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YAHOO.COM (January 2, 2010)

Mumbai, Jan 2 (IANS) Director Rajkumar Hirani Saturday produced the credits agreement with author Chetan Bhagat for hit film ‘3 Idiots’ and maintained that the movie was not a copy of the bestseller ‘Five Point Someone’.

Hirani distributed copies of an agreement of credit and a non-disclosure agreement signed by Bhagat Sep 1, 2005 and Oct 3, 2007 respectively. Screenplay writer Abhijat Joshi was also present at the media meet.

‘It shall be obligatory on the part of the producer to accord credit to the author in the rolling credits… as under – Based on the novel ‘Five Point Someone’,’ the agreement on the issue of credit states.

The non-disclosure agreement was signed after Hirani gave a ‘four-hour narration’ of the final script to Bhagat, the director said.

Hirani also supported his argument by giving a copy of an interview that Bhagat gave to IANS Sep 26, 2008 titled: ‘I liked the final script of ‘Three Idiots’: Chetan Bhagat.’

‘The director took my book as the base but he has changed it according to his requirements. He took permission from me before taking my story but has not involved me in making it into the final script. But he has shown me the final script and I have liked it too,’ Bhagat had told IANS.

The credit row surfaced after Bhagat had posted on his blog that ’70 percent’ of ‘3 Idiots’ is based on his book and therefore he should have got a prominent place in the rolling credits as well as during the film promotion. He also said that he was not shown the final script.

Producer Vidhu Vinod Chopra has said that as per their agreement, Bhagat’s name appeared in the rolling credits and he was paid the due amount.

Hirani, who has helmed movies like ‘Munnabhai MBBS’ and ‘Lage Raho Munnabhai’, also pointed out that the producer had bought the rights of ‘Five Point Someone’.

Hence, it was their prerogative whether to use ‘five percent of the book or 70 percent of it’.

Salman Khan fulfills his promise to his fans of having a live show in Kolkata on October 23 as the first one on September 26 had to be cancelled at the last minute

By Sonal Chawla (MUMBAI MIRROR; October 20, 2009)

Salman Khan

Salman Khan clearly believes in practicing what he preaches. True to his ‘Ek baar jo maine commitment kar di, phir main apne aap ki bhi nahi sunta’ dialogue in his recent release Wanted, Salman is going out of his way to live up to his commitment in real life by visiting Kolkata on October 23 for a live performance.

A source says, “Salman had gone to Kolkata on September 26 for a live show but was unable to perform as the venue was over crowded with his innumerable fans and there was a mad rush which resulted in a stampede. The event was held at the Mohammedan Sporting Club which could accommodate 20,000 people but over 40,000 fans turned up there. “

“Consequently, the organisers had no choice but to cancel the show. That’s when Salman promised his fans to rework the show schedule and come back with a bang. The actor will now go to Kolkata on October 23 and will be performing at the Salt Lake Stadium which has the capacity to accommodate around 1,25,000 people,” adds the source.

One of the event organisers says, “Unfortunately the show had to be cancelled the last time as the ground exceeded its capacity. Salman had given his word to his fans to be back.”

Salman Khan says, “I am very happy to go back to Kolkata because I had committed to my fans and once I make a commitment I stick to it no matter what happens. And that is why I am going back to celebrate the success of my recent release Wanted and the launch of my forthcoming film London Dreams.”

Abbas Tyrewala stops the shooting of his John Abraham starrer 1-800-LOVE to give time to the cast and crew to revive after a hectic London schedule

By Subhash K Jha (MUMBAI MIRROR; September 28, 2009)

On the sets of 1-800-LOVE

Abbas Tyrewala has voluntarily called a halt to the shooting of his 1-800-LOVE at Mehboob Studios from September 26. Evidently Abbas was unhappy with the result of the shooting and gave his cast and crew a break to allow them to take a breather after the hectic shooting schedule in London.

Director Abbas Tyrewala was forthright. He said, “We have been shooting non-stop. We are all exhausted… me, John and Pakhi. The quality of work was suffering. When I looked at the shots, I saw the difference in quality. We’re in no hurry. All of us are so much into the project that we can afford to take time off without bothering about the wasted dates.”

The unit was shooting in London during August and September and began its Mumbai schedule last week. “We immediately got into the Mumbai schedule. We needed a break,” said Abbas.

Although it’s not decided yet when the unit will resume shooting, the director has decided to scrap some portions that he shot in Mumbai. “I don’t want to shoot anything that I would have to edit. I have already edited out Naseeruddin Shah and Ratna Pathak’s role (from the script) because it didn’t fit in,” said Abbas.

WIDE AWAKE: Karan Johar with Konkona SenSharma and Ranbir Kapoor

..as Ranbir and Konkona discover on Zoom show

OMAR QURESHI Times News Network (BOMBAY TIMES; September 26, 2009)

Wake up… It’s coffee-time with Karan again. And this time there’s a tad more of cookies and candies on the menu. With such fiery conversation and chemistry between his special guests, Ranbir and Konkona, he was in no mood for a ‘grilling’ round, anyway. KJo had a date with the Wake Up Sid jodi: exclusively chaperoned by none other than ZOOM. There was conversation, coffee, cute pauses, candid moments and more conversation. Read on, while it’s still brewing…

Karan: What is the one thing about Konkona you don’t like?

Ranbir: That she is such a great actress!

