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Kim Sharma has called off her marriage to her Spanish boyfriend and is now dating director Abhishek Kapoor

By Vickey Lalwani (MUMBAI MIRROR; October 08, 2009)

Kim Sharm

Abhishek Kapoor

The latest couple in Bollywood is Rock On!! director Abhishek Kapoor and actress Kim Sharma. Kim, who has dumped all plans to marry her Spanish boyfriend, singer Carlos Marin, said, “I’m definitely not getting married in February 2010 (as reported earlier).”

In the last two weeks, Abhishek and Kim have been spotted painting the town red at several restaurants, coffee shops and nightclubs. They first met through a common friend and instantly clicked. Abhishek’s fling with Kamal Haasan’s daughter, Shruti Haasan is over. “He was close to Shruti till the last month but their relationship has fizzled out,” said a source.

“Now, Abhishek is totally smitten with Kim. And yes, Kim likes him a lot too. They are spending a lot of time together these days. Even when they aren’t together, they are either talking on the phone or texting each other,” added the source.

Both Abhishek and Kim have had their share of affairs. Kim had a torrid relationship with cricketer Yuvraj Singh for four years and after their break-up has seldom been single. Meanwhile, Abhishek has been linked with several actresses in the past.

Although Kim refused to comment on her current relationship, Abhishek said, “I know this is a cliché but Kim and I are just good friends.”


A month and a half back, I had mentioned in my Kambakkht Ishq review as to how it’s disgusting to see so many shoddy entertainers being released this year. But then a week late came the entertaining Sankat City which brought a respite. And Life Partner, released a week back, also manages to entertain and bring a smile, thankfully. This sweet-n-simple film also teaches some lessons on love and marriage. More about it later!

The story of the movie: Karan (Fardeen Khan), Bhavesh (Tusshar Kapoor) and Jeet (Govinda) are three friends based in Cape Town. Karan works in bank and is in love with the ‘untalented’ Sanjana (Genelia D’Souza), a spoilt daughter of a rich man (Anupam Kher). Bhavesh, on the other hand, doesn’t feel the need to date and believes in arranged marriage. He is an obedient son of a disciplinarian (Darshan Jariwala) and has reserved all his romance for his wife. He finally meets the women of his dreams, Prachi (Prachi Desai), daughter of a multi-millionaire (Vikram Gokhale). And Jeet is a divorce lawyer who can convince anyone to get divorced within minutes! In short, he was world’s best divorce lawyer! He doesn’t believe in the institution of marriage at all. He feels that ‘divorce ki sabse badi wajah hai shaadi’! He persuades Karan and Bhavesh and advices them not to fall into the trap of marriage. But they don’t pay any heed and get married to their women. The later part of the film is all about the problems the newly-wedded couples have to face.

Life Partner is executed in a simple manner. The director doesn’t waste time at all in the beginning and comes right to the point. By exploring the lives of Karan and Bhavesh and their marriage, the director throws light on the plusses and minuses of both love marriage and arranged marriage. The film also gives a wonderful insight on the joint family system, headed and controlled by a patriarch. But the film doesn’t turn melodramatic or preachy at a single place. There are also lots of funny moments throughout the film, which help maintain the light mood of the film. Also, the humour content is not slapstick-it manages to raise quite a many laughs!


The first half is completely funny and has many hilarious sequences. The sequence where Tusshar with his family and Fardeen and Genelia visit Prachi’s palatial residence in India was excellent. The intermission point provides a shock! The second half is all about the problems the couples face. Although Fardeen-Genelia’s look a bit illogical, the scenes of Tusshar and Prachi seemed quite real. As for the climax, well, it was nonsensical but at the same time, it helped to give a film a justified finale. Most importantly, the viewer comes out of the theatre with a smile!

Every actor performs wonderfully. The best part is, Fardeen-Genelia and Tusshar-Prachi look excellent together and share a great chemistry. Fardeen Khan was terrific. He has already proved that he can carry off well in comic capers and his performance in Life Partner confirms it. He wasn’t seen in a single film last year. Before Life Partner this year, he starred in Jai Veeru which failed miserably. He still has three more releases this year-Acid Factory, Dulha Mil Gaya and All The Best and it seems Fardeen’s popularity will once again soar with Life Partner and the forthcoming films!

