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IT’S ALL IN THE NAME: Poster of Kites

Bollywood has given up HAHK and DDLJ for short and simple English titles

AAKANKSHA NAVAL-SHETYE Times News Network (BOMBAY TIMES; September 15, 2009)

Bollywood has rediscovered the KISS (Keep It Short and Simple) rule, at least where film titles are concerned. Having had its fill of long names — Bollywood’s now high on short words, and most of them straight off the English vocabulary rack. Sample this: almost 20 films this year had English titles and there are almost 30 more to come… from Blue to Wanted and Radio to Kites. Trade pundits attribute this to several reasons. “Almost every title has been exhausted. Others have been blocked by producers before hand. Filmmakers have to come up with unique titles and English words give an instant youth connect,” explains trade analyst Komal Nahta, adding, “Even Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge was shortened to the English DDLJ.”

Trade analyst Taran Adarsh agrees, claiming that it’s a healthy trend looking at global cinema, “Bollywood films have an international audience. Ever since English lyrics in Hindi songs became a hit, filmmakers began exploring these options. As long as the title suits the content of the film, it’s bound to work.” Vashu Bhagnani, whose next film is titled Do Knot Disturb, adds, “When the masses can accept English songs and words in our films, why not
titles? The audience targeted is largely the youth and they can easily identify with such names.” Rohit Shetty, director of All the Best and Golmaal Returns, defended his titles, “Words like Welcome, All The Best, Luck, and No Problem work well even with the non-English speaking masses in the interiors. These titles have tested positive with the multiplex audience so it’s a win-win scenario all across.”

Trade analysts also believe TV has made English and ‘Hinglish’ popular. “Thanks to the serials, talk shows and advertisements, ‘Hinglish’ has become well-accepted. So if the words are simple and part of daily usage, the names are more likely to work than not,” say trade analysts.

However, filmmaker Vipul Shah, whose films — Singh is Kinng, London Dreams and Action Replayy — all have English names, has a different take. “London Dreams is the name of a band associated with my film, whereas Action Replayy was the name of my play done several years ago. So, the name has to show some connection with the film theme and should not be a random word,” he says. Will the trend of long names that kickstarted with Hum Aapke Hain Kaun pave way for English shorties? Time will tell.

Fox, Luck, Three, Life Partner, Daddy Cool, Sankat City, Shortkut: The Con is On, Quick Gun Murugan, Bachelor Party, Bad Luck Govind, Chandni Chowk To China, Luck By Chance, Victory, The Stoneman Murders, 13B, Straight, Team, Runway, Let’s Dance, Morning Walk, Perfect Mismatch, Shadow, Toss

Blue, Wanted, All the Best, London Dreams, Acid Factory, What’s Your Raashee?, 3 Idiots, Eight, Fast Forward, Shoebite, My Name Is Khan, Jail, Do Knot Disturb, Paa, Radio, Season Greetings, Chase, Kites, Wake Up Sid, Prince, Rocket Singh: Salesman of The Year, No Problem, Road Movie, Accident on Hill Road, Action Replayy

FLYING HIGH: Anushka Sharma. (inset) Shah Rukh Khan and Shahid Kapoor; (below) Akshay Kumar. For more pictures of the Bollywood stars, log on to http://photogallery.indiatimes.com
Anushka Sharma believes she’s a lucky girl…

MEENA IYER Times News Network (BOMBAY TIMES; September 15, 2009)

Aditya Chopra’s promising debutant Anushka Sharma continues her run as a big league player. After Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, one of the biggest blockbusters of all-time, Anushka is romancing Shahid Kapoor in Parmeet Sethi’s untitled venture. In December, she will team up with super-hottie Akshay Kumar in Nikhil Advani’s Patiala House. “I loved the script the moment I heard it,’’ she confesses. “However, I didn’t want to do anything impulsive. So I slept over it for a day and went back to Nikhil telling him I was most certainly on for the project,’’ says the heroine, who stands almost six feet tall. Anushka adds, “I have never met Akshay Kumar in my life and I’m going to be romancing him in my next project. I can’t tell you how excited I am. First I got to romance Shah Rukh, then Shahid and now Akshay. It is as if I’m walking on a cloud.’’

