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STYLE QUOTIENT: Abhishek Bachchan sports an impressive Omega Constellation 2009 timepiece
Abhishek Bachchan’s got some ‘timely’ news…

REAGAN GAVIN RASQUINHA Times News Network (BOMBAY TIMES; December 30, 2009)

When you talk about Omega watches, you know you’re talking big league. This is a brand that many aspire to own for its remarkable craftsmanship and stellar legacy. And thus the association with Abhishek Bachchan as its brand ambassador. The watch slips perfectly onto Abhishek Bachchan’s wrist as he says, “It’s a matter of great pride to be a brand ambassador as the brand represents the highest quality in time keeping and style. The latest Constellation range is a very exciting new design. I admire the values of Omega. In fact, I strive to live up to these standards in my personal life as well.” Omega President Stephen Urquhart couldn’t agree more. “It is always a challenge to change a very successful product at the height of its product cycle which is the case of the Omega Constellation. Its design dates from the early 80s. Over 15 years later, we felt that the time was right to make a change. Four months after its launch, we can firmly state that this upgraded design has been well received by existing and new customers, both men and women.” Now, that’s what is called re-designing of an icon.


Progerian character from Balki’s film to make it to animation films and comics

SUBHASH K JHA Times News Network (BOBMAY TIMES; December 28, 2009)

R Balki’s beloved progerian character Auro from his film Paa will continue to live on as part of a series of animation films and comic books likely to be called ‘The Adventures Of Auro’.
Confirming the news, Balki said, “Auro has acquired the aura of a national icon. Kids, grownups, everyone loves the old child. And the pressure to take Auro beyond the film is immense. Animation films and comicbooks are on the cards. Auro does have immense animation possibilities. It’s time to explore those possibilities.” The filmmaker, who rejected a sequel to Paa, is happy to see Auro go into the realm of animation. For him, cinema is about the emotional interaction among characters. Although he comes from the ad world, computer graphics and special effects do not constitute a motion picture experience for Balki. “That’s where I think Paa has scored with audiences,” he said, explaining Auro’s global appeal.

Meanwhile, the Progeria Research Foundation in the US has suggested a series of tie-ups with Balki and the film’s producers AB Corp Ltd. Audrey Gordon, president and executive director of the foundation, wrote to Balki telling him how the film made an emotional connection with kids suffering from progeria around the world and suggested tie-ups that the filmmaker is happy to implement.
Jahangir Painter, a resident of Jalgaon, decided to power the flour mill with a scooter’s engine. His invention is used by Kareena Kapoor in 3 Idiots

By Sudhir Suryawanshi (MUMBAI MIRROR; December 01, 2009)

Jahangir Painter (50) felt that the power cuts in his area were proving to be rather painful for his wife. It would take her too much time just to grind grains at the local flour mill. And the good man who loves his wife decided to take the matter into his hands: he bought a scooter and hitched it to the flour mill, and voila, there was no need for electricity.

His scooter powered the flour mill and it is so popular that it is now starring in 3 Idiots, where Kareena Kapoor uses it in an area in Ladakh which has no electricity. Painter even got to meet Aamir Khan last week in Mumbai.

Jahangir Painter with Aamir Khan

A resident of Jalgaon (400 km from Mumbai), Painter is in the profession of painting. He has no formal education, but he always wanted to be a mechanical engineer. The nagging problem of power cuts helped him fulfil his dream, at least in part. He says, “I was irritated with this daily problem of load shedding. My wife went to the private flour mill for grinding food grains and the power cuts meant that we had to wait for hours. I went to the junk market and purchased a scooter and  flour mill equipment. I spent a couple of days fitting in both engines and made a scooter flour mill. The load shedding compelled me to do something instead of sitting idly waiting for electricity. Finally, I made the scooter flour mill by just shelling out Rs 3500.”

The innovation has been appreciated widely. He says, “I contacted our city engineering college professors and got the opportunity to exhibit this scooter flour mill model. They appreciated this electricity-free model and suggested that I exhibit it at National Innovation Foundation, Ahmedabad. Here, such innovative models were displayed and the organiser sought permission to use this model in Aamir Khan’s 3 Idiots. I promptly agreed. It was a great promotion for my creativity as Kareena Kapoor uses it in Ladakh where there is no electricity,” says Painter.

Painter has barely completed his primary education, because of his poor financial condition. “Actually, I wished to be a mechanical engineer, but could not study further. Since I was a child, I started working and chose painting as my livelihood. I wanted to prove that no one will stop my creativity even though I have no formal education. Five years ago, I invented a compressor for the washing machine, which was appreciated by former President Abdul Kalam. With one litre of petrol, the scooter flour mill can function for three hours and on gas, it will run for four hours,” Painter added.

