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KNOTTED: Raj Kundra, Shilpa, Surendra, Sunanda and Shamita Shetty

Raj Kundra takes Shilpa Shetty as his wife at traditional ceremony in Khandala

SHARIN WADER BUTANI Times News Network (BOMBAY TIMES; November 24, 2009)

In London he’s used to zipping around in luxury cars and sports models, but in Khandala on Sunday, UK billionaire and businessman Raj Kundra arrived on a white horse to claim his Bollywood bride Shilpa Shetty. He rode from his hotel to Kiran Bawa’s bungalow, where the blushing bride was waiting, while his baaratis danced around with great gusto. Dressed in a sherwani, heavily garlanded and bearing a sword, Raj was greeted by bridesmaid Shamita at the entrance to the bungalow with a big hug. His men carried bundles of crisp, 500 rupee notes which they distributed to the band while Raj walked to the lavishly decorated mandap for the pheras which was done in the Bunt style with Shilpa looking every inch the South Indian bride. The actress was seen getting emotional after the ceremony and crying as she hugged her father who had discharged himself from hospital following a stomach infection to be there. It was almost 9.20 pm when the couple stepped out to pose for the media. They then left for Mumbai as Shilpa’s bidaai was to be done from her house in Lokhandwala.

Meanwhile, BT’s wedding correspondent reports that all of the 70 guests who were present at the wedding had a hairdresser, a makeup artist, and a chauffeur-driven car at their disposal. Even their hotel rooms were done up with
gift hampers, pink roses and and chocolate fudge. For the two days that the guests were in Khandala, there was buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner at the Bawa bungalow and a wedding menu made up of cuisines from 72 countries! Bridesmaid Shamita Shetty, who lost out on the chance to win her reality show prize money after leaving it midway for Shilpa’s wedding, was disappointed that she could not make up by successfully hiding the dulha’s joote. Raj was apparently supposed to give her Rs 51 lakhs for his shoes!

Yesterday in Mumbai, the couple had their court marriage. Since the saat pheras was strictly for family and close friends, Shilpa and Raj have planned a lavish reception for Bollywood and their business associates today at a suburban five-star. The married couple along with their families will then head to Tirupathi and from there to the Oneness University in Chennai to seek blessings from Shilpa’s gurus, Amma and Bhagwan. They will then come back to Mumbai to leave for their week-long honeymoon at the Bahamas.

We’re announcing the Shilpa Shetty-Raj Kundra wedding… but not giving out the invites .


Raj Kundera and Shilpa Shetty

Raj Kundera and Shilpa Shetty More Pics

It’s on November 22, at Shilpa’s friend and business partner Kiran Bawa’s bungalow in Khandala, a quiet and private affair preceded by sangeet and mehendi at which the guest list would be restricted to just close friends and family. But, whether family will include sister and bridesmaid Shamita Shetty is not known.

The Shetty sibling is locked up in the Big Boss house with other not-so-famous and out-of-work characters and is unaware of the developments in her sister’s life. Shilpa, who hosted the same reality show in an earlier season, is naturally keen to get Shamita out for the wedding. But the question arises whether the producers will allow Shamita to attend the wedding and get back to the house… or whether Shamita will deviously engineer her ouster and, after the wedding, seek re-entry on a wild card.

Meanwhile, more on the wedding: The sangeet and mehendi will be Punjabi style and the saat pheras, South Indian. And Bollywood’s bold and beautiful need not slyly ask each other, “Aati kya Khandala?” because Shilpa’s not inviting anybody from the industry over. For them, there is going to be a lavish reception in Mumbai on November 24. Gatecrashers beware!

By Kunal M Shah (MUMBAI MIRROR; November 05, 2009)

Shilpa Shetty and Raj Kundra will tie the knot on November 22. The shaadi will take place in the afternoon at Shilpa’s friend-cum-business partner Kiran Bawa’s bungalow in Khandala.


Raj Kundra and Shilpa Shetty

Our source reveals, “The marriage will be in the typical Punjabi style, with Raj bringing in the baraat in a chariot. The marriage will be followed by a grand reception in Mumbai on Nov 24.”

Confirming the news, Kiran says, “I’m in Montreal right now, but I’m coming back soon. I believe Tarun Tahiliani is designing the lehenga which Shilpa will wear during her pheras. We’re decorating my Khandala place too. Shilpa and I go back a long way, we’ve known each other since 17 years. Her mother (Sunanda), ties a rakhi to my father. We’re very happy and looking forward to the occasion.”

Will sister Shamita Shetty remain trapped in the Bigg Boss house and miss the wedding, we wonder.

By Vickey Lalwani (MUMBAI MIRROR; October 23, 2009)

After a high profile relationship that has lasted for nearly two years, Shilpa Shetty and Raj Kundra are ready to take the next step. They are finally getting engaged in Mumbai on Saturday, October 24. The quiet engagement ceremony will take place at Raj’s house in Juhu. Shilpa will be wearing a Manish Malhotra outfit.

According to a source, Shilpa’s jewellery will be managed by a leading Bandra store. An official from the jewellery store said, “Shilpa has always been our client. She will look very beautiful with my jewellery. Hopefully, we will be doing her wedding jewellery too.”

It’s surprising though, that Shilpa is getting engaged while her younger sister Shamita is locked up in the Bigg Boss house.

A close friend of Shilpa confirmed Shilpa’s engagement, “Yes, it’s happening very suddenly. Raj proposed to her two days ago when he gifted her a ring for Diwali. Raj is very keen that they formalise their relationship. Shilpa consulted her parents and accepted the proposal.”