Has she talked to her godfather Aditya Chopra about this film? “Adi would hate it if I called him my mentor or godfather,’’
she says. “He and I are not friends. He is someone I hold in high regard. He holds a special place for me forever because he gave me a break every girl can only dream of. Adi is also too professional to ask me about the script of another film-maker. And I’m equally professional, so I will not reveal any details. But I can pick up the phone and seek his advice if I wish to. He is always there for his actors/technicians.’’

The Rab Ne girl admits that she is ruthlessly ambitious but will not resort to anything unscrupulous to attain great heights. “I started at the top with Rab Ne. Now I have to work double hard. An actor told me, ‘Anushka, you have been given a silver platter. Keep it clean.’ My desire, therefore, is to always try and put my best foot forward.’’ With her nose buried deep in the Patialia House script, she day dreams. About Akshay Kumar, perhaps…

Aamir made a dig at Shah Rukh at the Mumbai airport on Sunday by slyly hinting that the latter’s detention at the US airport was a publicity stunt

By Kunal M Shah (MUMBAI MIRROR; September 15, 2009)

Aamir Khan

Shah Rukh Khan

People thought that the war between the two superstars, Aamir Khan and Shah Rukh Khan, was over after they came together on a common platform for the multiplex issue. But it’s never as simple as that. On Sunday night, Aamir Khan made another dig at Shah Rukh when he returned to Mumbai after vacationing in France.

An eye witness present at the international airport says, “When Aamir walked in late on Sunday night, he was approached for an  interview by a TV reporter. Since Aamir had returned from France, the reporter wanted to know whether, he too, like SRK, was stopped at international airports and interrogated for being a Khan. That’s when Aamir retorted that such checks are a routine matter. He also added tongue-in-cheek that, ‘No one checks me as I am an idiot’, obviously referring to his forthcoming film, 3 Idiots. Then he went on to add that SRK had a problem as he is very intelligent. Aamir’s obvious reference means that the fuss created by SRK about being stopped at the airports was a mere publicity stunt. Now it remains to be seen when SRK will respond.”

This war of words has been raging for long between the two stars, with Shah Rukh and Aamir regularly taking potshots at each other. However, when the film industry got together for the multiplex issue, the two Khans forgetting their differences, came together on the same platform to express their solidarity. But now, again, Aamir’s dig at SRK has set tongues wagging in the film industry about the so-called bonhomie between the two superstars.

Incidentally, Salman Khan had also made similar comments about SRK on the same issue by saying that everyone has to go through these routine security checks at international airports, so what’s the big deal?

Believe it or not, Sanjay Gupta was forced to walk the ramp instead of Dia Mirza when she ditched him at the last minute

By Vickey Lalwani (MUMBAI MIRROR; September 15, 2009)

Dia Mirza

She might be still trying to find a strong foothold in the film industry even after being in the business for almost nine years now. But Dia Mirza couldn’t care less about making the right noises even if it means offending the director of her forthcoming film, Acid Factory. Instead she chose to honour her commitment to designers Shantanu-Nikhil to whom she is contractually bound. On Saturday, she refused to turn up at an event to showcase Sanjay Gupta’s Acid Factory despite having promised him that she’d walk the ramp for their film saying that she wouldn’t walk for fashion designer Samant Chauhan. “I am loyally bound to Shantanu-Nikhil and I will walk only for them,” she told Sanjay Gupta.

Dia ditched Sanjay Gupta minutes before she was scheduled to walk the ramp for Acid Factory at the Delhi fashion week on Saturday. Although Dia went all the way to Delhi, she simply refused to turn up at the venue at the last minute leaving Gupta in a lurch.

Initially, Gupta felt that she was playing a prank on him. As the hour to walk the ramp drew near, Gautam Kohli, marketing in-charge for Sanjay Gupta, called up Dia only to get a rude shock. Dia refused to relent despite Kohli trying desperately to make her see reason. “However, all his attempts to make her understand failed,” said a source.

Confirming that Dia ditched them, Gupta said, “There was some complication. Dia said that it would be ethically wrong to walk the ramp for anybody other than Shantanu-Nikhil. I think she is contractually bound to them.”

Naturally, there was chaos backstage. While Dia’s Acid Factory co-actors, Dino Morea and Aftab Shivdasani waited hoping that Dia would eventually turn up, a nervous Samant went up to Gupta asking him to walk the ramp instead of Dia.

Sanjay Gupta

“I somehow did the job. Samant designs men clothes too,” Gupta laughed and added, “And it’s not the first time that have I walked the ramp.”

Despite repeated attempts, Dia remained unavailable for comment.


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