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Everyone who has seen ‘Hum Aapke Hai Koun..!(HAHK) must be aware of this actor. In the film, she played Pooja, Prem’s (Salman Khan) elder sister who meets with a tragic death. Renuka Shahane had become very popular after this film. She also acted in some of the sitcoms earlier. Although she became a known face after HAHK, she wasn’t seen in many films. But now she’s back as a director. Her first film, a Marathi one, titled Rita, is all set to release tomorrow. Renuka Shahane is also there in the film along with Pallavi Joshi, Suhasini Mulay, Mohan Agashe and others. Jackie Shroff also has an important role in the film. Rita in fact is Jackie’s first Marathi film. Surprisingly, just last week, he was seen as a Punjabi farmer in Kisaan.

Rita is adapted from a Marathi novel Rita Welingkar written by the eminent critic Shanta Gokhale, who is also Renuka’s mother. One look at the promo of the film proves that Renuka has sensitively handled the film and will surely impress the audiences. Co-incindentally, women debut directors have fared exceptionally well this year. Zoya Akhtar’s Luck By Chance was a top-notch product while Firaaq by Nandita Das was one of the most impactful films of this year.

The reason why I wrote about this film is because Renuka Shahane stays just a minute away from my house! She used to stay there with her mother until she got married. She occasionally visits her mother but still, I haven’t seen her even once. But I had a chance to meet his husband, actor Ashutosh Rana. I remember the date quite well-it was Jan 5, 2003. My friend stays in the building opposite Renuka Shahane’s and both these buildings share a common compound. I and my friends were playing there when a car stopped outside the compound and Ashutosh Rana came out. He was dressed as a neta-it was the get-up for his film, maybe. He went straight to Renuka’s house. At that time, I didn’t even know that Renuka Shahane’s home is located there and that Rana is her husband! After my knowledge was updated about this, I and my pals decided to take his autograph. I quickly went to my house and got a diary. We all were too scared to press the bell of the house. Finally, I went ahead and did the needful. Renuka’s mother (Ashu’s mother-in-law Shanta Gokhale, who wrote the novel from where Rita is adapted) opened the door. I told her about our wish to take Ashutosh’s autograph. She smiled, pinched my cheeks and went inside to call the actor! He came out and was too glad to fulfill our wish!

From that day onwards, whenever I hear about Renuka Shahane or even Ashutosh Rana, this incident instantly comes to my mind!


Just imagine-a Bipasha Basu film released last Friday and hardly anyone knows about it. The film in question is Shob Charitro Kalponik (SCK), a Bengali film by the well-known director Rituparno Ghosh. The film had created some hype ever since news spread that Bipasha will be seen in a Bengali film. Last I had heard was Bips’ voice is dubbed and that Big Pictures have backed the film.

The film got a good release in Kolkata. In Mumbai it was released only in 2 multiplexes, 1 show in each and both these multiplexes are in South Mumbai. It is shocking that a Bipasha Basu film got such hype-less release. English subtitles were also there and so even non-Bengali viewers would have surely come to see the film, provided the film was promoted well and adequate shows were organized in more multiplexes throughout the city.

4 years back, even Antar Mahal (AM), starring Abhishek Bachchan, Soha Ali Khan, Jackie Shroff and Raima Sen had released without any hype. But compared to SCKAM had more number of shows. Critics had reviewed AM but in the case of SCK, I didnt see it’s single review in any newspaper. Maybe even the critics werent aware of its release! Very unfortunate!

By Renu Chawla, August 25, 2009 – 16:19 IST

Jackie Shroff Actress Renuka Shahane has debuted as a director and is all set with her first Marathi film titled Rita. This is the first time one will see Jackie Shroff in a Marathi flick, playing the role of a mentor. The movie is adapted from a Marathi novel, ‘Rita Welingkar’, which is written by Renuka’s mother and eminent critic Shanta Gokhale.

Renuka is excited about her first release. She says, “I chose my mother’s novel because it lends itself as a beautiful screenplay for a film. The characterizations were so well edged. And the essence of the main protagonist Rita works very well cinematically. Pallavi Joshi plays the central character and it is about her life span from the age of 8 to 40 and I play the role of her best friend.”

Renuka initially started writing for a Hindi movie screenplay. She says, “Initially, I started with a Hindi movie screenplay but something was missing and it wasn’t fulfilling and living up to expectations. I decided to go back to my roots and experiment something in Marathi. That’s when my mother’s novel, which I had read in 1993, struck me and I decided to translate the novel into a film. I spoke to my mom and she was shocked at first. I then began writing my screenplay in May 2007 and finished it by August 2007. My mother read the screenplay and her approval gave me the impetus to go ahead.”

Didn’t she think to cast her husband Ashutosh Rane for her directorial debut? She says, “The character required a 15 years age difference and needed to look old. No matter how much make up I would get on Ashutosh, he wouldn’t live up to the character. Jackie Shroff suited the role aptly.”

The Hum Aapke Hai Kaun actress can’t stop raving about how Ashutosh played a perfect husband by sitting at home all this while. She adds, “He played a very good husband and a father while I was busy with shooting. He didn’t take up any assignments. He also gave me various inputs with regards to the screenplay and direction of the film.”

Renuka also plans to make a movie in Hindi and cast her husband. She says, “I have two scripts ready one in Hindi and the other in Marathi. The Hindi script has my husband playing the most important role.”

The movie is produced by Pooja Shetty Deora’s Walkwater Media and is due to release on September 4.