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Borivli resident, 24-year old Trupti Shukla, who went for an audition to Balaji, recounts the gruelling discomfort she experienced when asked to lock lips with a stranger and don a swimsuit…
By Vickey Lalwani (MUMBAI MIRROR; September 10, 2009)

Trupti Shukla

On September 8, Mumbai Mirror broke the story of how boys and girls were asked to smooch each other at the Balaji office, if they were interested in being cast for a forthcoming show. A distraught Trupti Shukla, who auditioned at the Balaji office last month for the same project, is rather shaken up. “I need to tell you what transpired when I went there,” she told Mumbai Mirror yesterday.

Trupti says she auditioned at Sankraman (Goregaon) a couple of months ago for a show based on the fashion industry for Balaji. “After a few days, I got a call from a girl informing me that I had been shortlisted and that I should come to the Balaji office at Andheri. The show was meant to be something on the lines of an MTV Roadies or Splitsvilla. However, I was shocked when she told me that I was supposed to come in ‘minimal clothing’. My mother was flabbergasted but I still went. I did not adhere to the instructions.”

Describing what she witnessed, Trupti says, “Many girls hadn’t come in skimpy clothes but they had got some extra outfits that they were changing into. They soon changed into some rather revealing outfits. I, for my part, had worn jeans and a full-sleeved shirt; I hadn’t taken a change of clothing. Thus, I waited my turn in the very outfit that I had worn.”

Things got nasty soon enough. Trupti claims, “We were told that we had to meet Vikas Gupta (project head) ‘one-on-one’. He was wearing a T-shirt and bermudas.  The first question he asked me was how good I would be at smooching someone. I fumbled. The second question was equally revolting. He asked me how good I would be at carrying off a swimsuit. I told him that I had come there to do some performance-oriented role and this was not something that fit the bill. Vikas then replied that there was a lot of performance-oriented stuff that I will be doing in the show, but smooching and donning a swimsuit would be one of the requirements. I was also asked what my take was on a 25-year-old girl making love to a 17-year-old boy. I failed to fathom the logic. After such questions, I told Vikas that I was leaving and walked out. Many girls left like I did too, but many also did the kissing shots in the next room.”

Ekta Kapoor

A couple at the audition

“I am extremely shocked. More than shocked, I am disappointed. Where has the creativity gone? Are actors and actresses going to be judged by how well they smooch and how well they can carry off a swimsuit?” Trupti exclaimed, her anger rising, “Why were we not briefed that we would be asked such embarrassing questions? I had asked them for a brief prior to the audition but the girl on the line merely said that she knew nothing about the role.”

Well Trupti, those are some murky waters you claim to have paddled through. Whoever said tinsel town was a cakewalk? But make sure you never kiss and tell. That’s the golden rule.

Project head, Vikas Gupta clarifies

Q.What is the show about, for which aspirants who auditioned were asked to kiss strangers?

A. We can’t say anything yet.

Q.Have you received any backlash from the contestants or their parents?

A. No. Everyone was in the loop.

Q. Apart from smooching, why were the girls asked if they would be comfortable wearing a swimsuit?

A. I didn’t ask them anything about a swimsuit. They were asked only about the kiss. Smooch nahin kaha, kiss kaha tha.

Q. Did you meet the contestants on a one-on-one basis?

A. Yes. But not everybody. Only those who were shortlisted.

While filming an action sequence for United Six, Parvathy Omanakuttan accidentally kicked a co-actor in his groin, bringing the schedule to a grinding halt
By Vickey Lalwani (MUMBAI MIRROR; September 10, 2009)

Parvathy pretends to aim for co-actor John’s groin

She makes inadvertent contact, John feels maximum impact

Miss World 2008 Parvathy Omanakuttan is a dangerous woman to be around. She kicked a man in his groin accidentally while shooting, and the very thought can make a grown man cry. So you can imagine the plight of the co-star when her misguided kick inadvertently landed on his most vulnerable body part.

Parvathy is shooting for her Bollywood debut, United Six, directed by Vishal Aryan Singh. A source from the sets said, “Parvathy kicked a little longer than required and John too came a bit more forward than he should have. As a result, Parvathy’s kick hit him where it hurts the most. As a result, for a few minutes, John was in absolute daze.”

