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WATCH OUT: Shah Rukh and Gauri Khan

SHARIN WADER BUTANI Times News Network (BOMBAY TIMES; November 21, 2009)

It’s enough to make Bollywood sit up in horror… but this is not that kind of rumour. Shah Rukh Khan’s stunning and fashionable wife Gauri is reportedly doing a TV show for a popular channel that’s based on investigative crime stories. Not one to get into the reality show genre, Gauri’s production house is working on short crime stories on the lines of the hit TV show CID. Apparently, the buzz is that the Bollywood Badshah would like to rule Tellyland as well. And after producing a couple of shows for the idiot box, SRK is keen to do one like America’s Next Top Model which is hosted by Hollywood sizzler Tyra Banks. For this, Shah Rukh has apparently roped in Bollywood hottie Bipasha Basu and his show will be called Female Model Hunt.

Chance pe Dance starring Shahid Kapoor in the lead role, apparently resembles his real life

By Kunal M Shah (MUMBAI MIRROR; November 17, 2009)

Ken Ghosh’s Chance pe Dance starring Shahid Kapoor with dance as the subject of the film, seems to be a biography of the actor. The film, according to sources, is strikingly similar to Shahid’s real life.

Produced by UTV Motion Pictures, the film has Genelia D’Souza as the female lead. Pointing out the many similarities between the real and reel in Shahid’s life, a source says, “The film is about how the protagonist, played by Shahid, enters a reality show before being rejected a number of times. In real life too, Shahid went through numerous auditions before he got his break in Ishq Vishk. Also when he was an aspiring actor, Shahid would travel in his second-hand car which is similar to what his character does in the film. His character, during his struggle and before being selected in the reality show, actually lives in his car as he isn’t financially well off, though that is not quite the way Shahid lived.”

The source continues, “Another instance is that of Shahid’s school days when he played the role of a tree in one of his school plays. His mother loved him in the part and this too is a part of the film.”

The closest and the most identifiable part of the film is Shahid’s incredible dancing skills which he is constantly honing and this is also an integral part of the film. The source says, “Basically, the film speaks about Shahid’s journey as an actor and the success he has achieved in real life.”

Shahid confirmed the news and said, “Yes, there are many scenes in Chance pe Dance which are similar to my life but it’s not a deliberate attempt to do so. The scenes just turned out like that.”

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Aditi Gowitrikar signs on as a brand ambassador of a contest, accepts Rs 5 lakh from the organisers and abandons them to get locked in a reality show

By Akela (MUMBAI MIRROR; November 16, 2009)

Aditi Gowitrikar’s popularity has seen a major upheaval since she entered the third season of the reality show Bigg Boss.

This might work wonders for her career, but has definitely put event organiser Musha M Mollick in a tight spot. Aditi signed as a brand ambassador for the event company, The Red Star Network, for a local beauty pageant show. She was paid Rs 5 lakh for it. However, the actress got herself trapped in the reality show, resulting in a lot of alterations in the contest.

The contest, which was initially scheduled for November 8, is now postponed to November 17, solely because of Aditi’s absence. The organisers have suffered huge monetary losses due to this change of plan. The furious organiser Musha tells us, “We paid Aditi Rs 5 lakh as the signing amount, but she joined a reality show, leaving us in a lurch. Her unavailability and non-professionalism has resulted in the event’s sponsors and participants labelling me as a fraud. Later, I decided to go ahead without her. I had no other option.”

The contest has 24 models vying for the title and has a mix of industry people as judges and guests. Singer Anoop Jalota, musician Monty Sharma, actresses Preeti Jhangiani, Aditi Sharma and comedian Navin Prabhakar are among the many who are on the list.

The channel that airs the reality show Aditi is participating in did not revert to our messages asking for Aditi or their take on the story.

We’re announcing the Shilpa Shetty-Raj Kundra wedding… but not giving out the invites .


