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Bollywood lets its hair down as 2009 comes to an end and raises its hopes for 2010

TEAM BT Times News Network (BOMBAY TIMES; December 31, 2009)

AMITABH BACHCHAN: In the New Year, the entire family is hoping to do the kind of work that would please the audience and carry the company forward. Our New Year wishes? May 2010 bring peace and well-being. May it fill us with pride as a nation. May our glory spread further. May we progress in all walks of life. And may the year keep me alive to witness the country, the film industry and my family prosper and progress. I look forward to the coming year passing peacefully.
KATRINA KAIF: I couldn’t hope for a better New Year’s day. I’m in London with my sisters and brother having the time of my life. We have lots of fun when we all are together. After I started working I have hardly seen my siblings. So meeting them is always special and a festival to mark our meeting, is the cherry on the cake. My mother forced me to leave my cell phone behind in Mumbai, so I’m almost cut off from Bollywood. What hopes for 2010? Lots of hard work and hopefully hits.

SHAH RUKH KHAN: I will be at home (Mannat) with Gauri, Aryan, Suhana and a couple of close friends like Karan Johar. Being with close family is the one thing I truly cherish.

AKSHAY KUMAR: Tina, Aarav and I are in Goa. I normally take a vacation from December 29 to January 2 because it includes a double celebration. Tina’s birthday on December 29, and then the New Year’s eve party. Honestly what can be better than spending time with your loved ones? This is a commitment I have made to my family.

DEEPIKA PADUKONE: I will be home in Bangalore with my parents and my sister. Then I go to Goa to wrap up the last fortnight on Ashutosh Gowarikar’s film. Every year I hope that the following year is as exciting as the previous year and I’m very happy with the way my professional life is going. Hope 2010 is the same.

RANBIR KAPOOR: I start shooting for Siddharth Anand’s film in the US from January 2. Since I didn’t wish to be in an aircraft on New Year’s eve, I left India on December 27. My entire family is in Dubai as tomorrow is my paternal grandmother’s birthday and the family is treating her to a one-week holiday there. I wish I could join them!

KAREENA KAPOOR: Saif and I are in England. We are catching up with Saif ’s Oxford batchmates and their spouses. I’m dying to wear my fur coat and sniff the English chill… looking and feeling every inch a diva. We work hard all the year around to make this happen, so let me enjoy myself.

BIPASHA BASU: I’m performing tonight. Then there will be a small get-together with friends. I always like to keep my New Year’s plans uncluttered. Home is the best place to be on any special occasion. And New Year will be a nonfilmy evening at home. Beyond that my only resolution for 2010 is, love yourself.

VIDYA BALAN: I bring in 2010 with my birthday tomorrow… no one can forget it! What hopes do I have for 2010? Oh plenty! After watching Mr Bachchan at work in Paa, I realised being focussed on your work to the point of shutting out everything else is not something I need feel guilty about. Now I’m all set to be seen as this full-blown, seductive, sexually-charged woman in Ishqiya. It brings an entirely new perspective to my personality for the audience. That’s what I’m hoping for in 2010… to find new aspects to my personality through the roles I play.

AJAY DEVGN: Kajol, Nysa, my parents, cousins, sister and her family and I will all be at our Karjat farm house. We’re planning an extended holiday. I start work only from January 2, so does Kajol. So in the meantime it is going to be a huge, long party.

AMRITA RAO: I wonder what 2010 has in store for me… Resolutions sound nice to the ears but adhering to them is a matter of destiny!

AMISHA PATEL: I have a show in Dubai. I will be working and then I will take a holiday. I always like working on New Year’s day because I feel you will then be working throughout!

RITESH DESHMUKH: Friends and I are contemplating how to ring in the New Year. It’s not compulsory to indulge in anything fancy, even a quiet time with good friends does the trick!

ARSHAD WARSI: I am looking forward to three releases in 2010. Will start Raju’s film next year so it’s going to be an eventful year. I haven’t a plan for New Year as yet. I’ll be with family and friends.

ANUSHKA SHARMA: I don’t do much for the New Year. Actually I do nothing. I just wish my family and go to bed.

