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Sunil Shetty and Vishwajeet Pradhan are victims of severe burns

By Kunal M Shah (MUMBAI MIRROR; December 26, 2009)

On Thursday evening, a major fire broke out on the sets of Anees Bazmee’s No Problem. The unit was shooting in the middle of the sea for a vital action sequence. Suniel Shetty and Vishwajeet Pradhan almost became a victim of severe burns. However, prompt action saved them.

The fire extinguishers on the sets proved to be very handy. Suniel burnt his hands while Pradhan’s left leg suffered from major burns.

Vishvajeet Pradhan Sunil Shetty

Rajat Rawail, the producer of the film, said, “It was an important sequence that was being shot with all the main actors of the film, including Suniel Shetty and Vishwajeet Pradhan. We were shooting in the middle of the sea at the Yellow gate, when a sudden gush of wind led the fire to spiral out of our control. Sunil anna and Vishwajeet were trapped, but the production guys showed great presence of mind. They put out the fire with the extinguishers on the sets. We also had a doctor and a first-aid box on the sets, which made things better. Everything was under control in minutes. It is our job to take care of these things as a production unit. Anna’s hand is burnt, while Vishwajeet’s leg is burnt from his knee to the calf muscle. Thankfully, nothing serious happened.”

Vishwajeet tells us, “These things happen and despite all the precautions, the fire was just uncontrollable because of the sea breeze. My trousers were very thin. I guess it’s part of the game, but I am in pain right now. After the incident, I went to a doctor and even a skin specialist for treatment.”

Shweta Tiwari’s diva behaviour causes trouble on the sets of Comedy Circus

By Sonali Shah (MUMBAI MIRROR; November 18, 2009)


Shweta Tiwari and Anoop Soni

Shweta Tiwari might be one of the most popular contestants on the third season of Comedy Circus but she is quite unpopular with the show’s co-contestants and crew members.

“Throwing tantrums, refusing to rehearse and reporting hours late to the sets are just few of the things Shweta does,” reveals one of the contestants.

On condition of anonymity, the contestant adds, “Shweta walks in late but she gets really irritated if she is made to wait even for a few minutes. She doesn’t mingle with us and keeps to herself.” Another source reveals, “If she is chatting on the phone, she keeps others waiting till she leisurely finishes her conversation. Her mantra is ‘Don’t count me as everybody, I am Shweta Tiwari’. She has said so often to the production guys when they have asked her to be ready for a shot or when others are waiting to complete shooting. She behaves like an uncrowned queen even though she is not a big star. She is only doing Comedy Circus. Anoop Soni, who is a part of Balika Vadhu, which is such a popular show, is so good to everyone.”

We caught Shweta’s teammate, Anoop Soni while he was busy shooting for Comedy Circus. “Shweta, Rehman (the third teammate) and I have started to bond during the shooting. So, I cannot comment on this,” he says.

Shweta sarcastically dismissed the story.

Kavita Kaushik saved from a freak accident on the sets of FIR, her hair-straightner exploded when she had left the room

By Sonali Shah (MUMBAI MIRROR; November 03, 2009)


Kavita Kaushik

Television’s favourite Haryanvi cop Kavita Kaushik recently had a narrow escape on the sets of FIR. Only because Kavita stepped out of her dressing room on an impulse, she was saved from what could have resulted in serious face burns.

Kavita had to get her hair straightened for a particular episode and was sitting in her dressing room with her hairdresser. They were set to begin the procedure when it suddenly struck Kavita that it would be better to confirm her costumes before the straightening. Kavita says, “Luckily, I walked out of the room, and asked my hairdresser to plug the hair-straightner and keep it ready as I would be back in a jiffy. I was discussing the costumes with my director when the electricity went off and we heard a blast. It wasn’t too loud, so we continued our discussion and left it to the production guys to fix it. We even lit a few candles and were happy to have some time off from shooting.”

When Kavita stepped out and saw what had actually happened, she couldn’t thank her stars enough. “It was kind of scary with the production and studio guys running all over the place. It was actually the hair-straightner that had blown up. My hairdresser was not as fortunate as I was, her kurta and dupatta caught fire. Had I been getting my hair fixed, I cannot imagine how bad it would have been. My hairdresser did not suffer from any major burns, but still…,” Kavita shuddered as she recalled the accident.

Nana Patekar is out of Rajneeti. Director Prakash Jha breaks his silence on his former friend’s erratic behaviour; says things will never be the same again

By Kunal M Shah (MUMBAI MIRROR; November 02, 2009)


Nana Patekar


All is not well on the sets of Rajneeti. Nana Patekar and director Prakash Jha’s tussle has reached a dead end and Nana is no longer part of Rajneeti. Jha, who has vowed never to work with the temperamental actor again, has already made the necessary changes in the script and has shot Nana’s scenes with other actors.


