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Bharati Dubey | TNN (THE TIMES OF INDIA; January 3, 2010)

Mumbai: The 3 Idiots drama off screen is becoming as engrossing as the film’s on-screen performances with the issue of opening and closing credits hogging the limelight.

On Wednesday, writer Chetan Bhagat blogged claiming that 70% of the film had been inspired by his book Five Point Someone (FPS). He also complained the script was not shown to him before release and that he was hurt because the producers did not acknowledge his contribution to the film in the opening credits.

On Saturday, director Raju Hirani refuted all charges levelled by the writer. He showed documentary evidence of the contracts signed by him with the production house. He also showed a non-disclosure agreement signed by Bhagat and categorically denied the charge that he was not shown the final script of the film.

“Pre-release, the makers of the film made statements that it was only loosely inspired by the book. After release, those who have read the book and seen the movie find the film to be an adaptation of FPS,’’ Bhagat blogged.

He also stated that his family was upset after they didn’t spot his name in the opening credits of the film and also the story credit was not given to him. But Hirani clarified that the rights of the novel, with complete authority to alter the text to suit the screen, was purchased by them. He said the contract clearly stated that Bhagat’s name would be in the end-rolling credits and the agreement was signed in September 2005.

On Bhagat’s statement that most of the narrative of the film was copied from his text, Hirani said, “This is irrelevant because we hold the rights to the novel. Using the book as a take-off point, the writers brought about massive changes both on the macro and micro level of the story.’’

Asked about Bhagat not being shown the film before release, Hirani said Bhagat “said he would watch it at the premiere, which he did with his family”. But when told that ‘Bhagat-3 Idiots’ drama is also being looked at as a publicity stunt, Hirani said, “It would be below our dignity to do something like this.’’

Producer says sorry
Producer Vidhu Vinod Chopra apologised to the media for his rude behaviour. “I really think it was silly. I was provoked as you guys know but I should not have done that. It does not befit me. What I did was silly and am really sorry,’’ Chopra said on Saturday morning. TNN

KRK has been prematurely ousted from Bigg Boss 3 due to his violent behaviour with co-participants

By Kunal M Shah (MUMBAI MIRROR; October 22, 2009)

Kamaal Rashid Khan is the first celebrity to be prematurely ousted from the Bigg Boss house because of his rude and violent behavior. While the previous two seasons of the show had their share of fights between participants with Ravi Kishan and Rakhi Sawant constantly bickering during the first season and Raja Chowdhary and Sambhavana Seth arguing in the second season, Kamaal’s fit of rage was far too much to tolerate.

A source from the channel says, “It began with something as trivial as allotting points to co-participants for their performances, which was part of their daily tasks. While everyone generously gave each other points, Kamaal did not bother to give too many points to Rohit Varma and Shamita Shetty. Later, during a discussion at the dinner table when the two dismissed their act as charity, Kamaal was enraged on realising that they were hinting at him.”

Shamita Shetty in the House

Kamaal R Khan in the House

“A verbal spat that ensued between Kamaal and Rohit took an ugly turn when the former threw a bottle of water at Rohit. Rohit ducked and managed to dodge the bottle, which hit Shamita’s hand. Everybody was shocked and Raju Shrivastav clearly told Kamaal that his behaviour was unacceptable. The unsolicited advice angered Kamaal further and the agument deteriorated into a fistfight. Ismail Darbar immediately stepped in and played peacemaker before things turned uglier. Just when everyone was calming down, Bakhtiyaar Irani too gave Kamaal a piece of his mind. By then, Bigg Boss felt it was time he said something and asked everyone to assemble in the living room. He sternly ordered Kamaal to pack his bags and leave the house. Any form of violence is not permissible in the house and since Kamaal did not heed the rule, he is out,” adds the source.

Ashvini Yardi, Programming Head of the channel, confirms and says, “Yes, Kamaal R Khan has been ousted. His behavior was absolutely unacceptable. We do not advocate resorting to violent means to settle differences. What Kamaal did was completely against the rules of the House. So, he was asked to leave.”