SHABANA AZMI: As usual I’ll be with my family and a few close friends for the New Year.

IRRFAN KHAN: On every festive occasion I try to visit my mother in Jaipur. But for the New Year I made plans to be home. Beyond the New Year I’ve made no plans. I’ve noticed every time I’ve chalked out a plan for myself, life has humbled me. I leave all my plans to God.

MUGHDA GODSE: I am dancing at a live performance in Delhi tonight and will spend New Year with family and close friends. I’ve a horror film tentatively titled Help coming up for release. My co-star Bobby Deol is such a sweetheart. I hope to find a guy like him this year. Where are all the gentlemen?”

HEMA MALINI: I won’t be doing anything much for New Year. I’ll be with my family and rehearsing for my dance show which is on January 2.

POOJA BEDI: I’m having a small get-together on the terrace of my beachfront penthouse with flowers, candles and an incredible view of the entire city, with my father, my children and a few loved ones.

SUSHMITA SEN: I normally travel overseas. However, Alisah, my younger daughter, can’t travel abroad yet because she doesn’t have a passport. Hence it will have to be a beach resort in India.

ASIN: For me it will be a quiet New Year with family. I wanted to make it for Christmas itself, however I will ring in the New Year at my family home in Kerala.

Madhavan is shown wearing a knee protection bandage (circled) in 3 Idiots as he actually injured himself while playing badminton. He had decided to follow Aamir Khan’s fitness regime to look young in the film

By Subhash K Jha (MUMBAI MIRROR; December 02, 2009)

While Sharman Joshi didn’t  have to work  that hard on  looking  like a 22-year-old in Raj Kumar Hirani’s  3 Idiots,  Aamir Khan and Madhavan, one above 40 and the other  in his late  30s,  had to  work really hard to  look like young IIT students.

Things were bound to be slightly more difficult for Madhavan as he had to first fight one of his most niggling health concern- his weight, especially on his face. But, following Aamir’s footsteps made things easier for Madhavan. As Aamir had decided  to  play bandminton  to stay youthful and fit, Madhavan decided to follow suit to keep his weight in check.

Madhavan says, “The fact that we shot at the Bangalore IIT really helped. Once we  went into an actual institute, Aamir, Sharman and I immediately began to feel like students. Age was never an issue because I got the role after an audition. Once  I fit in,   no one  was looking at my passport to check my age.  As  for  the rest, including the  physicality, once we  got into the IIT  everything else followed. Incidentally, I’ve studied in an institution similar  to  the IIT. I know that life.”

Most worried about his chubby face, Madhavan says, “I tend to put on weight on my face. I had to take care  of that.”

Once, while playing with Prakash Padukone, Madhavan badly injured his knee and he feared that his chances of  doing the pivotal  role  in an important film like 3 Idiots was ruined.

Maddy says, “I tore a ligament in my knee  and couldn’t walk. My first thought was, ‘Oh my God! Will  I be  able to continue shooting?’ Luckily for me,  my  director Raj Kumar Hirani and  Aamir were  extremely supportive. I don’t think I could’ve gone through the  film without them, not  with that knee of mine.”

On Aamir’s suggestion, Hirani especially wrote Madhavan’s role in a way that required him to wear a knee-protection-cum-bandage  in the film.

Madhavan adds, “All three of us have two different looks in the  film, one in college and one after our college days.  You’ll see me  wearing that knee protection-bandage  all through my college scenes. It’s there because I actually got hurt. The hurt was introduced in the script to justify me wearing the bandage.”

Aamir Khan, Madhavan, Rajkumar Hirani on the sets of 3 Idiots

Director Paresh Mokashi, whose film Harishchandrachi Factory is India’s official entry to the Oscars, was denied a visa to the US yesterday

By Subhash K Jha (MUMBAI MIRROR; October 28, 2009)


Paresh Mokashi

Director Paresh Mokashi’s Marathi film Harishchandrachi Factory may have been nominated as India’s entry to the Oscars, but that doesn’t make it easy for him to get a US visa. He was denied a visa yesterday as the US consulate in Mumbai was not aware of his credentials.