Genelia D’Souza rocks! Her role required her to be loud and she does it convincingly. She looks stunning throughout the film too, esp in the songs. Tusshar Kapoor got into the skin of the character and performed perfectly. Watch out his amazing expressions and acting in the scene where Prachi agrees to marry him! Prachi Desai, who impressed one and all in ‘Rock On!!’, does a fine job. She gets maximum scope in the 2nd half and does quite well in some of the important scenes.

Darshan Jariwala was excellent as the staunch patriarch. Same goes for Vikram Gokhale. Anupam Kher was okay. Jagdeep was hilarious, even though he was there for just a scene. Himani Shivpuri also provides laugh in just a single scene. Shoma Anand was a perfect mismatch for her role. The film also has Amrita Rao in a special appearance.


And finally, Govinda is the scene-stealer of the film, although his was a supporting role. The screen brightens as soon as he comes in! He looked cool, uttering his theory on marriage. A great job indeed!

Pritam’s music was good, but not as great as his accomplished works. Songs come at regular intervals but doesn’t hamper the pace of the film. ‘Koyal Kuke’, ‘Aage Aage’, ‘Teri Meri Yeh Zindagi’ and ‘Goonje Angna Mein’ are nicely composed numbers. The Amrita Rao track doesn’t quite work.

Niranjan Iyengar’s dialogues were perfect for such a film. The funny one-liners were too good. Yunus Sejawal’s screenplay was just perfect.

Finally, Rumy Jaffrey, the director and writer, manages to come up with a fine film. He doesn’t go overboard in a single scene and none of the sequences in the film (except the climax) looked nonsensical. However, it’s unfortunate to see such a nice film not getting enough audience. The film released simultaneously with Kaminey and got overshadowed by it. Coincidentally, Rumy Jaffrey’s debut film last year, God Tussi Great Ho, was also released in the Independence Day weekend. And it also got overshadowed and flopped as it was released with Bachna Ae Haseeno. Let’s hope Life Partner doesn’t fail commercially too.

Some of the best scenes of the film:
1.   Karan racing with an aeroplane
2.   The song ‘Koyal Kuke’, ‘Aage Aagee’, ‘Teri Meri Yeh’ and ‘Goonje Angna Mein’
3.   Karan making fun of Sanjana behind her back
4.   Bhavesh at Prachi’s residence in India
5.   The intermission point
6.   Bhavesh persuading Prachi to apologize to his father
7.   The washing machine sequence
8.   Bhavesh and Prachi’s honeymoon
9.   Prachi’s father at Bhavesh’s house

On the whole, Life Partner is a sweet and simple film with lots of funny and lovely moments. It also gives some lessons on love and marriage without getting preachy. If you have already seen Kaminey or if you aren’t interested in it, then go and watch Life Partner. And go with your entire family!

My rating-*** ½

This review first appeared on MouthShut.com: http://www.mouthshut.com/review/Life_Partner-173420-1.html


By Subhash K Jha (MUMBAI MIRROR; August 18, 2009)

AR Rahman

Farhan Akhtar

Shooting for Kartik Calling Kartik and hunting for exotic locales for Don 2 is keeping Farhan Akhtar so busy that he is unable to find time to record a song for Blue with AR Rahman.

The song will be filmed on Zayed Khan. Rahman, who is scheduled to return to India from the US next week, has the option of scrapping the song or recording it with a different singer. But the composer is willing to wait as he is keen to work with Farhan. He says, “It’s not just his voice.

It’s the attitude that he extends to his vocals. I thought Farhan sounded terrific in Rock On!!. But the song I have in mind is totally different. I am against talking about something which is uncertain. What if the time factor plays villain? No point in jumping the gun.”

By Taran Adarsh, August 12, 2009 – 22:14 IST

A few questions cross your mind when you’re about to watch LIFE PARTNER…

  • Haven’t I watched something like this in the past? Isn’t it getting repetitive?
  • Haven’t I had enough of mindless potboilers?
  • What’s Rumy Jaffery going to serve now? A rehash of what he’s made in the past?