Karan: What did you enjoy the most about working with Ranbir?

Konkona: Often I would be sitting and asking Ranbir to give me some gossip.

Karan: He knows it all?

Ranbir: I think I have to take an ‘Aamir Khan’ moment.

Karan: An Aamir Khan moment means a pause?

Karan: A relationship is not about two people being in love, it takes more than that, it’s about those conversations, its about respect, it’s about trust you instill in each other. You are in a relationship, how does she react to rumours of link-ups with your co-stars like Sonam and Katrina?

Ranbir: I know Sonam and Katrina on a personal level; they are friends, so it’s fine. Deepika knows them, and she hangs out with them too. You take it with a pinch of salt, fight about it for couple of days and it’s all forgotten, until another article comes up.

Karan: Do you believe in the institution of marriage?

Ranbir: I do. I come from a family where my father is very orthodox, he has instilled certain values in me and my sister.

Karan: Do you believe in live-in relationships?

Konkona: No, nor in one night stands.

Karan: Three things that turn you on in a man?

Konkona: Good smell, great sense of humour and good knowledge.

Karan: The one actress whose luck you wish you had…

Konkona: Freida Pinto.

Karan: Who would you consider competition —Imran or Shahid?

Ranbir: I don’t want to consider Shahid and Imran as my competition because they are my age. My competition could be from someone like Mr Amitabh Bachchan to Darsheel Safary.

MOST WANTED: Salman Khan

Salman Khan, playing Guest Editor to BT, gives the media a lesson in journalism

MARK MANUEL Times News Network (BOMBAY TIMES; September 26, 2009)

Sometimes, just sometimes, a pair of fists can be as mighty as the pen. Especially in Salman Khan’s case. Bollywood’s most ‘Wanted’ actor handsomely proved this to BT when he slipped into the editorial meeting one afternoon last week to play Guest Editor for this issue. ‘Slipped in’ — actually, is doing injustice to the rumbustious and starry entry the macho star of the new box office hit made at the Times of India building. Dressed in torn jeans and a figure-hugging Be Human tee, an American gangster-style Fedora tilted rakishly on the head… Salman looked a cocky combo of Rocky Balboa and Indiana Jones as he muscled his way in. And he alternatively exhibited the brawn and compassion of Rocky with the sarcasm and wit of Indiana. While really, he was simply being in character… of himself, then of Radhe — the hitman from Wanted.

He has no jhagda with the press, but — yes, he has an issue with biased and incorrect reporting. “Controversies, bad pictures, poor headlines… I see too much of this,” the Guest Editor admitted, sipping on black coffee, the aforementioned fists thumping the table. “But I am like an undertaker… he sees dead bodies every day,
they don’t make a difference to him. But the effect on other people… that’s there. People may not believe what’s written, but they read anyway. What bothers me is the sadistic pleasure some journalists get by putting somebody down. Jara idhar-udhar chalega, but why be vindictive? They don’t realise that their own personality reflects in their writing. Just as my character comes out in my paintings… when I’m angry, it shows on the canvas.”

Point noted… and the meeting proceeded, with Salman taking BT through its pages, expressing himself freely on Bollywood and Hollywood, television and fashion, fitness and
food, spirituality and relationships. You will find his connect in the stories on most pages of this issue. For an actor who relies purely on action to get his message across, Salman has an amazing repertoire of simple, earthy words that convey his thoughts and emotions. If critics could tell him how to act, if journalists could ridicule his behaviour in public, then he could also tell the media how to do — and mind — its business! His advice, “When you don’t know someone, stick to facts, why give your opinion? And if you hate somebody so much… why write about him? Aap hai kaun?”

By Mumbai Mirror Bureau (MUMBAI MIRROR; September 26, 2009)

Actor Shiney Ahuja outside the court on Friday

The Sewri fast-track court on Friday directed jail authorities to provide immediate medical relief to actor Shiney Ahuja, who is behind bars for allegedly raping his maid, after his application seeking treatment.

Following a slip disc, Ahuja was seen crying and wincing in pain when produced in court. Thirty-six-year-old Ahuja, who was unable to walk, was assisted into the courtroom by two constables. He was later brought outside and made to sit on a bench where he lay down, quivering, following which his lawyer Sameer Nangre moved a plea seeking medical treatment at the earliest.

The court directed jail authorities to provide the actor immediate medical relief and shift him to J J Hospital, if necessary, for further treatment. The court was expected to pass an order on Friday on an application filed by Ahuja’s lawyer seeking copies of the forensic report, but the matter was adjourned to October 7.

Saturday 26th September 2008 10.00 IST

Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network
What’s Your Rashee opened to a poor 25-30% response on its first day. The morning shows were dismal with some improvement as the day went along. Premium multiplexes in the big centres recorded better collections. Overall the film will find it hard to make a mark at the box office.

Dil Bole Hadippa grossed around 18 crore nett in week one. Best collections were in multiplexes of Delhi/NCR and Punjab. The film is showing dropping collections but will emerge an earner due to reasonable costs and decent opening week business.

Wanted had a huge week of around 36 crore nett. Business in single screens was phenomenal in week one and second week is off to a similar start. Bihar which is totally dominated by single screens has seen record business. Multiplexes in metroes picked up on Monday but have dropped again on its eighth day. But with such huge single screen business all over India the film looks set to emerge the first blockbuster of 2009.