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By Subhash K. Jha, December 17, 2009 – 12:26 IST

Sameera Reddy What would’ve been a routine birthday bash for Sameera Reddy on Sunday night turned out to be a very special occasion when Priyadarshan, who has just given the actress her first hit since Race in De Dana Dan, turned around and said, “You’re in my next film.”

Sameera who has become very close to Priyan and his wife Lizzie and in fact spends all her free time during her frequent visits to Chennai in their house is still reeling in pleasure. “I couldn’t have got a better birthday gift. Firstly it turned out to be Priyan and Lizzie’s marriage anniversary. So we had my birthday and their anniversary party at Shristi Behl’s residence. All three of us Lizzie, Priyan and I cut a cake.”

The icing on the cake was Priyan’s impulsive offer. “I don’t need to ask him what it is or in which film. I trust him completely. He gave me a role in De Dana Dan that did justice to my presence. This, at a time when I was desperately trying to shed my sexy image.”

Not many people know this but Sameera has a secret special appearance in the Bihar based film that Priyan is shooting with Ajay Devgn, Akshaye Khanna and Bipasha Basu.

“How do you know about this?” Sameera demands to know. “So that makes it three films with Priyan. I’m really lucky to have Priyan and his wife as friends. Now when I go to Chennai is like a second home to me thanks to the work that I do. In fact my latest Tamil hit was mixed in Priyan’s studio in Chennai, so the bond thickens.”

Her prestigious film Nagesh Kukunoor’s Yeh Husla remains stuck.

Says Sameera softly, “That’s because the producers Percept have bungled. They’re in a real financial mess. They owe almost everyone associated with them quite a lot of money.”

Sameera herself remains solitary in Mumbai. “My sister Meghna is now married to a Greek and settled on the most exotic Greek island. My brother-in-law spoils me silly. They both love me because I convinced our conservative dad about the unlikely marital alliance.”

Especially after her sister’s marriage Sameera really misses a man in her life. “It gets really lonely. And I know I’m looking my best these days. Thanks to yoga, I’ve lost oodles of flesh. But what’s the point of looking good when you’ve no one to admire you?”

Age may be just a number. But in Bollywood, Sameera knows her time is numbered. “At the party at Shristi Behl’s, I just kept staring at Twinkle Khanna. She was glowing. She just keeps getting better with the years. I hope I look as radiant when I reach that age.”


Shilpa Shetty’s home production starring Bipasha Basu has been revived; the two actresses will undergo special training for the action film
By Subhash K Jha (MUMBAI MIRROR; September 08, 2009)

Shilpa Shetty & Bipasha Basu

What’s been stopping many female-oriented projects is the supposed commercial non-feasibility of a chick flick. But now, Bollywood divas are all set to make it happen for themselves.

The Bipasha Basu-Shilpa Shetty project which was put on the backburner because of the recession is now being revived due to the warm vibes that the two actresses shared while shooting for Farah Khan’s talk show.

The film has been under wraps but secretly Shilpa’s plans for a home production have been crystallising. While one Shilpa Shetty-Raj Kundra production is being planned to re-launch Shilpa’s sister Shamita, the other is an action film that Shilpa will be doing with Bipasha.

Shilpa and Bipasha will have to undergo special training to acquire the agility to look convincing as action queens. Interestingly, the film is being written and directed by Manish Jha, who has earlier directed Matrubhoomi, a film on female foeticide.

Bipasha, who is looking forward to the film, says, “If everything works out properly, I would love to work with Shilpa. She’s a terrific person but doing the film depends on budget, and a host of other things.”

While commercial non-feasibility of female-oriented projects is a common thing in Bollywood, things are slowing changing. Apart from Shilpa’s film, Shristi Behl is all set to cast Priyanka Chopra and Katrina Kaif in a desi adaptation of the Anne Hathaway-Kate Hudson Hollywood starrer, Bride Wars. Also, Katrina, who has bought the rights of a female-oriented French film, has asked Dibakar Banerjee to direct it. Katrina had earlier told Mumbai Mirror, “I don’t want  to talk about it until I lock in all the details. I don’t want my idea to be used by  anyone else. As for the director, I’m not saying anything. But this is a role I haven’t done  before.”