There’s so much negativity surrounding LIFE PARTNER, even though you don’t have a clue about its content/material. Even though you have no inkling what it has to offer. Also, the buzz is clearly missing.


But, but, but… never judge a book by its cover. To answer the questions I raised at the very outset, let me say that LIFE PARTNER isn’t innovative or ground-breaking, but it’s interesting and entertaining. One may assume that it’s a nonsensical comedy, but it isn’t. Instead, it’s a ‘family film’ [a popular term for socials/paarivaarik films within the industry]. It gives you a sneak peak into the lives of two couples — one, who believes in love marriage and the other, who believes in arranged marriage.

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LIFE PARTNER also surprises you because Rumy Jaffery incorporates vignettes from real life. Most importantly, LIFE PARTNER entertains, makes you laugh [at even silly jokes] and keeps you hooked for most parts of the film. It’s only the climax that acts as a spoilsport. But more on that later!

To sum up, LIFE PARTNER carries no buzz and also the baggage of zilch expectations. But this film springs a pleasant surprise. You leave the auditorium with a smile, not a smirk!

Karan [Fardeen Khan] and Sanjana [Genelia D’Souza] are madly in love with each other. Marriage is the next step to cement their relationship. But is ‘love marriage’ the right way to be?

For Bhavesh [Tusshar Kapoor], his life partner, Prachi [Prachi Desai], comes with the approval of his family. But is ‘arranged marriage’ the way forward? Is it right to prioritize family over marriage? Does Prachi have to prove herself as a worthy daughter-in-law to qualify as an ideal wife?

Jeet [Govinda] is an accomplished divorce lawyer who does not believe in the institution of marriage. He can’t be monogamous and is often responsible for his getting his clients divorced. But is ‘no marriage’ the right policy? Will Jeet ever find a partner and accept matrimony?

LIFE PARTNER is about three protagonists struggling on the marital marathon, but on different tracks.

LIFE PARTNER is a simple story told in a simplistic manner. Director Rumy Jaffery comes to the point at the very outset and the principle characters and their characteristics are well established at this juncture. The film is laced with funny incidents initially, but gets serious as it reaches the interval point. In this case too, the interval point is a shocker and you await the second half for several reasons. The post-interval portions get more real, since the two marriages go through a crisis and the transition is depicted wonderfully.

However, the climax is a downer. Ideally, the writer should’ve come up with a better thought of conclusion, instead of the one that’s depicted now.

Rumy Jaffery shows ample improvement over his previous film. He has handled a number of scenes very well, especially the Tusshar – Prachi – Darshan Jariwala portions. Pritam comes up with an ordinary soundtrack. ‘Kuke Kuke’ is the best of the lot. Yunus Sajawal’s screenplay has several appealing moments. Niranjan Iyengar’s dialogues are first-class. Sameer Arya’s cinematography is admirable. The locales of South Africa are a visual treat. In fact, the film sports a rich look all through.

Govinda is in terrific form this time. After PARTNER, the talented actor gets a role that does complete justice to his abilities. He seems to have worked on his looks and that only enhances the impact. Fardeen Khan is very likable. In fact, the role requires him to go overboard at times and he does that so well. Genelia D’Souza is the scene stealer. She’s superb and one of the prime reasons that makes LIFE PARTNER watchable.

Tusshar Kapoor pitches a remarkable performance yet again. He looks so perfect for his part. LIFE PARTNER is yet another film that showcases his talent well. Prachi Desai showed abundant promise in ROCK ON!! and excels in LIFE PARTNER too. This pretty girl has the potential to carry off most difficult scenes with aplomb. Amrita Rao [sp. app.] doesn’t create magic. Anupam Kher is just right. Darshan Jariwala is proficient. Vikram Gokhale is good. Jagdeep is superb in a brief role.

On the whole, LIFE PARTNER may lack the hype, but this one springs a pleasant surprise. It’s aimed at the families and that section of movie-going audience should take to it gradually, with a strong word of mouth. The holidays in its opening weekend should help the film grow!