Creative Producer of United Six, Surendra Bhatia confirmed the news. He said, “When John went down after the kick, Parvathy didn’t know where to look. She was profusely apologetic.”

A doctor was summoned on the sets and medical aid was administered to John. Although the shoot eventually resumed John refused to can the shoots without a safety aid. The source added, “John was given medical aid and asked to rest for some time. He resumed the shoot after two hours. Since the scene had been interrupted and had to be reshot, John insisted on wearing an abdomen guard.”

Guess, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Konkona Sen Sharma was not too happy about shooting with a rat as she suffers from musophobia
By Kunal M Shah (MUMBAI MIRROR; September 10, 2009)
Konkona Sen Sharma has always had musophobia; a fear of mice. Imagine her plight when she had to shoot with one for a scene in Wake Up Sid. A bewildered Konkona said, “I still don’t know how (director) Ayaan Mukherjee made me do it. It was one of the most difficult scenes I have ever done.”

Konkona Sen Sharma and Ayaan Mukherjee

Konkona had to shoot with a rat crawling over her body. All was well until she discovered that the director was bent on using a real rat. Our sources said, “When Konkona learnt it was going to be a real mouse, she just refused to shoot. It took Ayaan a lot of time to convince Konkona to do the scene. They got a mouse, coloured it black with shoe polish to make it resemble a rat. But Konkona was far from convinced, and out of fear, hurriedly finished the scene in only a couple of takes.”

Konkona added, “I don’t care if it was a mouse or a rat; they are equally scary for me. When I read the script, I never thought Ayaan would actually want a real rat or a mouse. I assumed they would either use a fake mouse or my dummy. I am still terrified by the thought.”

This, as far as she is concerned, is the first and last time she will ever shoot with one. She said, “Ayaan went on and on, it was driving me crazy and I was almost in tears but he wouldn’t budge. I covered myself with two rajais (quilts) but I could still feel the mouse climbing over me. It was the most frightening experience ever. I would never do it again.”

Urvashi Sharma had a very embarrassing wardrobe malfunction recently
By Kunal M Shah (MUMBAI MIRROR; September 10, 2009)
Urvashi Sharma was a victim of an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction while she was shooting for Priyadarshan’s untitled film in Kerala on Sunday. When Urvashi was shooting for a song, an errant button came off, unravelling her blouse. Showing presence of mind, she caught it and ran to her vanity van. Luckily, apart from the unit and the choreographer, Pony Verma, not many people were present at the location. Her co-actors, Akshaye Khanna and Ajay Devgan, were not present as the shoot required only Urvashi.

Pony Verma said, “Yes, the incident happened. However, I don’t think you should make a big deal about it.” On being probed further, she said, “The button of her blouse came off and she was naturally very uncomfortable. But the situation was handled carefully. Urvashi was covered and sent to her van.”

Urvashi said, “I am okay with it now, although I did not feel the same way when it happened. I realised that my button had broken and so I covered myself with my hands and I ran to my van. The camera was on the side and so nothing was recorded. Moreover, there were very few people on the sets as my close-up scenes were being shot.”

Hrithik Roshan and Abhay Deol replace Imran and Ranbir who have decided to first star together in their home production
By Kunal M Shah and Vickey Lalwani (MUMBAI MIRROR; September 10, 2009)

Imran Khan

Ranbir Kapoor

Filmmakers who want to cast hotties Imran Khan and Ranbir Kapoor together will have to wait for a long time. While the two buddies are on the most-wanted list of top filmmakers, the two hunks have an altogether different plan, which is not only the perfect way to cash in on their popularity but also makes great business sense.

Apart from Karan Johar, Ranbir and Imran were also in advanced talks with Zoya Akhtar who has been keen to cast them together in her forthcoming film. The latest news is that although they loved Zoya’s script, they are no longer part of her film as they want to first star together in their own production, which they will start soon. According to sources, they want their real-life camaraderie to shine on screen for the first time in their film.

The film is being made by Excel Entertainment. Imran and Ranbir often meet to discuss promising ideas despite their busy schedules.