The event will be attended only by the Shetty and Kundra family members. “Invitations have been sent out, but only to a few select people. As far as the film industry goes, very few of her colleagues know about her sudden mangni. Shilpa is on top of the world,” Shilpa’s friend added.

The marriage is slated for early 2010. “In fact, they may tie the knot as soon as Shamita comes out of the Bigg Boss house,” Shilpa’s friend said.

Despite repeated calls and messages, Shilpa remained unavailable for comment.

Manish Malhotra describes the saree he has designed for her, “It’s a pink chiffon saree with a very delicate border and a dull gold blouse, embellished with a very pretty piece of jewellery. She has such a vivacious personality that she doesn’t need anything to enhance it.”

KRK has been prematurely ousted from Bigg Boss 3 due to his violent behaviour with co-participants

By Kunal M Shah (MUMBAI MIRROR; October 22, 2009)

Kamaal Rashid Khan is the first celebrity to be prematurely ousted from the Bigg Boss house because of his rude and violent behavior. While the previous two seasons of the show had their share of fights between participants with Ravi Kishan and Rakhi Sawant constantly bickering during the first season and Raja Chowdhary and Sambhavana Seth arguing in the second season, Kamaal’s fit of rage was far too much to tolerate.

A source from the channel says, “It began with something as trivial as allotting points to co-participants for their performances, which was part of their daily tasks. While everyone generously gave each other points, Kamaal did not bother to give too many points to Rohit Varma and Shamita Shetty. Later, during a discussion at the dinner table when the two dismissed their act as charity, Kamaal was enraged on realising that they were hinting at him.”

Shamita Shetty in the House

Kamaal R Khan in the House

“A verbal spat that ensued between Kamaal and Rohit took an ugly turn when the former threw a bottle of water at Rohit. Rohit ducked and managed to dodge the bottle, which hit Shamita’s hand. Everybody was shocked and Raju Shrivastav clearly told Kamaal that his behaviour was unacceptable. The unsolicited advice angered Kamaal further and the agument deteriorated into a fistfight. Ismail Darbar immediately stepped in and played peacemaker before things turned uglier. Just when everyone was calming down, Bakhtiyaar Irani too gave Kamaal a piece of his mind. By then, Bigg Boss felt it was time he said something and asked everyone to assemble in the living room. He sternly ordered Kamaal to pack his bags and leave the house. Any form of violence is not permissible in the house and since Kamaal did not heed the rule, he is out,” adds the source.

Ashvini Yardi, Programming Head of the channel, confirms and says, “Yes, Kamaal R Khan has been ousted. His behavior was absolutely unacceptable. We do not advocate resorting to violent means to settle differences. What Kamaal did was completely against the rules of the House. So, he was asked to leave.”

Shilpa Shetty’s home production starring Bipasha Basu has been revived; the two actresses will undergo special training for the action film
By Subhash K Jha (MUMBAI MIRROR; September 08, 2009)

Shilpa Shetty & Bipasha Basu

What’s been stopping many female-oriented projects is the supposed commercial non-feasibility of a chick flick. But now, Bollywood divas are all set to make it happen for themselves.

The Bipasha Basu-Shilpa Shetty project which was put on the backburner because of the recession is now being revived due to the warm vibes that the two actresses shared while shooting for Farah Khan’s talk show.

The film has been under wraps but secretly Shilpa’s plans for a home production have been crystallising. While one Shilpa Shetty-Raj Kundra production is being planned to re-launch Shilpa’s sister Shamita, the other is an action film that Shilpa will be doing with Bipasha.

Shilpa and Bipasha will have to undergo special training to acquire the agility to look convincing as action queens. Interestingly, the film is being written and directed by Manish Jha, who has earlier directed Matrubhoomi, a film on female foeticide.

Bipasha, who is looking forward to the film, says, “If everything works out properly, I would love to work with Shilpa. She’s a terrific person but doing the film depends on budget, and a host of other things.”

While commercial non-feasibility of female-oriented projects is a common thing in Bollywood, things are slowing changing. Apart from Shilpa’s film, Shristi Behl is all set to cast Priyanka Chopra and Katrina Kaif in a desi adaptation of the Anne Hathaway-Kate Hudson Hollywood starrer, Bride Wars. Also, Katrina, who has bought the rights of a female-oriented French film, has asked Dibakar Banerjee to direct it. Katrina had earlier told Mumbai Mirror, “I don’t want  to talk about it until I lock in all the details. I don’t want my idea to be used by  anyone else. As for the director, I’m not saying anything. But this is a role I haven’t done  before.”

By: Shaheen Parkar Date: 2009-07-17

Mumbai:Ayesha Takia’s sibling Natasha is Bollywood bound. Like her elder sister, she too wants to be part of the film industry. The youngster has already begun the process of grooming herself to be an actress.

Says a source, “Though Natasha harboured aspirations of acting as well, she did not pursue it seriously. But after Ayesha’s marriage, she became more focussed and made up her mind.”

Her mother Faridah confirms, “Yes, Natasha is keen to be an actress as well. I have no reservations about it. Like Ayesha, I want her too to make a unique mark for herself. At the moment, she hasn’t signed any project but in the next six months, she will be ready. We are having her portfolio shot. She has already started attending dance classes.”

With Ayesha keen to help hubby Farhan Azmi in his hotel business as well as launch her line of clothing, Natasha now feels that she can step into her elder sister’s shoes.

Adds the source, “Natasha has lost a lot of weight and is keen to make it in B-Town. Her mom and sis have been telling her the hows and whys of the industry.”

Like Ayesha, Natasha too studied at St Anthony’s School. Interestingly, she has 18 piercings all over her body. But her mother says, “They have all gone now. That was done when she was 15 years old. As she wants to be an actress, she has removed them all. That was all part of her younger days.”

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