By Taran Adarsh, July 17, 2009 – 10:00 IST

Jashnn The Bhatts have often told stories that seem straight out of everyday life. Their new outing JASHNN also mirrors the thoughts of zillions of hopefuls. It’s about a nobody who wants to achieve success in life, wants to live his dreams, wants to become a somebody some day. In that respect, JASHNN, with director duo Raksha Mistry and Hasnain Hyderabadwala in the driving seat, drives home the point convincingly.

You can’t deny the fact that JASHNN brings back memories of the immensely likable ROCK ON!!, for JASHNN is also about a boy band, about dreams, about defeat and about success. Like ROCK ON!!, JASHNN also looks at relationships, but the relationships here are poles apart.

In this case, the protagonist [Adhyayan Suman] is living off his sister [Shahana Goswami], who is reduced to being the mistress of a wealthy entrepreneur [Humayun Saeed] and who loathes the protagonist. Actually, the relationship between the siblings and also the volatile relationship between Adhyayan and Humayun are the mainstay of the film. Sequences between them expose the stark reality of life.


But JASHNN is not without its share of hiccups. The romantic track could’ve been as intense as the volatile ones. Also, it gets long drawn towards the second hour and robs the film of its sheen to an extent. But the climax more than compensates for the blemishes. Thankfully!

All said and done, JASHNN is yet another compelling tale from the house of Bhatts. Super music coupled with bravura performances from its principal cast makes JASHNN an interesting watch.

Akash [Adhyayan Suman] thirsts to become a singing icon. But though he has dreams in his heart, he is unable to find that distinctive voice that he can call his own, that will propel him to the top. Only when he confronts a bitter truth – that he is freeloading off his elder sister Nisha [Shahana Goswami], who, in order to offer him a decent lifestyle, has become the mistress of a rich businessman Aman Bajaj [Humayun Saeed] – is he is able to touch his inner core.

Jashnn Call it irony or a twist of fate, but the person who sees him through this dark night and mentors him when he’s down and out is none other than the sister of the person who he hates most in the world – Aman Bajaj. It is Sara [Anjana Sukhani], Aman’s sister, who makes him realize that he is an extremely talented man and is simply going through a bad phase.

In the end, he not only touches his inexhaustible potential and becomes an overnight star, but also humbles his biggest detractor Aman Bajaj and in the process, lives up to the faith that his sister and Sara had in him all along.

Director duo Raksha and Hasnain step into a different domain [emotions], after attempting thrillers. And the relationships here are too complex. Some instances…

  • Watch out for the tiff between Adhyayan and Humayun, when the latter abuses Shahana. The subsequent sequence, when Adhyayan apologises to Humayun at his office, is heart-breaking.
  • Here’s another. Adhyayan and Shahana enter Anjana’s party and the confrontation that ensues with Humayun there. Another master stroke!
  • Note another sequence. In the post-interval portions, Adhyayan’s demo is rejected by the music company baron and his outburst at this point. It breaks your heart!
  • The same night, he takes refuge in drinks and even robs money from another guest at the hotel. What happens thereafter is astonishing.
  • In the climax, Adhyayan calls his sister on stage and makes her accept the trophy from Humayun. Clapworthy, but deeply emotional!
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But, as mentioned earlier, JASHNN loses its grip during the romantic sequences. The film dips in the second hour, which is long drawn and half as convincing at times. The low phase that Adhyayan goes through could’ve been more effective and shorter.

Jashnn Director duo Raksha and Hasnain show sparks of brilliance in the above-mentioned scenes and they get solid help from writer Shagufta Rafique, whose screenplay is watertight, barring the portions mentioned above. You expect every Bhatt movie to be embellished with melodious and soulful music and the songs in JASHNN are seeped in melody, especially the final track. Dialogues are powerful and dipped in acid at times. Camerawork is up to the mark.