Raj Kundera and Shilpa Shetty

Raj Kundera and Shilpa Shetty More Pics

It’s on November 22, at Shilpa’s friend and business partner Kiran Bawa’s bungalow in Khandala, a quiet and private affair preceded by sangeet and mehendi at which the guest list would be restricted to just close friends and family. But, whether family will include sister and bridesmaid Shamita Shetty is not known.

The Shetty sibling is locked up in the Big Boss house with other not-so-famous and out-of-work characters and is unaware of the developments in her sister’s life. Shilpa, who hosted the same reality show in an earlier season, is naturally keen to get Shamita out for the wedding. But the question arises whether the producers will allow Shamita to attend the wedding and get back to the house… or whether Shamita will deviously engineer her ouster and, after the wedding, seek re-entry on a wild card.

Meanwhile, more on the wedding: The sangeet and mehendi will be Punjabi style and the saat pheras, South Indian. And Bollywood’s bold and beautiful need not slyly ask each other, “Aati kya Khandala?” because Shilpa’s not inviting anybody from the industry over. For them, there is going to be a lavish reception in Mumbai on November 24. Gatecrashers beware!

Ministry says that the programme seems to be unsuitable for unrestricted public exhibition

By TNN (October 27, 2009)

Frowning upon the reality show `Big Boss 3′, the I&B ministry on Monday issued a showcause notice to Colors entertainment channel objecting to certain visuals broadcast by it. The channel has been asked to reply in five days. This is the fourth showcause notice issued to the channel for its various programmes.


In its notice, the ministry said the show had broadcast content offending good taste and decency that was unsuitable for unrestricted public exhibition. Colors has been asked not to carry any content that constituted a violation of the programme code that is part of the Cable TV Networks (Regulation) Act 1995.

“It has also been observed that the language used by some participants is vulgar and abusive and the show contains visuals which appear to be obscene and violative of the programme code. Recently, in one of the visuals, a participant has been shown pulling down the shorts of another participant,” the notice said, adding this had offended the sensibilities of many viewers.

Since the programme was being telecast on prime time and was watched by families including children, it could also have a negative impact on young impressionable minds and did not appear to be suitable for unrestricted public exhibition, the notice said.

A NEW ROLE: Genelia poses as the cool host of the new cult show.

A new reality show will see contestants from rich families rough it out in a slum

REAGAN GAVIN RASQUINHA Times News Network (BOMBAY TIMES; October 24, 2009)

Finally, something that truly breaks the mould for reality TV, brought to you by UTV Bindass. The show Sunsilk Bindass Big Switch will see ten rich kids being plucked out of their comfy surroundings and put in a real Mumbai slum!

The contestants are each paired with a buddy from the slum whose dream they have to fulfill.

The tasks the pairs have to perform to win include selling trinkets at a traffic signal, polishing boots at CST station, collecting garbage and selling fish! The dreams include a new home for their family, owning a beauty parlour, getting a college education, opening an event management
company. There will be special appearances by Priyanka Chopra and John Abraham. About the show, Zarina Mehta, CEO Bindass says, “Big Switch sets new benchmarks for reality TV programming not just in India, but globally. Our idea is to bring together two clashing worlds — that of the rich and their slum buddies and shatter all myths about both! Mumbai’s slums are stereotyped by the world’s media. But the reality is that slums are filled with stories of triumph against adversity, people with ambitions, hopes, dreams and success stories. Our aim is to give an alternative view of both lifestyles filled with fun, massive dozes of humour and drama along with Genelia, who for me, is the original Miss Sunshine!” For Genelia, this is her “First TV show. I am really very excited about this, it’s going to be a lot of fun.” With a huge cash prize of a million rupees, it can’t get any more gripping than this! Tune in to UTV Bindass starting October 24 every Saturday at 7 pm.

Contestants on the show:

Sunny Sara
Adam Bedi
Natasha Suri
Sabah Majid
Pooja Missra
Bindi Mehta
Siddharth Khanna
Omesh Kanwar
Mohita Modgill
Kuwar Harjinder Singh

By Taran Adarsh, October 16, 2009 – 11:22 IST

We love drama. That’s the staple diet of Bollywood films. Even television shows, till a few months ago, relied too heavily on dramatic moments and twists-n-turns, especially the saas-bahu shows. Of late, the reality shows rely on drama to boost the TRPs.

