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KUCH ‘SIKH’O HUMSE! Saif Ali Khan, Salman Khan and Ranbir Kapoor as Sikhs in their movies
Sikh organisation offers to guide filmmakers

ROSHNI K OLIVERA Times News Network (BOMBAY TIMES; July 18, 2009)

There are a number of films in Bollywood these days where heroes are playing Sikhs. Saif Ali Khan will be seen playing a Sikh in his forthcoming movie, so will Ranbir Kapoor. But, there’s resistance coming in from the Sikh community. The Punjabi Cultural and Heritage Board is upset with the “stereotyped offensive Sikh images in Bollywood movies” and they’ve approached the Censor Board.

Says president Charan Singh Sapra, “We are representing the views and opinions of all Sikh individuals and organisa
tions that are upset over the continuing demeaning portrayal of the Sikh character in Hindi cinema. The role of Bollywood in stereotyping Sikhs invariably touches the wrong nerve. It has been seen in various movies like
Raja Hindustani, Jo Bole So Nihaal, Singh Is Kinng, Paying Guest. We have submitted a memorandum to the censor board and asked them to ensure that Sikhs are not wrongly represented in films.”

If a script demands a character to
be a Sikh, then the community is more than willing to help filmmakers, Sapra adds. “We will guide them exactly how to portray a Sikh. Thus, they won’t end up hurting sentiments. In fact, our religious body in Dadar, Guru Singh Sabha, has a couple of people who have been specially assigned the task of guiding other community people who would like to know more about the religion. Filmmakers can take guidelines from our organisation. It will be a voluntary service by us.”
Saif’s portrayal of a sardar in Love Aaj Kal comes under fire for sporting a beard that’s too trim, the star hopes that the film will sail through without problems
By Mumbai Mirror Bureau (July 21, 2009)

Love Aaj Kal

While the Punjab Cultural And Heritage Board is still fuming over Saif Ali Khan’s portrayal of a sardar in the forthcoming Love Aaj Kal, Saif is least perturbed. Saif is confident that the objection will die a natural death once the board has seen the film.

Explaining their stand, Charan Singh Sapra, President of Punjabi Cultural And Heritage Board had told Mumbai Mirror on Sunday, “We are objecting on the grounds that Saif is shown with a very trim beard. Sardars don’t wear this look. While Imtiaz represented the sardars in Jab We Met very well, why has he not done the same in Love Aaj Kal? We have sent a memorandum regarding this to Saif, Imtiaz Ali and Dinesh Vijan (co-producer of Love Aaj Kal).”

Charan had categorically told us that they will stall the screening of Love Aaj Kal until they are satisfied with Saif’s look. “We have also written to the Censor Board not to pass the film until the rectification has been made. Otherwise, the Censor Board will be responsible for the ire of the Sikh community,” he said.

Last evening, Saif, Kareena Kapoor and Imtiaz Ali met the Punjabi Cultural and Heritage Board to sort out the matter.

We spoke to Saif while he was in the middle of the meeting. Saif said, “To begin with, there is nothing to be offended about. In fact, when they see the film, they will be very proud of the way sardars have been depicted. This is the most authentic and romantic sardar ever.”

Saif added, “No one has seen the film yet and so we have decided to show them the film in a couple of days. I am sure once that is done, there will be no problem at all. I understand that in our country we have to keep everyone’s cultural sensitivity in mind and not do anything to upset any community. They just want to be represented well and that is exactly what we have done. There will be no question of reshooting.”