Mokashi needs to be in LA from November 2 for the promotion of his film, but he is still stuck without a visa. He says, “I don’t really blame them. I didn’t have a face that was instantly recognisable. They didn’t know who I was and I had no papers to prove I had made a film that had been sent to the Oscars.”

Mokashi had no documents to prove his credentials. “Whatever intimation I received about the Oscar entry from the US, I have handed it to UTV. This was my first application for an American visa, and naturally my first trip to the US. The only time I’ve been abroad is to London to shoot a portion of Harishchandrachi Factory. So I was completely unaware of how things work. I don’t know how to handle it,” added the unassuming director, who had to mortgage his property to make the film.

As a result, UTV has to step in to rescue the director by submitting all the relevant documents. Mokashi said, “The US consulate has promised to give me a visa after taking my passport. They have yet to decide for how long and in what capacity. They seem to have a very thin line that distinguishes the people who want to visit the US for genuine reasons.”

Mokashi hopes to be in the US for 25 days in November to promote the film for the Oscars. “I need to be back for the film’s release in India, (somewhere around December or January). Then I return to the US to be with the film till the Oscars,” he said.

The Oscar ceremony is scheduled for early next year.

Swati Deshpande | TNN (THE TIMES OF INDIA; October 2, 2009)

Mumbai: Three-and-a-half months after he was arrested for allegedly raping his maid in his own bedroom, actor Shiney Ahuja won bail from the Bombay high court on Thursday after his lawyer argued that there were inconsistencies in the rape complaint. He was, however, asked to leave Mumbai and stay in Delhi until he is required for the trial.

The 36-year-old actor’s jail stay will not end for at least another day. As the court order and the subsequent paperwork was not complete by the end of office hours and thanks to the holiday for Gandhi Jayanti on Friday, Shiney will finally step of Arthur Road jail only on Saturday, said his lawyers.

Apart from setting a bail amount of Rs 50,000 and a surety of the same amount, Justice A P Deshpande said the actor should surrender his passport and warned him against offering inducement to witnesses, directly or indirectly, and tampering with evidence.

Shweta Tiwari’s refusal to sign a joint affidavit stating that she and estranged husband Raja Chaudhary are still married resulted in Raja losing out on a reality show as a commentator
By Vickey Lalwani (MUMBAI MIRROR; September 05, 2009)
Shweta Tiwari clearly doesn’t want her name to be associated with her estranged husband Raja Chaudhary any longer, even if it recently resulted in him losing out on a plum project. Even though they are still not divorced, Shweta refused to sign a joint affidavit, which required her to agree that Raja and she are husband and wife. The show will be shot abroad and he needed to renew his passport. As he needed her signature, her refusal delayed the renewal and he lost the project.

Shweta’s signature would have helped Raja procure his passport enabling him to join the unit of the show 100% De Dhana Dhan overseas. Unfortunately, by the time she signed on the dotted line, Raja had lost the project.

Raja was asked to be a commentator on the show along with Mohan Kapoor. Raja was looking forward to be part of the new reality show mainly because they had offered to pay him well.

Shweta and Raja in happier times

A furious Raja confirmed, “If Shweta had signed jaldi se, I would have been a commentator on 100% De Dhana Dhan. I guess, the show was not in my destiny but it definitely hurts if you get work and you are unable to do it because of some silly reason.”

The story goes that Raja had earlier obtained his passport from Ghaziabad. “Last month, I had to renew it for which I had to go to Ghaziabad again. When I had got my passport earlier, I was not married but for my passport renewal I had to prove that Shweta and I are married. To prove that, I needed a picture of Shweta and me together. I also wanted her signature to endorse the same. Yes, we are fighting for legal separation in the court now but we are not divorced as yet. I either have to write ‘divorced’ or ‘married’ in the passport application from. One’s marital status can’t be ambiguous in the form. Shweta took 25 days to sign the affidavit because of which I got delayed and lost out on the show,” added Raja.

Raja says that he tried his best to make Shweta understand that she should help him out in this matter. “I called her several times, spoke to her secretary and even sent her many text messages. Par kucch faida nahin hua,” said Raja.  “I really needed 100% De Dhana Dhan. It is a good project with good money.”