All four actors shine in their respective roles. Adhyayan Suman takes giant strides. Note the helplessness, the sorrow, the dejection and the eventual exhilaration. This is Adhyayan’s showreel. Humayun Saeed, from across the border, is brilliant. This film makes you wake up to this talent, which gives the film a rich texture. Here’s an actor to watch. Shahana Goswami is already going from strength to strength and JASHNN only proves that she’s matchless. She handles her part with amazing understanding. Anjana Sukhani is a revelation. Again, this film should act as a showreel for her. She’s excellent.

On the whole, JASHNN is a moving tale with three USPs – its music, the emotional quotient and the performances by its four actors. Despite some loose ends, it should slowly and steadily win over cinegoers based on these three factors.


The previous two Fridays saw the release of two biggies-Kambakkht Ishq on July 3 and Short Kut on July 10. What was common in both the films apart from the fact that both were comic entertainers was these 2 films were remakes of Southern films. While Kambakkht Ishq was a remake of the 2002 Kamal Hasan’s hit Tamil film, Pammal K Sambandam, Short Kut was a remake of a Roshan AndrewsMalayalam movie Udayananu Tharam. Don’t mistake it for a copy-the rights of both the films were acquired by the producers before remaking it.

Both these South films were big hits but surprisingly, their remakes have failed to impress the audiences. Short Kut took a bad opening and the collections didn’t improve in the weekend due to so many negative reports. Kambakkht Ishq (KI), on the other hand, did a great job in the weekend but the negative reviews prevented it from becoming a big hit. Some trade pundits are trying to save the film by mentioning that KI took a bigger opening than Singh Is Kinng and was at par at Ghajini. In its 1st week, Ghajini collected 64.41 crores and Singh Is Kinng made 39.72 crores. KI, on the other hand, manage to collect 33.42 crores (acc to boxofficeindia.com)! Figures speak for themselves! And the film has fallen greatly in the 2nd week and it’s difficult to say if it’ll recover its costs.

Coming back, Bollywood has since a long time got inspired from Southern films and churned out successful films. One of the biggest hits of 2002, Saathiya, was originally a Tamil film, Alai Payuthey, directed by Mani Ratnam. The Hindi remake was Shaad Ali’s first film. One of the finest directors, Priyadarshan has made successful Hindi films by legally lifting Southern hits. Bhool Bhulaiyaa was inspired from Manichithrathazu, in which Priyan had worked as a second unit director. His hilarious film, Dhol, was a remake of 1980 Malayalam film, In Harihar Nagar.

It is also seen that the Southern directors themselves direct the remakes. Recent example is Ghajini. Both the Tamil and Hindi versions were directed by A R Murugadoss. The Hindi version went on to become the biggest Hit of Bollywood ever! One of the most remembered films of the 80s, Ek Duuje Ke Liye, was a remake of 1978 film Maro Charithra and it was directed by K Balachander. Tamil film Minnale was remade as Rehna Hai Terre Dil Mein by Gautham Menon and it became one of the most loved youthful films. Shankar’s first Hindi film, Nayak-The Real Hero, was a remake of his film Mudhalvan. Priyadarshan has also directed some excellent Malayalam movies and remade some of them in Hindi.

In all the remakes, some changes were made but the directors were cautious enough to retain the same magic in the remake which led to the success of the original. But the directors of Kambakkht Ishq and Short Kut failed to do so and that’s why they failed to impress the audience.


Two upcoming Hindi films are also remakes of Southern hits. Salman Khan’s next, Wanted(see pic), is a remake of Tamil blockbuster, Pokkiri. Like the Tamil version, the Hindi version is also directed by Prabhu Deva. Wanted is all set to release on September 18 and it’s expected to be an excellent action thriller. And some days ago, Arshad Warsi bought the rights of 2006 acclaimed Malayalam film, Notebook and is planning to produce its remake. Notebook was directed by Roshan Andrews, who also directed Udayananu Tharam, from where Warsi’s Short Kut was remade. Let’s hope Notebook remake doesn’t turn out to be a damp squib like Short Kut!

