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Dia Mirza lodges a police complaint against her stalker; he has harassed her for six years

By Kunal M Shah (MUMBAI MIRROR; December 15, 2009)

Dia Mirza must be used to getting attention all the time thanks to her pretty looks but this recent incident takes the cake as far as being admired goes. Dia was taken aback when she saw a 30-something guy on his knees with a bouquet and a ring proposing marriage to her right outside her doorstep on December 10.

At first, Dia was shocked but her domestic help and driver took her to the police station to lodge a complaint.

A source said, “The stalker has been following Dia for the last six years. When he realised that it was her birthday on December 9 and she would be receiving many bouquets, he disguised himself as a florist, fooled the building’s security guard and landed up outside her house the next day. He told her that he is well-educated and a doctor by profession. He had even got an engagement ring for her and asked her to marry him. At first Dia didn’t know what to do but she quickly got her act together and called out to her domestic help and driver. They managed to drive him away with a warning. However, Dia did not take the matter lightly and lodged a complaint at the Khar Police station. The cops are now trying to find her stalker.”

Dia confirmed the news and said, “Yes, it’s all true. I have made an official police complaint against him. I have noticed him for many years but I never bothered much as he never came in my way. However, this time he landed up at my house which was quite shocking. It was a security lapse because on my birthday(December 9) many bouquets had been sent to my house.

The next day he came to my house disguised as a florist. Thankfully, my driver, who has been with me for ten years, was present and let him off with a stern warning after which he ran away. I hope he doesn’t come back as cops are hunting for him.”

Dia continued, “He had brought a card and an engagement ring and he proposed marriage to me. He is an educated guy and is apparently a doctor but I didn’t want to take any chances. Everyone suggested that I should file a police complaint. The cops are hunting for him and they have even warned the security guards in my building.”

Moviegoers caught short of cash are irked that multiplexes screening 3-D films charge deposit for special goggles without prior notice
By Kunal Guha (MUMBAI MIRROR; September 22, 2009)

While moviegoers continue complaining of steep ticket prices at multiplexes, multi-screen cinemas are now being criticised for charging a refundable deposit for the 3D-spectacles required to watch 3D films.

Most film freaks are irked that no advance intimation is given about this charge when purchasing tickets. Hemanshu Jain, 25, media professional said, “We had gone for a 3D film at Fame Malad. Just as we were about to enter the auditorium, we were told to pay an extra Rs 50 each for the 3D spectacles. We had already spent all our cash on snacks, and pleaded with the theatre staff to allow us in, since we were not told of this additional charge in advance. We even suggested we would go out and withdraw from an ATM. However, the security guard would not let us leave the premises. After much debate, they agreed to accept my debit card as deposit to be given back after the movie.”

Carolina Bajaj, 35, said, “I went for a 3D movie to PVR Phoenix after booking tickets online. On entering the movie hall, we realised they were charging us Rs 100 per person for the 3D glasses. And, this was not mentioned anywhere on the Web site. Obviously, it is very inconvenient, as no one carries so much extra cash. When we asked why they were charging a deposit, the staff was rude, and screamed that if we did not pay the deposit, we could not watch the film. Not only that, the glasses looked crushed. God knows how many times they had been used before. Is this how much they value their customers?”

“Multiplexes charge this additional refundable deposit as some movie-watchers take the glasses with them, or leave them around the seats. A refundable deposit ensures the spectacles are returned intact,” said a spokesperson for BIG Cinemas.

Finance professional Rohan Pradhan, 26, questions the practice. “By charging an additional deposit for the 3D glasses, the only message multiplexes are sending is that they don’t trust movie-goers. A person paying Rs 250 for a movie ticket is not someone, who would steal 3D glasses, which are useless outside the movie hall anyway!”

Gangster Ravi Pujari’s men ransack UTV’s Bangalore office and leave a chilling warning for its boss
By Bangalore Mirror Bureau (July 14, 2009)

Ronnie Screwvala

Bangalore police are alarmed by an attack on a private TV channel’s office by six armed men who wanted to know the whereabouts of the company’s owner. The men claimed to be gangster Ravi Pujari’s associates.

DCP (East) M Chandrashekar said police is investigating why Pujari is targeting UTV owner Ronnie Screwvala. “We need to trace Screwvala’s previous relationship, if any, with the Pujari gang. A thorough probe is being conducted,” he said.

Screwvala is a big name in the TV and film industry. His company runs several channels and also produces films one of which was ‘Rang De Basanti’.

On Saturday, six persons barged into the UTV office on CMH Road at Indiranagar around 5 pm. Security guard Sathish and a job-seeker, Jamad, were in the office. Brandishing a pistol, one of the gangsters asked Sathish the whereabouts of Screwvala. When Sathish pleaded ignorance, the six broke windows and assaulted Jamad with a pistol butt.

According to the police, the attackers warned of ‘serious action against Ronnie if he continued to support Dawood’.

The gang handed a letter to Sathish that read ‘Last warning – contact Ravi Pujari’. It mentioned an international telephone number.

Six men asked the security guard about Screwvala’s whereabouts. When he pleaded ignorance, they broke windows and assaulted a job-seeker

Pujari men target UTV office

Sources said Pujari’s gang had called up UTV’s office in Mumbai too and left a similar message.

Pujari is wanted in Bangalore in several cases of extortion. “We keep getting complaints of such calls. Some are made from Bangalore, but using international calling cards of different countries to camouflage the origin of the call. It is difficult to trace such calls. Some calls are made using Voice-over Internet Protocol (VoIP), which also cannot be traced,” said a police officer.

In Mumbai, Screwvala could not be reached for his comments, but Deven Khote, founder-member and director of UTV, said, “I have no idea about the incident.”

Additional Commissioner (Crime) Deven Bharti said, “I am not in Mumbai. I have no idea about this incident. I will check.”


Ravi Pujari

Ravi Pujari started his criminal career at Andheri. He is a school dropout, but speaks English, Hindi and Kannada. He was a small-time criminal till he killed Bala Zalte, a rival. He joined gangster Chhota Rajan who took a liking to him.

He moved to Dubai in the late 1990s and extorted from builders and hoteliers. They parted ways after Dawood Ibrahim made an attempt on Rajan’s life in Bangkok, Thailand in 2000.

Pujari is believed to be hiding in Australia now. He often calls up the police claiming to have targeted people close to Dawood or his aide Chhota Shakeel.