Our source said, “Zoya had approached Imran and Ranbir to star in her new film. Farhan Akhtar had already agreed to be a part of the film and Ranbir-Imran too had loved the script. Ranbir had made up his mind to star in the film. Imran loved his role and was more or less convinced about it. However, Ranbir and Imran eventually decided that if they have to star together it should first be a film which will be produced by them. Imran and Ranbir will soon produce a film together for which they have had discussions with a couple of directors, Imtiaz Ali being one of them. They politely declined Zoya’s offer. She has now finalised Hrithik Roshan and Abhay Deol in place of Imran and Ranbir. Zoya can’t wait to start shooting as the script is brilliant.”

Zoya Akhtar said, “I am still writing my script. I will think about my film’s cast only after I am done with the script. I don’t want to say anything more.”

Vivek spills the beans on his feelings on ex Aishwarya Rai and the controversial face off with Salman Khan
BOMBAY TIMES; September 10, 2009

From left to right: Sreesanth, Vivek Oberoi, Farah Khan and Riteish Deshmukh

This week’s episode of Tere Mere Beach Mein will see Ritiesh Deshmukh, Sreesanth and Vivek Oberoi confessing the decisions they took that turned out to be disasters. Not surprising this episode’s theme is Socha Na Tha.

“Vivek-bashing had become a trend,” Vivek told Farah on the show. He further went on to say, “I remember one day when I returned after my shoot and saw my mom crying. I asked ‘Kya hua’. She replied, ‘Till when will they keep hitting at my son. I’m a mother, I too feel bad!’ And then she added, ‘I am proud of you. Had it been anyone else by now, he would be in a mental hospital or taking drugs or become an alcoholic.’”

Vivek spoke about the controversial press conference he called years ago against Salman when he was dating Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. Finally when Farah asked him ‘Kya aap poori tarah se unhe bhoola chuke hain?’ referring to Aishwarya, Vivek gave a confident reply in the positive.

Sreesanth and Riteish Deshmukh’s presence added to the drama on the show. Ritiesh did comment on the Ram Gopal Varma incident that caused damage to his father Vilasrao Deshmukh’s political career. “The media said that my father had invited Ram Gopal Varma, but that’s not true. There is not one shot of the two talking to each other and my father didn’t even know him. Till date, they have still not been introduced to each other!” he said. And Sreesanth of course, when asked about the slap (Harbhajan had slapped him during an IPL match), gave a reply in his own flamboyant style!

HOTTIE: Militza Radmilovic

…says British model Militza Radmilovic, who is ready to do a Katrina Kaif in Bollywood

MEENA IYER Times News Network (BOMBAY TIMES; September 10, 2009)

She’s 5 feet 10, fair and slender, an Economics graduate from, well, the London School of Economics, is making her debut in Bollywood with a 3D horror film called Flick in which she seduces Rahul Bose (dear God), and when she speaks Hindi — people say she sounds like Sonia Gandhi! But British model Militza Radmilovic, who BT introduced to you in May, is half-Serbian and says, “I don’t have any Italian blood in me.”

After storming fashion ramps in Italy, Paris, Milan and Rome, Militza is doing the rounds of filmmakers in Mumbai. Two nights ago, she was in Vipul Shah’s house when he was celebrating his wife Shefali Shah’s National Award for Best Supporting Actress in the film The Last Lear. Vipul’s guests were floored with the striking presence and flattering measurements of this British model. “I’m under contract with the producers of Fired until November,’’ says Militza, “and I’m serious about making a career in Bollywood.’’ She is keen on getting lessons in Hindi now and her acting skills
have been honed by English guru Mark Summers. But she’s been a Bollywood junkie from ever since and counts Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Singh Is Kingg and Fashion among her fave flicks. “I don’t understand the language, but I understand the emotions. And I cried watching portions of KKHH.’’

Now Militza has set her sights on romancing Akshay Kumar, Hrithik Roshan and Salman Khan. She expects a stiff challenge from Bollywood’s hotties. “Indian actresses score over those from the West because they can dance, sing and emote all at once. Believe me, that’s a huge challenge,’’ she says, almost wistfully. But then, if Katrina Kaif can… why should not Militza Radmilovic!