Many good films have failed at the BO due to lack of promotion. Last week’s Sankat City failed to attract audiences as it was not well promoted. And Jashnn, releasing tomorrow, may also suffer a similar fate. Produced by Mukesh and Mahesh Bhatt, the film stars Adhyayan Suman, Anjana Sukhani and Shahana Goswami and is directed by Hasnain-Raksha, who directed The Killer. Jashnn is a musical film and seems to be meaningful and interesting. Its songs managed to become somewhat popular. Promos of the film aren’t shown much throughout the day on TV and Shahana is not yet revealed in the teasers. Shahana, who won awards and appreciation for her role in ‘Rock On!!’, has an important role in the film and yet, is being sidelined.

Moreover, the film is releasing with a Hollywood biggie, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. Thus, the film has almost no chance to succeed. Since Bhatts aren’t promoting the film properly, let me only do some promotion for Jashnn! I managed to find the theatrical trailer of the film and have uploaded below. Do check!

This post first appeared on MouthShut.com:http://www.mouthshut.com/diary/fgijoptlo/Fenils-Bollywood-Talk57


Priyanka Chopra is still recovering from the shock and anger of being publically humiliated by Ashutosh Gowariker (pictured left), director of her next film “What’s Your Rashee?”, at the IIFA Awards on June 13, 2009.

After Priyanka collected her award as the Best Actress for “Fashion”, it was Ashu’s turn to go on stage to receive his Best Director award for “Jodhaa Akbar”.

The first thing that he uttered after taking the mike was, “Priyanka, I love you, but I don’t know how you got the award for Best Actress when Aishwarya was also nominated in the same category for ‘Jodhaa Akbar’.”

As if that wasn’t bad enough, he further added, “Maybe it is because you are very hard-working and she is a natural.”

But when he realised that he was goofing up, he put the blame on Jaya Bachchan, who was standing next to him, and said, “Jayaji was just asking me the same thing.”

Priyanka, understandably, was furious, but maintained a calm and dignified front.

However, she skipped the after-party in Abhishek and Aishwarya’s suite and reportedly said, “I don’t want to go there and see his face.”

We wonder what made Ashu say what he did? Was he trying to impress the Bachchans on their home ground, IIFA awards? Considering Priyanka has won the Best Actress award for “Fashion” at every award show this year, how come Ashu suddenly wake up to realise Ash was more deserving?

By the way, Priyanka was not the only one whom he upset at IIFA awards. Apparently, he even had a confrontation with the hosts of the evening – actors Boman Irani and Riteish Deshmukh.

He is said to have blasted them for making fun of his film.

According to sources from IIFA, Riteish and Boman presented a skit spoofing all the movies nominated in the Best Film category, which included “Race”, “Dostana”, “Rock On”, “Ghajini”, “Jodhaa Akbar” and “A Wednesday”.

For the “Jodhaa Akbar” act, Boman played Akbar while a starlet played Jodhaa. Riteish walked in dressed as Amitabh Bachchan in “Shahenshah”. When Boman asked Riteish who he was, the latter replied, “Rishte mein hum tumhare baap lagte hai, lekin naam hai Shahenshah,” to which Boman said, “Tum Shahenshah toh main kaun hoon?”

It was an inoffensive statement, but it angered Ashu to no limit. He walked out from the audience and went straight to the green room. There he lectured Riteish and Boman about poking fun at others. He also asked Riteish and Boman why SRK and Bachchans were not made fun of (Though Abhishek’s movie “Drona” had been spoofed).

Ashu even threatened the organisers that if these things do not stop, he will take the stage and ask the audience, if these kind of jokes should be allowed at award functions.

The organisers apparently had to literally plead with him not to take such a step because it would spoil India’s image internationally as IIFA has a global reach.

Although he did not take the stage, Ashu did not spare Riteish and Boman. He was reportedly overheard telling people just because Riteish is a minister’s son, he thinks he can get away with anything.

Not one to lie low, Riteish too fired at Ashu and told him to take jokes sportingly.

The duo even questioned why Ashu never objected when Shah Rukh Khan poked fun at everyone whenever he hosted an award show.

Since this is the second time Ashu’s lost his temper at an awards night, we wonder if organisers will invite him to such functions in future.