He also loved the perks that came with it. He says, “Last week, I had come to Mumbai to meet Aamir Khan. He appreciated my effort and creativity. Aamir even gave me an autograph which I will preserve and cherish. I am happy that Kareena Kapoor and Aamir Khan use this scooter flour mill in 3 Idiots.”

Jahangir’s invention

Ekta Kapoor
NO SEX PLEASE…in film titles that is. Evidently, censorship begins at the title stage. AMPTPP will not register a title with the word ‘sex’ in it


Given that Hindi films have a generous dash of pelvic thrusts, French kissing and hot lovemaking scenes these days, this is one of the most incongruous things to have happened in the film industry in recent times. Ekta Kapoor and director Dibakar Banerjee were in for a rude shock when the title they wanted for their next film was rejected by the Association of Motion Pictures and TV Programme Producers. The association rejected the two shortlisted titles Love Sex Aur Dhokha and Pyaar Sex Aur Dhokha saying that the titles are obscene. And here we thought birds kissing and flowers gently dashing against each other are a thing of the past.

A source said, “Both Ekta
and Dibakar are extremely dejected. Dibakar always stresses on having apt titles for his films. For instance, his earlier two films were titled Khosla Ka Ghosla and Oye Lucky Lucky Oye. They were shocked on receiving the reject letter from the association. They tried to reason it out but it was a futile attempt. Now they have no option but to look for an alternative title.”

Ekta Kapoor confirmed the story but didn’t divulge any more details. Dibakar Banerjee said, “We wanted to register the title Love Sex Aur Dhokha. The word pyaar could have been used in place of the
word love. We had submitted the title to check if it was available. However, the association rejected the title saying that it is too obscene. We contacted them to ask why they thought that our title is obscene. They have heard our argument and the matter is subjudice so I can’t give you any details. They are going to give us their reason soon.”

Commenting on the title’s importance, Dibakar said, “This title was extremely important to us and as it suggests everything, which will be depicted on screen. The title explains the entire script and the way the film
will be treated. All I can say is that it’s a film within a film and is like a window looking into the lives of the characters.”

Ratan Jain, President AMPTPP, remained unavailable for comment.

Ajay is determined to release All The Best on October 16 despite being aware that he will have to pay Rs 50 lakh for going against the United Producers and Distributors Forum’s diktat
By Vickey Lalwani (MUMBAI MIRROR; August 10, 2009)
Two-and-a-half months after the historic judgment between producers and multiplexes the first cracks within have begun to appear. Ajay Devgan, who wants to release All The Best, may have to shell out Rs 50 lakh if he wants his film to hit the theatres on October 16, the same day as Aladin, Blue and Main aur Mrs Khanna.

According to our source, the United Producers and Distributors Forum (UPDF) had decided that they will fix the release dates of films till November this year and anybody who goes against their decision will be fined.

Commenting on why Ajay is keen on releasing All The Best on October 16, the source said, “Diwali is the best time to get the audience to the theatres.”

Ajay’s spokesperson said, “We cannot comment on this issue.” However, an insider from Ajay’s office said, “We are releasing All The Best on October 16. 50 lakh bharna pada, toh bhar denge. Yes, we are aware there is a clause, which states that if we go against the UPDF’s decision we’ll have to cough up Rs 50 lakh. But we hear that one of the three films may not release on that day, in which case we will be free to release our film.”

Distributor Ramesh Sippy, who is part of UPDF, said, “After the producer-multiplex fight was resolved, it was agreed that the release dates will be decided by the principal body. There is a certain amount of fine that has to be paid to UPDF, but the amount has not been fixed. If Ajay releases All The Best, he will have to pay the UPDF. The makers have been told all this clearly but they believe that Main Aur Mrs Khanna will not release on October 16, and that is how they will be able to release their film on that date.”

President of Association of Motion Picture & TV Programme Producers, Ratan Jain, who too is part of UPDF, said, “I don’t think Ajay will release All The Best on October 16. He has given us in writing that he will go ahead only if one of the three releases scheduled for October 16 falls through. Even I am ready with my film, De Dana Dan and would like to release it on October 16. But we do need to understand that every big film needs a decent release in terms of screening.”

Mukesh Bhatt, Chairman of UPDF, said, “Why should Ajay pay us? We are here to help people and not for extortion. Some of our people have advised Ajay not to release All The Best on October 16. Where will he release the film? On the roads? Moreover, how many films can a person see on a Friday or over the weekend? But if somebody has decided to commit suicide, you can’t stop them, can you?”