Commenting on what actually triggered the face-off on the sets of Rajneeti in Bhopal last week, an annoyed Jha said, “That morning (October 27), Nana started throwing tantrums right from the time he reached the sets. It was a very small issue. I wanted to shoot a scene in a particular way and he wanted it done in a different way. I tried to reason with him but he just lost his cool. I told him to calm down and get back to work but he suddenly said, ‘Mujhe tumhare saath kaam hi nahin karna hai.’ He left the sets, went to his van and changed his clothes. I went to his van and told him that behaviour of this sort doesn’t look nice and we should get on with work but he left for the hotel. He then told the production guys to give him his tickets to go back to Mumbai. When the production guys asked me, I told them to give him the tickets.”

Did he try to stop Nana? “I guess he had made up his mind to walk out and I did not want to stop him. After he left, I immediately reworked the scene and started working with the other actors. When you walk away from my sets, you cross all the limits. When he was told that I was shooting despite his absence, he called to ask how I was shooting without him. I simply told him that I was going to shoot all his scenes without him. He said, ‘No wait, I am coming back,’ but I categorically told him, ‘I don’t want you on my sets. You have left the sets and you have done the damage.’ He was shocked but that was the end of it and he left for Mumbai that very day,” said Jha.

Jha added, “He has been constantly angry and annoyed but we continued to work. I agree that I will have to make some creative compromises but I have to live with it now. There were some vital scenes with Nana but I have made changes and shot those scenes with other actors. Whatever changes I have made won’t hamper my film. What has happened, has happened. Now that he is not around me or in my film, I feel less burdened.”

“I always treated Nana like family. He is a very temperamental guy. I always believed that if one person in the family is hot tempered the others shouldn’t follow suit. When Nana speaks, he does not realise how abusive he gets and how he humiliates people. I am the only one who can calm him down.”

Talking about his relation with Nana, Jha said, “This was not the first fight between us on the sets of Rajneeti. Every time I consoled myself saying that such things do happen. I always told Nana that I took his nonsense only because of our friendship. If I wouldn’t stand by him, no one would. But this time, he took it too far and now it will be very difficult for me to forgive him. Nana is a very dear friend and I have been tolerating his behavior for a long time.”

When asked if there was any chance of reconciliation, Jha said, “Nana has been around for a long time and so have I. Nana is very helpful and we had a great time during the making of Apaharan. It’s just that I no longer want any negativity or bad vibes on my sets. Nana has been calling me (after the fight) and I spoke to him on Saturday. He told me that he was sorry and was feeling very bad. I feel sad too but what’s done is done. I will always pray to God for Nana’s well-being but for me the professional and personal relationship is over.”

When Ranbir Kapoor accidentally sprayed an insecticide instead of a deodorant on his underarms, he had to take a shower to get rid of the strong smell

By Kunal M Shah (MUMBAI MIRROR; October 05, 2009)

You can call it a case of mistaken identity. When Ranbir Kapoor reached out for his deodorant in his make-up room, little did he know that he would lay his hands on a can of insecticide instead. It was only when Ranbir had sprayed the insecticide on his underarms that he realised his folly but by then it was too late. He had an extreme burning sensation and was smelling so strongly of the insectide that he had to take a shower to get rid of the smell.

Ranbir Kapoor and Ayan Mukerji

A source says, “Someone had unintentionally kept a can of insecticide on Ranbir’s make-up table as the production guys were using it to keep the flies away. When Ranbir came near his table with the intention of spraying the deodorant, he was chatting with a crew member. So without looking at the label of the bottle, he just picked it up and sprayed it on his underarms. Immediately, he got a burning sensation and that’s when he looked at the bottle and realised his mistake. However, he could do little about it then as he was immediately called for the shot. So despite the pain, he went on the sets , only to have the crew members burst out laughing. Later, when the stench was stronger, it was impossible to continue working, and Ranbir was asked to do something about it. So he took a shower to get rid of the smell and continued shooting thereafter. After that Ranbir has promised himself to be doubly careful about his deodorants.” Ranbir remained unavailable for comment.

Meanwhile …

Ranbir will accompany Ayan Mukerji on a holiday to Argentina later this month

Ranbir Kapoor is set to go on a very unusual holiday with Ayan Mukerji, director of Wake Up Sid, later this month.

Confirming the news, Ayan says, “Ranbir and I have planned to take off with a backpack to Argentina. Why Argentina? Because we don’t want to go to the usual destinations. Europe is so done-to-death. We chose Argentina because it gives off a certain kind of energy that I want to explore. We just want to take off without any timetable or agenda.”

Ranbir is currently reworking his busy schedule to take time out for the trip. In case Ranbir can’t make it, Ayan plans to go all by himself for the holiday.

– Subhash K Jha