MAIN AURR MRS. KHANNA, directed by debutante Prem Soni, could’ve been an interesting story had the drama quotient been a bit stronger. What comes across is too simple and ordinary.

Actually, the problem lies in its writing. It wouldn’t be erroneous to say that Prem Soni, the director is letdown by Prem Soni, the writer. The writing gyrates from interesting to ordinary to unconvincing and that bogs the film down. The inconsistency is evident all through.


Final words? This Mr. and Mrs. Khanna won’t live happily ever after!

Raina [Kareena Kapoor], Samir [Salman Khan] and Akash [Sohail Khan] are three people whose lives get entwined at an international airport. Samir has to decide whether he wants to stay in the same city [Melbourne] that gave him so much and then took away everything or fly away to a new city [Singapore], to a new life.


Raina has to decide whether her love and loyalty for her husband Samir, who left her to pursue success, is more justified than her faith and trust in her new-found friend, while Akash has to decide whether what he feels for a married woman is lust or true love and whether he’s justified in trying to win her at all costs, even at the cost of her marriage.

Now let’s analyse…
MAIN AURR MRS. KHANNA makes a promising start. The cracks in the relationship are evident when the husband starts facing problems on the professional front. He tries to re-locate to Singapore, but decides to send his wife to Delhi, to his parents’ home. Convincing!

The wife decides to stay back in Melbourne and suddenly meets an ‘angel’ [Sohail Khan] and a friend’s friend [Mahek Chahal], who gets her a job at the airport [within hours of meeting her] and a few scenes later, Mrs. Khanna shifts into a palatial mansion. Wowwwww! How can she afford a palace-like home in Melbourne from the salary that she gets, while working in a shop at the airport? Not convincing!

The wife and angel become friends. The angel is well aware of her marital status, yet loves her dearly. The woman trusts him as a friend. Convincing!

The husband re-surfaces [very quickly]. He’s now settled in Singapore, has even bought a house there, he returns to Melbourne to fetch his wife back. Complications arise when the marriage registration letter surfaces. Not convincing!

The question is, why didn’t the wife confide in her husband about it? That she had to do it for the work permit? Of course, she states subsequently that she didn’t want to complicate things further, but didn’t she ever realise that the truth would be out sooner or later?

Also, when the husband is in Singapore, there’s scant or zilch communication between the couple, which looks so unreal. There’s just one sequence of the wife calling her husband, but the husband isn’t responding to the call. Again, not convincing!

The ending is interesting, but the surprise appearance of Deepika Padukone looks forced in the script. Perhaps, it was incorporated so that Sohail doesn’t come across as a loser. Strangely, Deepika’s name is also Raina [also Kareena’s name in the film] and she too was in a relationship with a Samir [also Salman’s name], which looks fake.

Prem Soni has handled a few scenes well, but the writing is ineffectual. Dialogue, also by Prem, are wonderful at places. Sajid-Wajid’s music is tuneful. ‘Don’t Say Alvida’ and ‘Rabba’ are melodious compositions. The cinematography is striking. The locales of Melbourne give the film a perfect romantic setting.

Salman handles his part with maturity, but it’s a Kareena show all the way. She is remarkable and delivers a winning performance yet again. Sohail contributes to some light moments. Yash Tonk is alright. Mahek Chahal is perfect. Nauheed Cyrusi doesn’t get any scope.

The film has several star appearances: Deepika Padukone, Preity Zinta [okay], Dino Morea [hardly there for a few minutes] and Bappil Lahiri [yes, the veteran music composer has a proper role in the film].

On the whole, MAIN AURR MRS. KHANNA is weak in merits. At the box-office, the BLUE wave, followed by another strong opposition in ALL THE BEST will sideline MAIN AURR MRS. KHANNA completely. It’s a non-starter!