009)

Salman Khan and Sohail Khan

David Dhawan’s Partner may be a brand name on par with Golmaal and Dhoom. But while Golmaal and Dhoom are racing to the third segment of their franchise, Partner is still stuck for a sequel as a good script plays truant.

First, Katrina Kaif decided not to be a part of the sequel, thus putting the film on the backburner. And now it seems unlikely that Partner 2 will see the light in the near, or even distant future.

Although the dates were locked in for the two main actors (Govinda and Salman), for the second half of this year, David Dhawan has failed to come up with an idea that would take the Partner brand further. A source says, “Salman and producer Sohail Khan were very keen to start Partner 2 .They had even locked in the dates. But the idea that David came up with didn’t appeal to them.”

Love Aaj Kal2Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

Love Aaj Kal crossed the 30 crore distributor share mark in its third weekend. There have been just 18 films in the history of hindi cinema that have hit the 30 crore mark and now Love Aaj Kal is the 18th film to have hit the mark and join the the 30 crore club.

The other films that have hit the 30 crore mark are Ghajini, Gadar, Hum Aapke Hain Kaun, Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, Dhoom 2, Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, Krissh, Om Shanti Om, Welcome, Raja Hindustani, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Singh Is Kinng, Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham, Lage Raho Munnabhai, Partner, Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai and Koi Mil Gaya.